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    Dictionary of Human Geography 5ed

    £27.86 £30.95
    The Dictionary of Human Geography is the definitive guide to issues and ideas, methods and theories in human geography. Now in its fifth edition, this ground-breaking text has been comprehensively revised to reflect the changing nature and practice of human geography and its rapidly developing connections with other fields.

    Earth Matters: How Soil Underlies Civilization

    £17.09 £18.99
    Earth Matters describes the importance of soil, the many ways in which we depend on it, and how humans have worked with the soil throughout history. Exploring the reasons for increasing recognition and respect for soil even among town and city dwellers, Bardgett concludes with a look at current efforts to stop widespread soil degradation.

    Emancipatory City?

    £30.79 £53.00
    The ambivalent status of urban space in terms of emancipation, democratisation, justice and citizenship is central to recent work in urban geography. Through exploration of the tensions and possibilities between freedoms and constraints offered by the city, the authors build on current perspectives to present an analysis of urban experience.

    Envisioning Human Geographies

    £24.49 £36.99
    Offers a series of visions for the future of human geography. This book presents a debate about what human geography could and should be concerned with in the twenty-first century. It address the shape and direction of human geographies, and contains chapters envisioning an intellectual future for the subject.

    Essay on the Principle of Population and Other Writings

    £8.99 £9.99
    A title, in which, the author predicted what is known as the Malthusian catastrophe, wherein humans would disregard the limits of natural resources and the world would be plagued by famine and disease.

    Eventful Cities

    £30.09 £47.99
    Processes of globalisation, economic restructuring and urban redevelopment have placed events at the centre of strategies for change in cities. This title analyses the process of cultural event development, management and marketing and links these processes to their wider cultural, social and economic context.

    Farmers, Consumers, Innovators: The World of Joan Thirsk

    £15.29 £16.99
    Joan Thirsk was the leading English agrarian historian of the late 20th century. Her research explored regional farming, rural industry, changing tastes and fashions, and innovations in the rural economy. This book demonstrates Thirsk's relevance for historians today, presenting new work that has been influenced by her.

    Fieldwork For Human Geography

    £40.49 £44.99
    Timely textbook to lead students through their essential fieldwork module. University level, up to date, and packed with applied content, it teaches students how to get the best out of fieldwork, link with their methods courses and use it in their research projects.

    Fifty Maps and the Stories they Tell

    £10.80 £12.00
    This book is a treasure-trove of cartographical delights spanning over a thousand years. Each map is accompanied by a narrative revealing the story behind how it came to be made and the significance of what it shows. The chronological arrangement highlights how cartography has evolved over the centuries.

    Food Systems Failure: The Global Food Crisis and the Future of Agriculture

    £48.59 £53.99
    This book provides a critical assessment of the contemporary global food system in light of the heightening food crisis, as evidence of its failure to achieve food security for the world's population.

    For Space

    £40.49 £44.99
    Presenting an impassioned argument for revitalising our imagination of space, Doreen Massey takes on some well-established assumptions from philosophy, and some familiar ways of characterising the twenty-first century world, and shows how they restrain our understanding of both the challenge and the potential of space.

    Geographical Tradition: Episodes in the History of a Contested Enterprise

    £32.36 £35.95
    Describes the activities of the explorers and map-makers of Renaissance and early modern Europe; the role of geography during the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment and the Darwinian Revolution; and the interactions between geography and empire building in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

    Geographies of Children, Youth and Families

    £38.69 £42.99
    Presents an overview of the conceptual and theoretical debates, drawing upon the research from across the globe. This title is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of geography, the social sciences and education.

    Geographies of Culture

    £37.09 £56.99
    Agricultural geography changed dramatically during the last decades of the 20th century, reflecting the transformation of the farming industry itself. This text embraces these changes, applying ideas and methods from contemporary social science.

    Geography in America at the Dawn of the 21st Century

    £56.70 £63.00
    Surveys American geographers' current research in their speciality areas and tracks trends and innovations in the subfields of geography. Based on a process of review and revision, it is both a 'state of the discipline' assessment and a topical reference. The authors were chosen by their specialty groups of the American Association of Geographers.

    Geography: Ideas in Profile

    £8.09 £8.99
    A clear and accessible introduction to geography by two experts in the topic, part of the Ideas in Profile series

    Geopolitical Traditions

    £53.99 £59.99
    Geopolitical Traditions brings together scholars working in a variety of disciplines and locations in order to explore a hundred years of geopolitical thought.

    Global Childhoods: Globalization, Development and Young People

    £38.69 £42.99

    This astute text on the changing nature of childhood focuses on three main issues: nation building and developing children, child participation and activism in the context of development, and globalization and children's lives in the context of what has been called 'the end of development'.

    Global Food Security: What Matters?

    £41.39 £45.99
    This book looks at food security from a socio-economic perspective. It offers a detailed and systematic examination of food security from its historical backgrounds, concepts and measurements, to the determinants and approaches to achieve food security. The book also introduces the key challenges and root causes of food insecurity.

    Global shift 7ed

    £54.90 £61.00
    With over 120,000 copies sold worldwide, Peter Dicken's Global Shift has been the definitive work on economic globalization for almost 30 years now. A tried, trusted and unrivalled resource for undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers across the social sciences, this is a seminal text from an internationally renowned author.

    Growing Up in an Urbanizing World

    £13.26 £46.99
    This text, by an interdisciplinary team of international child-environment authorities, explores how crucial the relationship of the young and their surroundings is. Covering eight countries, it shows the enormous benefits of involving children in planning and implementing urban improvements.

    Historical Atlas of Kent

    £27.00 £30.00
    An historical atlas of Kent

    How to Enjoy Architecture: A Guide for Everyone

    £13.49 £14.99
    Charles Holland challenges us to look beyond the day-to-day familiarity of buildings to rediscover the pleasure of experiencing architecture

    Human Experience of Space and Place

    £41.39 £45.99

    Human and Urban Geography

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