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Exile: The explosive Sunday Times bestselling thriller from the author of NOMAD

Paperback, 14/12/2017, £7.99


Hardback, 27/10/2016, £16.99
The Odyssey tells the story of the Greek hero Odysseus' epic ten year journey home after the end of the Trojan War of the Iliad. Its epic sweep has gripped generations of readers.

The Girl in the Photograph

Paperback, 15/01/2015, £8.99
When Alice Eveleigh arrives at Fiercombe Manor during the long, languid summer of 1933, she finds a house steeped in mystery and brimming with secrets. Sadness permeates its empty rooms and the isolated valley seems crowded with ghosts, none more alluring than Elizabeth Stanton whose only traces remain in a few tantalisingly blurred photographs.

Forty Days of Musa Dagh

Paperback, 04/01/2018, £10.99

Invention of Morel

Paperback, 15/09/2003, £7.99

Midwinter Break

Paperback, 04/01/2018, £8.99
`Midwinter Break is a work of extraordinary emotional precision and sympathy, about coming to terms - to an honest reckoning - with love and the loss of love, with memory and pain.


Paperback, 05/01/2018, £12.00
A powerful novel from the great Russian satirist: the Golovlev family are ruled by matriarch Arina Petrovna, but her son, Porfiry, plots her downfall.


Paperback, 02/05/2002, £12.99
Ged, Moby and Ratter are blaggers, old-fashioned highwaymen.Ged is planning a big job that will last them through the winter, and all they have to do is stay out of trouble until then - but Moby manages to get a contract on his head, and Ged is going to need all his killer instinct just to survive.

Number Ten

Paperback, 10/05/2012, £8.99
Edward Clare was voted into number ten after a landslide election victory. But a few years later and it is all going wrong. The love of the people is gone. The nation is turning against him. Panicking, Prime Minister Clare enlists the help of Jack Sprat, the policeman on the door of No 10, and sets out to discover what the country thinks of him.

Queen Camilla

Paperback, 10/05/2012, £8.99
What if being Royal was a crime? The UK has come over all republican. The Royal Family exiled to an Exclusion Zone with the other villains and spongers. And to cap it all, the Queen has threatened to abdicate. Yet Prince Charles is more interested in root vegetables than reigning, unless his wife Camilla can be Queen in a newly restored monarchy.

Rebuilding Coventry

Paperback, 01/01/2013, £8.99
When Midlands housewife Coventry Dakin kills her neighbour in a wild bid to prevent him from strangling his wife, she goes on the run. Finding herself alone and friendless in London she tries to lose herself in the city's maze of streets. There, she meets a bewildering cast of eccentric characters.

Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

Paperback, 01/05/2015, £5.99
Introduces us to a group of memorable characters, variously eccentric, farcical and endearing. This book involves the reader in the labyrinthine creation of a purported autobiography. It anticipates modernism and postmodernism.

Masked City

Paperback, 03/12/2015, £7.99
The second instalment of an adventure featuring stolen books, secret agents and forbidden societies - think Doctor Who but with librarian spies!

Burning Page

Paperback, 13/12/2016, £7.99
This is for all fans of Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair or Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London - a sparkling novel featuring Librarian spies, stolen books and top-secret missions . . .

Lost Plot

Paperback, 12/12/2017, £8.99
A sparkling novel featuring librarian spies, stolen books and top-secret missions to alternate realities . . . perfect for fans of Ben Aaronovitch, Jasper Fforde or Doctor Who

Upstairs Room

Paperback, 17/05/2018, £8.99
The Upstairs Room is a thrilling, atmospheric novel from debut author Kate Murray-Browne.


Hardback, 07/09/2017, £7.99
"Someone is eating priests, Inspector Scrope, and it's got to stop."


Paperback, 07/11/2017, £10.00
Four days of rain trigger strange events across Naples: ghostly voices are heard, musical coins appear. As a journalist searches for meaning, we follow those caught in the floods. This portrait of a much-mythologised city captivated Italy when published in 1977. Withdrawn until Pugliese's death in 2012, it has never before appeared in English.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Paperback, 01/09/2012, £9.99
WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY STELLA RIMINGTON'He was a man with years of dirty, dangerous memories - a spy.'James Bond has had enough. But Blofeld is back - older, leaner and more dangerous than ever, with a deadly secret at the heart of his luxury ski resort. Bond must rediscover his passion for what he does best, in Fleming's eleventh 007 novel.

To Serve Them All My Days

Paperback, 05/12/2005, £9.99
The classic story of an English public school between the wars and an inspirational teacher, repackaged as a Hodder Great Read.

I Am Thunder

Paperback, 25/01/2018, £7.99
I am thunder . . . and I won't keep quiet. A shy girl trying to find her place in the world is forced to stand up and be heard when she uncovers a dangerous secret.

Made In America: An Informal History of American English

Paperback, 08/09/2016, £8.99
Tells the story of how American arose out of the English language, and along the way, de-mythologizes his native land - explaining how a dusty desert hamlet with neither woods nor holly became Hollywood, how the Wild West wasn't won, why Americans say 'lootenant' and 'Toosday', and more.

Man Who Planted Trees

Paperback, 16/11/1995, £6.99
WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY RICHARD MABEYBy this time the 1910 oaks were ten years old and taller than both him and me. When you remembered that it had all emerged from the hands and spirit of this one saw that men could be as efficient as God in other things beside destruction.

Left Hand of Darkness

Paperback, 13/04/2017, £8.99
The Hugo and Nebula Award-winning masterpiece from one of the all-time greats of Science Fiction.

Ice Palace

Paperback, 25/01/2018, £7.99

Whitstable High Tide Swimming Club

Paperback, 08/02/2018, £7.99
THE WHITSTABLE HIGH TIDE SWIMMING CLUB is a heartwarming novel about second chances. For readers of Jill Mansell, Cathy Bramley, Lucy Diamond and Carole Matthews

Reservoir 13

Paperback, 25/01/2018, £8.99

Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Paperback, 05/03/2015, £6.99
The Incredible Journey meets The Mouse and His Child, an enchanting tale that begs to be read aloud.

Six Foot Six

Paperback, 01/02/2018, £1.00

Infernal Devices

Paperback, 03/09/2015, £7.99
Wren longs to escape from Anchorage. She craves the dangerous adventures her parents once had - and a charming submarine pirate is ready to take her to sea. But the object that she steals for him ignites a conflict that will tear the whole world apart... The third thrilling instalment of Reeve's critically acclaimed MORTAL ENGINES quartet.

Ashland & Vine

Paperback, 01/02/2018, £8.99
Kate, a grieving, semi-alcoholic film student, invites an elderly woman to take part in an oral-history documentary. Jean declines, but makes her a bizarre counter-offer: if Kate can stay sober for four days, she will tell her a story.

Go Ask Alice

Paperback, 01/02/2018, £7.99
Have you ever kept a diary? This is the diary of a young girl growing up in sixties America - an honest account of teenage life. But as well as discovering new friends, dating and going to parties, the author of this diary discovers something else: drugs. This book was first published several decades ago as the shocking real diary of a young woman.

Family History

Paperback, 01/02/2018, £8.99
Evelyn, aged thirty-nine, is an attractive widow living an irreproachable life. Evelyn, deeply jealous and conventional is shocked at her lover's casual ways and his insistence on working all day. Miles's love for Evelyn is real but he cannot devote himself wholly to her whims.

Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet

Paperback, 29/01/2018, £8.99
The hugely powerful Key to Time has been split into six segments, all of which have been disguised and hidden throughout time and space. But when they arrive at exactly the right point in space, they find themselves on exactly the wrong planet - Zanak.

From the Heart

Paperback, 04/01/2018, £8.99
Everyone likes Olive Piper. A happy, open-hearted child growing up in the 1950s, her life is contented. When her passion for reading gets her into university she feels sure the world is waiting for her. But then she makes a mistake - the kind any one of us could make - and faces an impossible choice.

Nothing but the Night

Paperback, 02/01/2018, £8.99
Arthur Maxley is a tense and listless young man. Arthur's fear and aversion to the man is powerful, yet his compulsion to see his father is irresistible. After their meeting, Arthur is propelled into a night of drinking and spontaneous intimacy with a beautiful young woman.

Only Story

Hardback, 29/01/2018, £16.99
Would you rather love the more, and suffer the more; or love the less, and suffer the less?First love has lifelong consequences, but Paul doesn't know anything about that at nineteen.As he grows older, the demands placed on Paul by love become far greater than he could possibly have foreseen.

Driver's Seat

Paperback, 27/04/2006, £7.99
Lise has been driven to distraction by working in the same accountants' office for sixteen years. So she leaves everything behind her, transforms herself into a laughing, garishly-dressed temptress and flies abroad on the holiday of a lifetime. But her search for adventure, sex and the obsessional experience takes on a far darker significance.

Ballad of Peckham Rye

Paperback, 27/04/2006, £8.99
A man of devilish charm and enterprising spirit, Dougal Douglas is employed to revitalize the ailing firm of Meadows, Meade & Grindley. Strange things begin to happen as Dougal exerts an uncanny influence on the inhabitants of Peckham Rye and brings lies, tears, blackmail and even murder into the lives of all he meets.

Lifting the Veil

Paperback, 01/02/2018, £8.99

Girls Of Slender Means

Paperback, 06/06/2013, £8.99
A title written by the author of novels such as "Memento Mori" (1959), "The Ballad of Peckham Rye" (1960), "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" (1961), "The Girls of Slender Means" (1963), and "Aiding and Abetting" (2000).

Birds of America

Paperback, 01/02/2018, £8.99


Paperback, 01/02/2018, £8.99

Complete Short Stories

Paperback, 04/01/2018, £14.99
The definitive short story collection from an unmistakable voice. Introduced by Janice Galloway


Paperback, 07/09/2006, £8.99
Seemingly banal dinner-party chat reveals strange tales of the guests' dodgy pasts and unreliable futures. Symposium is Muriel Spark at her wicked best.

Loitering With Intent

Paperback, 27/01/2007, £8.99
This extremely clever novel sees life imitating art and art imitating life.


Paperback, 06/08/2009, £9.99
Muriel Spark's stunning debut novel


Hardback, 16/11/2017, £9.99

Memento Mori

Hardback, 16/11/2017, £9.99

I Love You Too Much

Hardback, 08/02/2018, £14.99
A sharp, beautiful novel about the loneliness of childhood set in the most elegant district of Paris.


Paperback, 01/02/2018, £6.99
Christopher is 'Proper': a real boy with a real soul, orphaned in a fire. He works for an engineer, a maker of the eccentric, loyal and totally individual mechanicals who are Christopher's best friends. But after an accident, Christopher realizes he isn't as Proper as he thought ...
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