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    How to Do Critical Discourse Analysis: A Multimodal Introduction 2ed

    £30.59 £33.99
    Each chapter presents distinct concepts and ideas in Critical Discourse Analysis, explaining how to use them in your research - and why. Packed with case studies of news texts, social media content, memes, promotional videos, institutional documents, infographics and webpages, the book shows you how to apply each set of tools to real life examples.

    How to Do Qualitative Interviewing

    £26.99 £29.99
    From finding participants to writing your questions, this hands on book tells you everything you need to know when doing qualitative interviews.

    How To Do Your Research Project: A Guide For Students 4ed

    £26.09 £28.99
    Now in its fourth edition, this bestselling title provides an easy to navigate roadmap for anyone undertaking a research project in the applied social sciences

    How to do your Social Research Project or Dissertation

    £26.99 £29.99
    For final-year social science undergraduates, 'How to do your Social Research Project or Dissertation' is the most student-led guide to confidently navigate the research process. It shares real student and supervisor experiences to help motivate you; provides advice for efficient time management; and tracks your progress through focused checklists.

    How to Examine a Thesis

    £30.59 £33.99
    Offers an insight into the rules and regulations of higher degree examination in the United Kingdom. Addressed directly to the examiners, this book contains a step-by-step account of the different stages of the examination process in order to provide an insiders' guide into what to expect before, during and after the oral examination.

    How to find information

    £17.09 £18.99
    What's the best way to find the information I need for my thesis/dissertation/project? How do I evaluate the relevance and quality of the information? How can I keep up to date in my subject?This book enables researchers to become expert at tracking down, accessing and evaluating information.

    How to Find Information: A Guide for Researchers

    £22.49 £24.99
    This book enables researchers to become expert in finding, accessing and evaluating information for dissertations, projects or reports.

    How to Publish Your Communication Research An Insider's Guide

    £37.79 £41.99
    Well-known journal editors and Communication scholars Alison Alexander and W. James Potter provide an insider's guide to getting published in scholarly communication journals. Alexander and Potter begin with a review of the manuscript submission process followed by coverage of writing traps that should be avoided. Additional chapters, written by eight other distinguished journal editors, tell prospective authors what editors and reviewers look for when deciding which articles should be published and which should not.

    How to Read Journal Articles in the Social Sciences: A Very Practical Guide for Students 2ed

    £17.99 £19.99
    This easy to follow guide reveals a tried and tested strategy for decoding social science journal articles, using a specially developed reading code.

    How to Research 4ed

    £25.19 £27.99
    How to Research is a clear and accessible guide to the business of doing a research project. It systematically takes the reader through from the planning to the writing up and finishing off.

    How to Survive Your Viva: Defending a Thesis in an Oral Examination 3ed

    £25.19 £27.99
    A concise, practical introduction that equips students with the skills they need to defend their thesis or dissertation.

    Humanities Computing

    £40.49 £44.99
    Now with a new preface, Humanities Computing provides a rationale for a computing practice that is of and for as well as in the humanities and the interpretative social sciences. It engages philosophical, historical, ethnographic and critical perspectives to show how computing helps us fulfil the basic mandate of the humane sciences.

    Identify Your Variables: Little Quick Fix

    £8.09 £8.99
    The Little Quick Fix on how to Identify Your Variables unlocks the gate to simple data analysis for any stats course. Packed with lively examples it shows students what variables are and why looking for relationships between them is so interesting, and so powerful...

    Impact Culture

    £35.09 £38.99

    Information Visualisation: From Theory, To Research, To Practice and Back

    £36.89 £40.99
    Taking you on a journey through a full range of different types of visualisations, the book will help you communicate information in a clear, efficient, and engaging way.

    Interpretive Autoethnography

    £20.69 £22.99
    In this book, Norman Denzin combines one of the oldest techniques in the social sciences with one of the newest.

    InterViews: Learning the Craft of Qualitative Research Interviewing 3ed

    £52.20 £58.00
    This book invites the reader on a journey through the landscape of interview research, by outlining paths that learners may follow on the way to their research goals, and providing conceptual aids and toolboxes that facilitate learning the craft of interviewing.

    Introduction to Exponential Random Graph Modeling

    £20.69 £22.99
    Explaining the techniques and applications of exponential random graph modeling (ERGM) for social scientists, this is a uniquely sophisticated volume for examining social systems.

    Introduction To Health Research Methods

    £41.39 £45.99

    Introduction to Modern Modelling Methods

    £26.99 £29.99

    Introduction to Research in the Health Sciences 7ed

    £33.29 £36.99

    Introduction to Secondary Data Analysis with IBM SPSS Statistics

    £34.19 £37.99
    John MacInnes takes the fear out of statistics for students, and helps to raise the standards of their quantitative methods skills, by clearly and accessibly introducing all that's needed to know about using secondary data and working with IBM SPSS Statistics


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