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Battle To Do Good: Inside McDonald's Sustainability Journey

Hardback, 19/01/2019, £16.99
In The Battle to Do Good, former McDonald's Executive Bob Langert takes readers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the restaurant giant's decades-long battle to do good, tackling tricky societal issues all while feeding 70 million people a day while attending to the bottom line.

Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet

Paperback, 04/02/2008, £9.99
An eye-opening and vital account of the future of our earth, and our civilisation, if current rates of global warming persist, by the highly acclaimed author of `High Tide'.

Buzz: The Nature and Necessity of Bees

Paperback, 04/04/2019, £9.99
A superb natural and cultural history of bees - the only such book to celebrate their full diversity.

Mrs Moreau's Warbler: How Birds Got Their Names

Paperback, 04/04/2019, £9.99
Through fascinating encounters with birds, and the rich cast of characters who came up with their names, Moss takes readers on a remarkable journey through time. From when humans and birds first shared the Earth to their fraught present-day coexistence, he shows how these names reveal as much about people and their relationship with the natural world as about the creatures they describe.

Outpost: A Journey to the Wild Ends of the Earth

Hardback, 04/04/2019, £16.99
An exploration of the outposts set along the edges of civilisation and the impact that visiting these has on the human spirit, from the co-author of Holloway

Wild Ruins: The Explorer's Guide to Britain Lost Castles, Follies, Relics and Remains

Paperback, 08/06/2015, £16.99
Discover and explore Britain's extraordinary history through its most beautiful lost ruins. From crag-top castles to crumbling houses lost in ancient forest, and ivy-encrusted relics of industry to sacred places long since over-grown.

Wild Ruins BC: The explorer's guide to Britain's ancient sites

Paperback, 04/03/2019, £16.99
Discover Britain's extraordinary prehistory in this handbook to its wildest and most beautiful ancient remains. The sequel to the best-selling Wild Ruins, 18,000 copies sold.

Typology of British Cherry Blossom

Published May 2019 130 x 185 mm 256 pages Hardback clothbound, foil debossed front and spine Printed in a limited edition of 323 copies, on oldmill archival paper There are 323 indiginous cherry trees to the UK and so we are printing 323 copies of this book. Each will include a cherry blossom petal, dried and pressed. With 323 varieties, each book will be a unique – signed and numbered by Sam Vale Every year people around the world celebrate the arrival of spring with the blooming of the cherry blossom. The Japanese tradition of hanami, gathering in great numbers underneath the flowering trees, dates back to the eight century and even today it has its own cherry blossom forecast to predict when the flowers will open. Kent also has a long association with cherries. The cultivation of the county’s famous cherry orchards under the orders of Henry VIII, along with other fruit, was the reason why the county became known as The Garden of England. british-cherry-blossom-celebrated-and-recorded-for-the-first-time-in-text Kentish Morello Now for the first time, images of all 323 UK varieties of the fruit’s white flowers have been recorded. Canterbury Christ Church University academic and artist, Dr Sam Vale, has produced the complete collection of images that catalogues all the varieties in a new book. Complete and comprehensive records of cherry blossom have historically been difficult to reproduce in books as the delicate flowers are considered too uniform for traditional illustration to capture the slight differences between varieties. Sam, a Senior Lecturer in the University’s School of Media, Art and Design, explained: “A popular and well-recorded form of botany, the scientific study of plants, has been practised for over 200 years in books and catalogues. Pomology is the study of fruit trees, examining the cultivation of different and related varieties of tree, with the aim of improving and developing attributes such as taste, longevity and yield of popular fruits. “Historically, pomological books were drawn up to differentiate types of fruit using a classification process that can be used to identify different varieties and types. These beautifully and carefully illustrated books would include diagrams of the fruit, the leaves, branches and commonly the blossoms (particularly in apples, peaches and plums). In examining these historical sources, it came to my attention that the cher­ry, a tree that is revered for its blossom, was mainly represented by drawings of the fruit and leaves, rarely its delicate blossom. After some careful investigation, I discovered that cherry blossom was seldomly recorded because it was considered too uniform to recognise differences, and traditional illustration could not reveal the nuances and insignificant details that distinguished between cherry blossoms.” british-cherry-blossom-celebrated-and-recorded-for-the-first-time-in-text2 Archduke Using photography Sam has been able to accurately record and showcase the flowers’ subtle yet distinct differences to fill this void in the history and study of the cherry blossom. Sam was granted access to the National Fruit Collection, at Brogdale in Kent. This collection was designed to keep a pair of each variety of cherry available in the United Kingdom, with the aim of keeping an accurate record for scientific purposes and to retain some of the heritage variety that have fallen out of favour. Dr Matthew Ordidge, Scientific Curator for the National Fruit Collection, based at the University of Reading, said: “As a genetic resource collection, we make a wide range of material available to users, mainly graftwood and fruit samples, as well as leaves for analysis and pollen for breeding. I would have to say that Sam’s study of the collection was one of the more eclectic uses, and it is relatively rare for anybody to study the flowers on cherry in such fine detail. We were very pleased that the collection could be available to make this work possible.” Sam added: “Collecting is driven by two opposing ideas, the similarities of the items being acquired which connect under a scheme devised by the collector, for example stamps, clocks or books. Yet, simultaneously, the objects within the collection need to also have differences to distinguish them for each other and hold the interest of the collector. The joy of collecting is driven by noticing what is overlooked and cherishing the connected items for their individual characteristics. In the presentation of this collection it is hoped that the beautiful qualities and patterns of the project can come to the fore and demonstrate the value of looking again at things that might at first seem indistinguishable. Copies of the book will be donated to reference libraries and collections. Sam’s book, A Typology of British Cherry Blossom: Containing Coloured Images of the Most Esteemed National Fruit Collection at Brogdale will be published in May 2019 by GOST. Each book will include a unique pressed, dried cherry blossom petal.

Wilding: The Return of Nature to a British Farm

Paperback, 12/03/2019, £9.99
Wilding tells the story of a remarkable experiment: the rewilding of the Knepp Estate in West Sussex, the restoration of natural ecological processes, and the stunning recovery of flora and fauna.

Bird Therapy

Hardback, 13/06/2019, £14.99
A guide to how birdwatching can improve your wellbeing, featuring an introduction from Chris Packham

Gentle Art of Tramping

Hardback, 04/04/2019, £12.99

Chernobyl: History of a Tragedy

Paperback, 31/01/2019, £9.99

Kent Tea Room Walks

Paperback, 23/07/2018, £8.95
The perfect way to explore Kent is with a scenic walk followed by tea and cake. This walking guide features 20 circular countryside and coastal walks, with a recommended tea room for each, plus details about local history.

Greta's Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went On Strike To Save The Planet

Paperback, 22/08/2019, £6.99
Greta Thunburg's story is about hope, courage and determination. You are never too young to make a difference.

RSPB Pocket Guide to British Birds

Paperback, 21/08/2018, £6.99
A compact, lightweight and informative guide to 215 of the most common birds found in Britain. It features concise descriptions of each bird's main characteristics including plumage, calls, confusion species, habitat and includes distribution maps and detailed illustrations.

SOS: What you can do to reduce climate change - simple actions that make a difference

Paperback, 11/07/2019, £7.99
'The most effective ways for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint' INewsClimate Change researcher, Seth Wynes, sets out in the simplest terms how you can make a real and positive impact.Make changes at home, at work, to how you shop, eat, live - start by finding one thing your family can change with this book and do it today.

Living Mountain: A Celebration of the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland

Hardback, 01/08/2019, £14.99
A beautiful, collectable gift edition of the masterpiece of Scottish nature writing. Introduced by Robert Macfarlane and with an afterword by Jeanette Winterson

Notes from Walnut Tree Farm

Paperback, 25/06/2009, £9.99
For the last six years of his life, Roger Deakin kept notebooks in which he wrote his daily thoughts, impressions, feelings and observations about and around his home, Walnut Tree Farm. This title collects his writings, capturing his restless curiosity about nature and his impressions of our changing world.


Paperback, 23/04/2020, £9.99

Climate Rebels

Hardback, 15/04/2020, £12.99

Losing Eden: Why Our Minds Need the Wild

Hardback, 27/02/2020, £20.00

Way Home: Tales from a life without technology

Paperback, 05/03/2020, £9.99
It was 11pm when I checked my email for the last time and turned off my phone for what I hoped would be forever.

Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril

Paperback, 27/09/2011, £13.99
Bringing together the testimony of over 80 visionaries--from religious leaders to scientists to elected officials--this book encourages a newly discovered, or rediscovered, commitment to consensus about our ethical obligation to the future and why it's wrong to wreck the world.

Under the Stars: A Journey Into Light

Hardback, 20/02/2020, £12.99
An inspirational and immersive travelogue exploring the power of natural light.

Animism: Respecting the Living World

Paperback, 03/08/2017, £14.99
Graham Harvey explores current and past animistic beliefs and practices of Native Americans, Maori, Aboriginal Australians, and eco-pagans. He considers the varieties of animism found in these cultures as well as their shared desire to live respectfully within larger natural communities.

Five Rules for Rebellion: Let's Change the World Ourselves

Hardback, 05/03/2020, £12.99
5 Rules for Rebellion from the Founding Leader of the Women's Equality Party

Some Assembly Required: Decoding Four Billion Years of Life, from Ancient Fossils to DNA

Hardback, 19/03/2020, £18.99
Nothing begins when you thought it did...

Britain's Trees: A Treasury of Traditions, Superstitions, Remedies and Literature

Hardback, 05/03/2020, £12.99
A cornucopia of some of Britain's oldest and most beloved native trees, this book weaves together their rich history, folklore and traditions.
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