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    Business Research: A Practical Guide for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students 4ed

    £44.09 £48.99
    Now in its fourth edition, this is a hands-on and straightforward core textbook in business research methods. Written by a highly experienced author team, Business Research will be an essential resource for students taking modules in research methods on undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA courses.

    Case Study Research and Applications: Design and Methods

    £52.20 £58.00
    The Sixth Edition of Robert K. Yin's bestseller provides a complete portal to the world of case study research.

    Chicago Guide to Communicating Science

    £21.60 £24.00

    Chicago Guide to English Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation

    £30.60 £34.00
    "The definitive guide for writers who want their prose to be both memorable and correct"--

    Choose Your Methodology: Little Quick Fix

    £8.09 £8.99
    Establishing methodological justification is a key precursor to undertaking research, whether you apply qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods. This new Little Quick Fix answers vital questions to put students onto the right track.

    Choose Your Statistical Test: Little Quick Fix

    £8.09 £8.99
    Lecturers teaching big mixed cohort intro statistics courses cite one of the more frequent challenges their students encounter involves choices over which statistical test to use. This Little Quick Fix helps them to overcome this common hurdle.

    Communicating with Data Visualisation: A Practical Guide

    £35.99 £39.99
    This book offers a four-step framework for transforming data into innovative, persuasive visualisations that will appeal to different audiences.

    Complete Data Analysis Using R: Your Applied Manual

    £36.89 £40.99
    This book gets you up and running with using R in your research project, focusing on data analysis.

    Computational Thinking and Social Science: Combining Programming, Methodologies and Fundamental Concepts

    £36.89 £40.99
    This book provides fundamental understanding into computational social science, helping students build basic familiarity with programming and an in-depth understanding into the challenges and benefits within the field.

    Constructing Grounded Theory 2ed

    £34.19 £37.99
    Presenting readers with a reflective view of Grounded Theory from a constructivist perspective, this Second Edition continues to expertly introduce key debates in the field.

    Constructing Research Questions: Doing Interesting Research

    £35.99 £39.99
    The authors develop a methodology for identifying and challenging assumptions underlying existing theories and generating research questions, using examples from across the social sciences.

    Contemporary British Autoethnography

    £25.20 £28.00

    Contemporary Critical Theory and Methodology

    £46.79 £51.99
    Contemporary Critical Theory and Methodology is unique in presenting the first critical collection of texts dealing with the debate between critical theory and pragmatism. Piet Strydom focuses in particular on the implications that the relation between the two has for the methodology and research practice of contemporary critical theory.

    Craft of Research 4ed

    £12.60 £14.00

    Crafting Ethnography

    £29.69 £32.99
    This final book in Paul Atkinson's celebrated quartet focuses on material culture and sensory ethnography. Using the author's original fieldwork, the book explores how materials, techniques, tools, and perspectives combine with the five senses to inform ethnographic methods.

    Create Your Research Poster

    £7.19 £7.99
    A Super Quick guide to translating your research into an effective, well-designed poster for any kind of assessment.

    Creative Research Methods in Education: Principles and Practices

    £25.19 £27.99
    Co-authored by an international team of experts across disciplines, this important book is one of the first to demonstrate the enormous benefit creative methods offer for education research. It illustrates how using creative methods, such as poetic inquiry, theatre and animation, can support learning and illuminate participation and engagement.

    Creative Research Methods: A Practical Guide

    £25.19 £27.99
    Written in an accessible, practical and jargon-free style, this useful book informs and inspires researchers by showing readers why, when, and how to use creative methods in their research.

    Critical Narrative Analysis in Psychology: A Guide to Practice

    £80.99 £89.99
    This book presents an approach to narrative analysis from a critical social perspective. Through this extended example, the book demonstrates the power of narrative analytic procedures and the different effects produced by different levels of analysis.

    Critical Theory and Methodology

    £93.60 £104.00

    Data Analysis for the Social Sciences: Integrating Theory and Practice

    £42.29 £46.99
    Packed with global, interdisciplinary examples that ground statistical theory and concepts in real-world situations, it shows students not only how to apply newfound knowledge using IBM SPSS Statistics, but also why they would want to - all supported by lots of visuals, interactive demonstrations, author videos, and practice datasets.


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