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    Social Geographies

    £47.70 £53.00
    How do we describe ourselves? Where have we, do we, will we, live our lives? Why are the differences between people a source of tension? How can social change occur? This book shows how geographers work across ideas of difference to understand questions of identity, power and action. It is suitable for students of human geography.

    Spirit of Carnival: Magical Realism and the Grotesque

    £16.20 £18.00
    The world of literature responds to the "spirit of carnival" in ways that are both social and cultural, mythological and archetypal. In their artmaking, Danow claims, human beings are animated by a periodic predisposition toward the bright side of carnival, matched by an equally strong, far darker predilection.

    Sustainability and Well-Being: The Middle Path to Environment, Society and the Economy

    £49.49 £54.99
    A powerful social science analysis and a compassionate philosophical perspective to face the twin challenges of environmental sustainability and human well-being.

    Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture: Greening the World's Food Economy

    £34.19 £37.99
    Co-written by Jules Pretty, one of the pioneers of the concept and internatonally known and respected authority on sustainable agriculture, this book sets out current thinking and debates around sustainable agriculture and intensification.


    £25.89 £36.99
    An introduction to the theories of territoriality and the geographical outcomes of territorial control. The book takes account of all the substantial developments in the 1990s, exploring both macro- and micro-scale territoriality. Theory is supported by historical and contemporary examples.

    The City Reader

    £53.99 £59.99
    The 7th edition of the highly successful The City Reader juxtaposes the very best classic and contemporary writings on the city. Sixty-three selections are included: forty-five from the 6th edition and eighteen new selections, including three newly written exclusively for The City Reader.

    Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World 14ed

    £135.00 £150.00
    The latest edition of the world's most prestigious and authoritative world atlas, containing up-to-date world maps and thematic information curated by experts in geography and cartography.

    Truro and Falmouth

    £14.39 £15.99

    Understanding Urban Policy A Critical Approach

    £19.60 £30.95
    * An extensive review of urban policy since the 1960s. * Explores the complex interaction of urban policy with changing perspectives on urban life and social welfare. * Examines a broad range of issues, such as race, economic regeneration and competitiveness, managing dangerous places, community and managerialism.

    Unruly Cities?

    £31.49 £48.99
    This textbook challenges the assumption that cities are threatened by disorder from below and that they might be ruled by 'order' imposed from above.

    Urban Economics and Urban Policy: Challenging Conventional Policy Wisdom

    £26.96 £29.95
    In this bold, exciting and readable volume, Paul Cheshire, Max Nathan and Henry Overman illustrate the insights that recent economic research brings to our understanding of cities, and the lessons for urban policy-making.

    Urban Geography

    £135.09 £192.99
    * The Second Edition of Kaplan's Urban Geography text aims to uncover the excitement and richness found in cities, while tackling the wide variety of urban challenges. * Offers a comprehensive treatment of urban geography, covering the field both as it has evolved and as it exists today.

    Urban Geography 3ed

    £38.69 £42.99
    Investigates the way geographers have sought to make sense of urban transformation. This book critically synthesizes key literatures in the following areas: approaches to urban geography; economic geography of the city; urban policy; new urban forms and landscapes; impacts of urban change; and, sustainability and the city.

    Urban Geography Reader

    £31.44 £46.99
    Capturing the diversity of scholarship in the field of urban geography, this reader presents a stimulating selection of articles and excerpts by leading figures, addressing the changing conditions and responses to contemporary urbanization.

    Urban Geography: A Critical Introduction

    £25.16 £27.95
    Urban Geography a comprehensive introduction to a variety of issues relating to contemporary urban geography, including patterns and processes of urbanization, urban development, urban planning, and life experiences in modern cities.

    Urban Geography: A global perspective 3ed

    £33.99 £48.99
    Divided into six parts, this book outlines the field of urban geography and explains the importance of a global perspective. It explores the growth of cities from the earliest times and examines the urban geography of the major world regions. It considers the dynamics of urban structure and land use change in Western cities.

    Urban Regeneration 2ed

    £37.79 £41.99
    In this new edition of the standard text on the theory and practice of urban regeneration, there are case studies and examples of best practice throughout, and a whole section devoted to international and comparative regeneration.

    Urban Social Geography: An Introduction

    £46.79 £51.99

    Urban Transformations: Centres, Peripheries and Systems

    £45.50 £84.99
    This book explores the role of cities, their influence and the transformations they have undertaken in the recent past, the ways in which cities regenerate, how plans change, how they are governed and how they react to the economic realities of the day. Bringing together studies from around the world at different scales.

    Urban Uncanny: A Collection of Interdisciplinary Studies

    £38.69 £42.99
    Examines urban spaces as locations of moral transgression, the use of schemes that impose power structures on residents and the feelings they inspire.


    £57.59 £63.99
    Provides a coherent, comprehensive introduction to urban geography. From a global perspective, the authors examine urban trends and their outcomes in both the developed and the less developed countries in order to understand, analyze, and interpret the landscapes, economies, and communities of towns and cities around the world.

    Visions of the City

    £22.40 £31.00
    Visions of the City is a dramatic account of utopian urbanism in the twentieth century. It explores radical demands for new spaces and ways of living, and considers their effects on planning, architecture and struggles to shape urban landscapes.

    Vital Little Plans: The Short Works of Jane Jacobs

    £15.29 £16.99
    From the INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED author of the modern classic The Death and Life of Great American Cities Vital Little Plans weaves a lifetime of ideas from the most prominent urbanist of the twentieth century into a book that is indispensable to life in the twenty-first.

    Human and Urban Geography

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