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Fundamentals of Marketing

Paperback, 27/04/2017, £39.99
Incorporating the big brand case studies, unique expert insights, and engaging learning features of the best-selling Marketing by Baines, Fill, and Rosengren, Fundamentals of Marketing is the most complete resource for students looking for a briefer guide to build their theoretical understanding of marketing into skilful practice.

Marketing Strategy & Competitive Positioning 6ed

Paperback, 20/01/2017, £50.99

Consumer Behaviour : Applications in Marketing 2ed

Paperback, 15/01/2013, £39.99
Written by globally respected marketing academics, this text aims to develop Masters level students' analytical and evidence-based thinking in marketing through the use of up-to-date research, international examples and cross-cultural comparisons.

Principles of Services Marketing

Paperback, 01/01/2011, £45.99
A comprehensive introduction for students taking a module in services marketing. It reflects the technological developments and their impact for services marketing. It includes increased coverage of the customer experience. It highlights Web 2.0 for peer-to-peer interaction. It focus on how the credit crunch impacts services marketing.

Marketing for Tourism, Hospitality & Events: A Global & Digital Approach

Paperback, 26/05/2017, £44.99
Filling a gap in the market, this new title approaches the field through a uniquely international angle, with increased emphasis on the impact of digital technology and supported by international case-studies.

Creating a Brand Identity: A Guide for Designers

Paperback, 01/12/2015, £19.95
Creating a Brand Identity is a fascinating and complex challenge for the graphic designer. It requires practical design skills and creative drive as well as an understanding of marketing and consumer behaviour. This book is an introduction to this multifaceted process. It illustrates brand identities from around the world.

Strategic Brand Management 2ed

Paperback, 10/03/2011, £34.99
Strategic Brand Management approaches the subject of brand management from a unique socio-cultural perspective, providing students with an understanding of the dynamics of the subject and enabling them to engage with the issues that lie within.


Paperback, 27/06/2003, £9.99
Are you looking for creative ideas for a small business? Do you need to write exciting web copy? Do you need a dip-in reference for quick tips and hints?

Hegarty on Advertising: Turning Intelligence into Magic

Hardback, 09/11/2017, £18.95
A revised and expanded edition of the book described by Book Monthly as `an absolute gem. A bible, in fact'.

Principles of Services Marketing

Paperback, 01/12/2007, £41.99
Gives an introduction to this key marketing topic. Structured to cover the essential content for a services marketing course, this work includes a chapter on the growth and development of service brands, coverage of service productivity and the internet, as well as innovation and new service development.

Sad Men

Hardback, 27/03/2014, £12.99
Tells the story of a life shaped by author's love of adverts, from seeing the PG Tips chimps at the age of three to writing infamous ads such as the Westpac Rap and having David Jason plug a family restaurant. This book offers the tale of a quest for advertising glory... and not quite ever getting there.

Social Media Marketing 3ed

Paperback, 22/11/2017, £47.99
**Winner of the TAA 2017 Textbook Excellence Award** "Social Media Marketing deserves special kudos for its courage in tackling the new frontier of social media marketing. This textbook challenges its readers to grapple with the daunting task of understanding rapidly evolving social media and its users." - TAA Judges Panel

Social Media Marketing: Theories and Applications

Paperback, 04/04/2018, £36.99
The Second Edition of this popular text maintains a scholarly approach, providing students with an up-to-date understanding of both the theory and practice of social media marketing whilst taking a thorough refreshment of the cases, examples and the literature.

Advertising and Promotion

Paperback, 17/11/2017, £41.99
Using a wide range of visual examples and case studies, the authors show how brands benefit from holistic promotional planning that embraces integrated media channels and takes a focus on shifts in advertising due to social media and the new digital environment.

Cross-Cultural Marketing

Paperback, 24/10/2002, £68.99
Suitable for students following an undergraduate or postgraduate course on international marketing, this title explores the key roles that multiculturalism plays in different societies and its impact on marketing theory and practice and examines the importance of the cultural context in different societies' marketing practices.

Advertising Handbook 3ed

Paperback, 22/05/2009, £22.99
An introduction to the practices and perspectives of advertising. It explores the industry and those who work in it and examines the reasons why companies and organizations advertise; how they research their markets; where they advertise and in which media; and the principles and techniques of persuasion and their effectiveness.

Strategic Issues in International Retailing

5, 29/06/2006, £27.99
Takes a strategic approach to international retailing, examining in-depth studies of several retailers, and marrying theory with practice to clearly present material for students at every level.

Creative Advertising: An Introduction

Paperback, 24/02/2014, £22.50
Explores the fundamentals of advertising and branding, providing an indispensable overview of creative thinking in advertising practice. This book offers guidance on portfolio presentation, making contacts and skills building, on crafting ideas in copy and art direction, and on working with others in the larger creative process.

Retail Value Chain: How to Gain Competitive Advantage Through Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Strategies

Hardback, 03/12/2008, £30.00
The internationalization and consolidation of retailing is turning the traditional retail industry on its head. International purchasing, fast and efficient operational models and new technologies constantly challenge retailers. This title analyses the changes in the retail industry and the strategic options now open to companies.

Copywriting: Successful Writing for Design, Advertising and Marketing 2ed

Paperback, 22/10/2012, £19.99
Teaches the art of writing great copy for digital media, branding, advertising, direct marketing, retailing, catalogues, and company magazines and internal communications. This title provides you with the tools you need to become a confident and versatile creative copywriter.

Hegarty on Creativity: There are No Rules

Hardback, 10/03/2014, £7.95
Creativity isn't an occupation, its a preoccupation. It is at the very core of what makes us human. Its also a fundamental challenge that everyone faces in the modern world, be they in business, in education or a struggling artist or musician. This book takes 50 provocations and themes that lie at the heart of creative thinking.

Direct Marketing in Practice

Paperback, 19/02/2002, £31.99
Serves as a practical manual for all managers and marketers getting to grips with the techniques available to skilled direct marketers. This book shows how to: plan a direct marketing campaign; integrate new technology with conventional direct marketing practice; and maximise the impact, efficiency and return on investment of your activities.

Retail Strategy

7, 05/05/2000, £33.99
This approach to retail strategy and implementation is structured around the key themes of planning and control. It covers all stages of retail strategy, including analysis, planning, implementation and control, much of which is based on real world experience and relevant management literature.

Contemporary Issues in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

Hardback, 17/03/2009, £36.99
Covers various buzzwords within marketing and consumer behavior: building brand cultures; gender; ethics; sustainable marketing; and, the green and the global consumer. This book locates the development of both marketing ideas and applications within the wider global, social and economic contexts.

Dictionary of marketing communications

Paperback, 07/10/2003, £24.99
Over 4,000 entries on key terms and concepts covering advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling and e-marketing.

Retail in European Union

Paperback, 14/11/2002, £37.50
A timely study of the difference retail structures across Europe, offering an insightful overview of the internationalisation of retailing and asking important questions about the effectiveness of different retailing sectors.

Retailisation: The Here, There and Everywhere of Retail

Paperback, 18/12/2003, £19.99
Investigates the current state of selling, and reflects the complexity and ubiquity of information flows, processes and convergence of media in the wired world.

Marketing Across Cultures 6ed

Paperback, 13/12/2012, £55.99

Winning Client Trust

Paperback, 29/09/2011, £13.99
The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) is a reality. 2013 will herald a new dawn for the retail financial services industry. This book delves deep into the RDR ramifications for both the industry and its clients and works through the major issues to answer the key questions.

Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business

Paperback, 07/02/2013, £14.99
Everything needed to turn Twitter into a game-changer, driving the conversations and buzz to your small business

Top This and Other Parables of Design, Selected Writings by Phil Patton

Paperback, 11/05/2017, £12.95
In September 2015 the world lost Phil Patton. Whether he was chronicling design minutiae, quirky anecdotes or bizarre tales, Phil's books, columns, articles and posts always delivered a new account. This volume compiles 40 selections representing the wide range of interests and fascinations that occupied his thoughts.

Persuaders: The Hidden Industry That Wants to Change Your Mind

Paperback, 08/12/2016, £8.99
An eye-opening expose of the men and women who change our minds.

Basics Advertising 03: Ideation

Paperback, 31/08/2011, £23.50
Provides a look at the process of generating creative advertising ideas and concepts. This title begins with a broad overview of the ideation process and the general principles, before examining the various obstacles that can block ideas and how to break through them.

Making Customers Count

7, 01/04/1993, £12.99
Aimed at any company seeking to develop or maintain an effective customer care programme, this text provides a framework for building customer responsiveness into the day-to-day routines of business, while drawing on the experiences, both positive and negative, of a wide range of companies.

Customer Service Toolkit

Paperback, 10/05/2007, £5.99
Part of a series of management pocketbooks, this book addresses the area of customer service. It provides advice on how to develop a customer focus within your business, and how to make sure that customer service is developed to certain possible level. It provides practical guidance on improving customer communications, identifying customer needs.

Commercial Cultures

7, 01/10/2000, £18.99
A study of contemporary commercial culture through theoretically informed interdisciplinary research. It overturns the assumption that it is commerce that works by logical economic models while "culture" is invoked to explain the behaviour of the international consumer.

Dictionary of Marketing 4ed

Paperback, 28/04/2016, £12.99
A Dictionary of Marketing is an accessible, practical, and internationally-focused A-Z guide to all areas of marketing. Covering traditional techniques and theories, as well as the latest terms and concepts in web, digital and social marketing, this is the ideal reference for students and practitioners of marketing worldwide.

Ethical Consumer, The

7, 15/03/2005, £24.99
Unlike the many books on corporate social responsibility, the focus of this text is on ethical consumers; their behaviour, discourses and narratives as well the social and political contexts in which they operate and the manner and effectiveness of their actions.

Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Studying Marketing

Paperback, 18/10/2006, £15.99
Packed full of lively debate and anecdotes, this title covers topics marketing students are familiar with, such as key thinkers and concepts. It looks at areas such as the development of marketing as a discipline and as an academic subject, and raises arguments that students haven't heard about in their lectures.

New Science of retailing

Hardback, 01/06/2010, £23.99
Retailers have huge volumes of information at their disposal. But they're unsure of how to sort through it and use it to make smart decisions. They're struggling with profit-sapping supply chain problems. This book explains how to use analytics to better manage your inventory for faster turns, fewer discounted offerings, and fatter profit margins.

Marketing Communications 2ed

Paperback, 20/10/2014, £42.99
John Egan draws on both his industry and academic background to explain the why as well as the how of promoting the four P's, covering all the basics students need to know, as well as key issues such as ethical marketing and the changing face of communications.

Advertising and Promotion 3 ed

Paperback, 19/11/2014, £37.99
This textbook introduces the key concepts, methods and issues within advertising and promotion through first-hand examples gathered from leading international advertising agencies and brand campaigns.

Tweet Naked: A Bare-all Social Media Strategy for Boosting Your Brand and Your Business

Paperback, 30/01/2014, £13.99
Dares business owners to start stripping - losing their scripted messages, coming out from behind their logos, and revealing some reality to increase their social media impact and finally start seeing results. The author delivers a new answer to every business owner's social media question - how can I make social media work for me?

Blue Ocean Strategy, How to Create Uncontested Market Space and make the Competition Irrelevant Expanded Edition

Hardback, 20/01/2015, £22.00
"With a new preface, fresh chapters, and updated case studies" --Back of jacket.

Understanding children as consumers

Paperback, 19/04/2010, £24.99
Looking at consumption from the child's perspective this book differs from the competition by uncovering what being a consumer means to the children themselves - from their perspective - giving them a voice in the debate

Understanding the Consumer

Paperback, 12/03/2003, £25.99
Understanding the Consumer brings together marketing theory and practice in a truly consumer-centric approach. It challenges the lip service usually paid to this concept and demonstrates that a fundamental understanding of the consumer is critical to the future of effective marketing. Drawing on cutting-edge developments in the literature it reconceptualizes how consumers respond and act in the marketplace with particular attention to: relationships with suppliers, products and brands; their innovative, creative and resistant behaviour; the complexity and unpredictability of their consumption behaviour; and their increasing need to get closer to production. The book challenges existing functionally driven marketing thinking and shows how a more holistic approach to the marketplace will drive better theory and practice.


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