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Time in Rome

Paperback, 06/03/2003, £9.99
Presenting an account of a time spent in Rome, the author describes its history, its architecture, its atmosphere, and the famous classical sites in the city.

Little Girls

Paperback, 27/05/1999, £9.99
In 1914 they had been eleven years old; three little girls at St Agatha's, a day school on the South Coast. Fifty years later, Dinah, beautiful as ever, advertises in the national newspapers to find the other two - Clare, now established with a successful business, and Sheila, a married woman, glossy, chic and correct.

Bowen's Court: &, Seven Winters : Memories of a Dublin Childhood

Paperback, 27/05/1999, £10.99
Describes the history of one Anglo-Irish family in County Cork from the Cromwellian settlement until 1959, when Elizabeth Bowen was forced to sell the family house she loved.

Virginia Woolf

Paperback, 02/10/1997, £16.99
A biography of Virginia Woolf which moves freely between a detailed life-story and attempts to understand significant questions. She is presented as occupying a distinct and even uneasy position within the Bloomsbury Set, and also as a radically sceptical, subversive, courageous feminist.

Virginia Woolf

Paperback, 18/02/2013, £9.95
Weaving together the life and work of Virginia Woolf, this book serves as an introduction to both. Following the chronology of Woolfs life, it gives due prominence to her dazzlingly inventive essays, traces the contentious course of her afterlife and shows why, seventy years after her death.

The Hound of the Baskervilles & The Valley of Fear

Hardback, 11/08/2016, £8.99
Two classic novels featuring literature's greatest detective

The Return of Sherlock Holmes & His Last Bow

Hardback, 11/08/2016, £9.99
The story of Sherlock Holmes' triumphant return from death and further tales of the great detective

The Best of Sherlock Holmes

Hardback, 11/08/2016, £8.99
A collection of the best of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories featuring his famous detective

My Husband Simon

Paperback, 02/04/2020, £9.99
Published in 1931, Mollie Panter-Downes's book explores the different echelons of the increasingly self-conscious middle class and the ways in which the tensions and nuances of vocabulary, dress, occupation, politics, taste and, ultimately, the literary world contribute to the incompatibility of a marriage.

Such a Fun Age

Paperback, 29/12/2020, £8.99

Chill Tidings: Dark Tales of the Christmas Season

Paperback, 15/10/2020, £8.99
Welcome to the second new collection of dark Christmas stories in the Tales of the Weird series, ushering in a fresh host of nightmarish phantoms and otherworldly intruders bent on joining or ruining the most wonderful time of the year.

Queens of the Abyss: Lost Stories from the Women of the Weird

Paperback, 24/09/2020, £8.99
This new anthology follows the instrumental contributions made by women writers to the weird tale, and revives the lost authors of the early pulp magazines along with the often overlooked work of more familiar authors.

Mrs Bridge

Paperback, 07/06/2012, £8.99
Mrs Bridge, an unremarkable and conservative housewife in Kansas City, has three children and a kindly lawyer husband. She spends her time with shopping, going to bridge parties and bringing up her children to be pleasant, clean and have nice manners.

The Honjin Murders

Hardback, 12/11/2020, £12.99

The Heavens

Paperback, 05/11/2020, £8.99

The Mezzanine

Paperback, 03/12/2020, £10.00

The Aeneid: A New Translation

Hardback, 05/11/2020, £16.99


Hardback, 05/11/2020, £14.99
A radical new translation of the dystopian classic that influenced George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, introduced by Margaret Atwood


Hardback, 31/03/2020, £20.00
WINNER OF THE 2020 WOMEN'S PRIZE FOR FICTION *As featured on Newsnight, Front Row, Radio 5 Live and Open Book* A BBC Best Book of 2020 A 2020 Book to Look Out For in Stylist, The Sunday Times, The Times, Observer, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail and more

The English Assassin

Paperback, 29/01/2009, £8.99
Art restorer and sometime spy Gabriel Allon is asked to visit Zurich, to clean the work of an Old Master for a millionaire banker. But when he gets there he finds the corpse of his client in a pool of blood beneath the masterpiece, and discovers that a secret collection of priceless paintings - stolen by Nazis in the war - is missing.

The Kill Artist: (Gabriel Allon 1)

Paperback, 20/06/2002, £8.99
When a terrorist returns to take revenge - watch out! The first in the thriller Gabriel Allon series.

The Autumn of the Ace

Hardback, 05/11/2020, £17.99
Louis de Bernieres is the master of historical fiction that makes you both laugh and cry, in the perfect nostalgic read to escape with this autumn. Is it ever too late to change your story? Daniel Pitt was an RAF fighter in the First World War and an espionage agent for the SOE in the Second.

On the Dirty Plate Trail: Remembering the Dust Bowl Refugee Camps

Paperback, 01/04/2007, £22.99
Presents a firsthand account of the Dust Bowl refugees, the migrant labour camps, and the growth of labour activism among Anglo and Mexican farm workers in California's agricultural valleys linked by the 'Dirty Plate Trail' (Highway 99). This book draws upon the field notes that the author wrote while in the camps.

An Owl on Every Post

Paperback, 02/10/2012, £12.00

The Lost Traveler

Paperback, 15/11/2013, £12.00

My House Is Falling Down

Paperback, 28/04/2020, £8.99
This powerful and enthralling novel about a modern love triangle asks a provocative question: is it still infidelity if nobody lies?


Paperback, 11/07/2019, £8.99
As a novelist, Graham Swift delights in the possibilities of the human voice, imagining his way into the minds and hearts of an extraordinary range of characters.

Starve Acre: 'Beautifully written and triumphantly creepy' Mail on Sunday

Paperback, 31/03/2020, £8.99
The new novel from 'the new master of menace' (Sunday Times)

Farewell, Ghosts

Paperback, 08/10/2020, £12.99

Sweet Sorrow: this summer's must-read from the bestselling author of ONE DAY

Paperback, 06/08/2020, £8.99
The new Sunday Times bestseller from David Nicholls - 'That most rare and coveted of literary feats: a popular novel of serious merit, a bestseller that will also endure.' Observer

Mexican Gothic

Hardback, 23/06/2020, £16.99
The acclaimed author of Gods of Jade and Shadow returns with a mesmerising feminist re-imagining of Gothic fantasy, in which a young socialite discovers the haunting secrets of a beautiful old mansion in 1950s Mexico.

The Way of All Flesh

Paperback, 30/04/2019, £8.99
A vivid and gripping historical crime novel set in 19th century Edinburgh, co-written by bestselling author Chris Brookmyre and consultant anaesthetist Dr Marisa Haetzman

The Art of Dying

Paperback, 07/01/2021, £8.99
The next in the series of gripping historical crime novels from bestselling author Chris Brookmyre and consultant anaesthetist Dr Marisa Haetzman, set in nineteenth-century Edinburgh

In the Dream House: A Memoir

Paperback, 01/10/2020, £9.99

The Useful Idiot

Paperback, 30/01/2020, £9.99
'An insightful, frighteningly intelligent thriller... a gem of a novel' Robert Dinsdale A Welsh journalist falls foul of Stalin's secret police after threatening to tell the world about the famine in the Soviet Union - a thriller based on a terrifying and tragic true story.

How We Are Translated: a novel

Hardback, 11/02/2021, £12.99

Animal Farm

Paperback, 18/01/2019, £6.99

Nineteen Eighty-Four: The Jura Edition

Paperback, 07/01/2021, £8.99

Simple Fire: Selected Short Stories

Paperback, 04/02/2021, £12.99

Last Greek

Paperback, 12/11/2020, £9.99
The second in a series about the last great hero of ancient Greece, from the king of historical fiction...

Salvation Lost

Paperback, 12/05/2020, £9.99
The thrilling follow-up to Salvation, featuring alien first contact, threats to humanity, a future war and amazing technological advances - the page-turning adventure continues.


Paperback, 06/02/2020, £9.99
Neal Asher ramps up the action in this second book in his Rise of the Jain trilogy. Expect epic conflicts in space, extraordinary aliens and impossible choices . . .

Other end of the Line

Paperback, 20/08/2020, £8.99
The twenty-fourth thrilling mystery in the Inspector Montalbano series.

Safety Net

Paperback, 01/10/2020, £8.99
As a film crew descend upon Vigata, Montalbano is busy investigating two cases: one from the past and the other involving the new world (for him, at least) of social media.

To the Land of Long Lost Friends

Paperback, 06/08/2020, £8.99
The next charming and heartwarming installment in the classic THE NO.1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY series, from bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith. This is Mma Ramotswe's twentieth wonderful adventure.


Paperback, 23/07/2020, £8.99
There's only one way out . . . the hugely anticipated paperback edition of King's bestselling hardback which combines the childhood camaraderie of IT with the suspense of THE OUTSIDER.

Second Biggest Nothing

Paperback, 05/05/2020, £8.99


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