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    Making Population Geography

    £35.99 £39.99
    Provides an account of the intellectual history of population geography. Using a range of case studies and contemporary examples, this book links the rise and fall of the key concepts in population geography to the changing social and economic context and to geography's turn towards social theory.

    Mediterranean Environment and Society

    £33.29 £36.99
    Addresses contemporary geographical issues in the Mediterranean Basin. This work contains sixteen chapters each of which deal with a major geographical issue facing the Mediterranean. It also emphasis' the interaction between society and environment in terms of environmental management, differential regional development, and others.

    Methods in Human Geography 2ed

    £47.69 £52.99
    This text is an essential guide to current research approaches in human geography, covering all aspects of undertaking a geography research project, from the selection of an appropriate topic through to the organisation and writing of the final report.

    Oxford Dictionary of British Place-Names

    £10.79 £11.99
    A gazetteer tracing the origin and meaning of more than 17,000 place-names throughout Britain, this A-Z is a treasury of information and fascinating facts. It is both an ideal guide for anybody exploring the British Isles and an authoritative resource for researchers and students interested in the study of place-names.

    Oxford Dictionary of Human Geography

    £14.39 £15.99
    This new dictionary provides over 2,000 clear and concise entries on human geography, covering basic terms and concepts as well as biographies, organisations, and major periods and schools. Authoritative and accessible, this is a must-have for every student of human geography, as well as for professionals and interested members of the public.

    Peaceful Path: Building Garden Cities and New Towns

    £15.29 £16.99
    Planning historian Stephen Ward offers a timely new history of garden cities and new towns with the Hertfordshire exemplars as its focus. Yet this is not just a work of history: The Peaceful Path also examines the contemporary relevance of Ebenezer Howard's vision.

    Phantom Architecture

    £22.50 £25.00
    Phantom Architecture tells the stories of some fifty unbuilt buildings, describing how they were conceived, exploring their amazing variety, and showing how they have inspired other architects and artists who have looked at their plans in amazement and awe.

    Pinpoint: How GPS is Changing Our World

    £8.99 £9.99
    A big-think book which tells the riveting story of GPS (Global Positioning System) and how it is affecting our brains, our technology, and our culture, in the tradition of James Gleick and Nicholas Carr.

    Place: An Introduction

    £19.76 £21.95
    Thoroughly revised and updated, this text introduces students of human geography and allied disciplines to the fundamental concept of place, combining discussion about everyday uses of the term with the complex theoretical debates that have grown up around it.

    Planet of Slums

    £8.99 £9.99
    New edition of the classic, bestselling (100,000+ copies) worldwide survey of slums by the world's leading urbanist

    Politics and Practice in Economic Geography

    £30.79 £57.00
    Explains and interrogates these fundamental issues of research practice in the discipline. Concerned with examining the methodological challenges associated with that 'cultural turn', this title explains and discusses: qualitative and ethnographic methodologies; and the role and significance of quantitative and numerical methods.

    Population of the UK 2ed

    £37.79 £41.99
    In this unique, fully revised, full colour book, Danny Dorling - one of the biggest names in social sciences today - maps and explains the social inequalities of the UK.

    Post-Cosmopolitan Cities: Explorations of Urban Co-Existence

    £25.16 £27.95
    Examining the way people imagine and interact in their cities, this book explores the post-cosmopolitan city. The contributors consider the effects of migration, national, and religious revivals (with their new aesthetic sensibilities), the dispositions of marginalized economic actors, and globalized tourism on urban sociality.

    Practising Human Geography

    £30.79 £53.00
    Practising Human Geography is a critical introduction to key issues in the practice of human geography, informed by the question 'how do geographers do research?' In examining those methods and practices that are essential to doing geography, it presents a theoretically-informed discussion of the construction and interpretation of geographical data

    Principles of Map Design

    £41.39 £45.99
    This authoritative, reader-friendly text presents core principles of good map design that apply regardless of production methods or technical approach.

    Question of Space: Interrogating the Spatial Turn between Disciplines

    £34.20 £38.00
    This edited collection offers a much-needed interdisciplinary exploration of the longevity and impact of the spatial turn across disciplines. It is aimed at advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and scholars interested in space and place in the humanities and social sciences.

    Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

    £5.85 £6.50
    Carson's 1962 work Silent Spring was one of the first books ever to highlight environmentalist issues. Focusing on the negative, widespread, and long-lasting effects of human activity on the environment-particularly through the use of chemical pesticides in agriculture-Carson argued that we are all morally obliged to look after the environment.

    Researching the City: A Guide for Students

    £23.39 £25.99
    A much-needed guide for students doing dissertations on urban issues and cities. Covering both qualitative and quantitative methods, a team of leading researchers show how particular methods are used successfully in urban research projects.

    Richard Dawkin's The Selfish Gene

    £5.85 £6.50
    The Selfish Gene is that rarest of things: an outstanding work of scholarship that has seeped into popular culture. Richard Dawkins's contentious notion that organisms are survival mechanisms for 'selfish genes' has helped shape the debate in evolutionary biology for almost 40 years.

    Safe as Houses: Private Greed, Political Negligence and Housing Policy After Grenfell

    £10.79 £11.99
    As the tragedy of the Grenfell tower fire has slowly revealed a shadowy background of outsourcing, private finance initiatives and a council turning a blind eye to health and safety concerns, many questions need answers. Stuart Hodkinson has those answers. -- .

    Sage Companion to the City

    £31.49 £54.00
    Provides a systematic A-Z to understanding the city that explains the interrelations between society, culture and economy. This book features: Histories; Economies and Inequalities; Communities; and Order and Disorder.

    Scientific Principles for Physical Geographers

    £47.69 £52.99
    Lively and relevant introduction to those scientific principles necessary to understand key processes occuring within the natural environment.

    Short Guide to Community Development

    £11.69 £12.99
    This accessibly written guide provides an introduction to the origins and current trends in community development.

    Human and Urban Geography

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