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Thought and language

Paperback, 13/05/1998, £27.99
This collection of papers includes contributions by several of today's best-known philosophers of mind and language.

Giordano Bruno: Cause, Principle & Unity

Paperback, 26/11/1998, £27.99
A new translation of Bruno's most characteristic and important texts on causality and magic.

Cambridge Companion to Medieval Jewish Philosophy

Paperback, 11/09/2003, £36.99
An introduction to Jewish philosophical thought during the Middle Ages.


Hardback, 06/01/2017, £16.99
A brilliant introduction to the philosophical concept of materialism and its relevance to contemporary science and culture

Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically

Paperback, 02/09/2016, £12.99
From the ethicist the New Yorker calls "the most influential living philosopher," a new way of thinking about living ethically

How Proust Can Change Your Life

Paperback, 09/04/1998, £8.99
'Dazzling' John Updike

Essential Writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Paperback, 05/12/2013, £12.99
'Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains' is the dramatic opening line of The Social Contract, published in 1762. It laid the groundwork for both the American and French Revolutions. This translation includes Discourse on the Origin and Foundations of Inequality Among Men and The Social Contract in full.

Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

Paperback, 15/01/1999, £19.99
Godel, Escher, Bach is a Pulitzer Prize--winning treatise exploring patterns and symbols in the thinking of mathematician Kurt Godel, artist M. C. Escher and composer Johann Sebastian Bach. A groundbreaking book that has set the standard for interdisciplinary writing. A book every thinking reader must have.

Republic of Plato

Paperback, 17/11/2016, £16.99
"Long regarded as the most accurate rendering of Plato s Republic that has yet been published, this widely acclaimed work is the first strictly literal translation of a timeless classic. This second ed"

Experience and Nature

Paperback, 25/07/1998, £11.99

Thinking from A to Z

Paperback, 27/06/2007, £16.99
Helps those who want to argue well and think critically. Using topical examples, this book includes such entries as: Principle of Charity; Lawyer's Answer; Least Worst Option; Poisoning the Well; Sentimentality; Sunk Cost Fallacy; Weasel Words; and, 'You would say that wouldn't you'.

Human Knowledge: Its Scope and Limits

Paperback, 17/02/2009, £16.99
How do we know what we 'know'? How did we - as individuals and as a society - come to accept certain knowledge as fact? This title questions the reliability of our assumptions on knowledge. It investigates the relationship between 'individual' and 'scientific' knowledge.


Paperback, 27/12/2002, £32.25
The essays indicate both the history of reflection on ethics in Continental thought as well as its contemporary viability. Readers will find discussions of the ethical as it is treated in the phenomenological, genealogical, deconstructive and discourse ethical currents of Continental philosophy.

Concise Companion to Modernism

Paperback, 02/11/2002, £32.25
* Offers an innovative approach to understanding the Modernist literary mind in Britain. * Helps readers to grasp the intellectual and cultural contexts of literary Modernism. * Organised around contemporary ideas such as Freudianism and eugenics rather than literary genres.

Tragic Sense of Life in Men and Nations

Paperback, 01/06/1978, £40.00
Expresses the anguish of modern man as he is caught up in the struggle between the dictates of reason and the demands of his own heart.

On War

Paperback, 17/04/2008, £8.99
This abridged edition of On War by Beatrice Heuser, using the acclaimed translation by Michael Howard and Peter Paret, selects the central books in which Clausewitz's views on the nature and theory of war are developed.


Paperback, 13/11/2008, £7.99


Paperback, 17/04/2008, £6.99


Paperback, 29/01/2004, £8.99
Are high moral standards essential or should we give our preference to the pragmatist who gets things done or negotiates successfully? Taking the form of a dialogue between Socrates, Gorgias, Polus and Callicles, this title debates perennial questions about the nature of government and those who aspire to public office.

At the Existentialist Cafe: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails

Paperback, 02/03/2017, £10.99
Paris, near the turn of 1932-3. Three young friends meet over apricot cocktails at the Bec-de-Gaz bar on the rue Montparnasse. They are Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and their friend Raymond Aron, who opens their eyes to a radical new way of thinking...

Worldly Philosophers

7, 25/05/2000, £10.99
Defines the common thread linking the world's greatest economic thinkers and explores the philosophies that motivate them. This work enables us to see more deeply into our history, and provides the new theme that connects thinkers as different as Adam Smith and Karl Marx: the desire to understand how a capitalist society works.

Rights of Man

Paperback, 31/05/1984, £6.99
Presents an overview of Paine's career as political theorist and pamphleteer, and supplies background material to "Rights of Man". This book discusses how Paine created a language of modern politics that brought various issues to the common man and the working classes and assesses the debt owed to Paine by American and British radical traditions.

Being Generous

Paperback, 01/12/2010, £9.99

Sayings And Anecdotes

Paperback, 10/05/2012, £9.99
A unique edition of the sayings of Diogenes, whose biting wit and eccentricity inspired the anecdotes that express his Cynic philosophy. It includes the accounts of his immediate successors, such as Crates and Hipparchia, and the witty moral preacher Bion. The contrasting teachings of the Cyrenaics and the hedonistic Aristippos complete the volume.

Republic and the Laws

Paperback, 14/08/2008, £7.99


Paperback, 08/05/2008, £9.99

Philosophy of Law: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 27/02/2014, £8.99
The concept of law lies at the heart of our social and political life, shaping the character of our community and underlying issues from racism and abortion to human rights and international war. The revised edition of this Very Short Introduction examines the central questions about law's relation to justice, morality, and democracy.


7, 29/11/2001, £10.99
If a man supports Arsenal one day and Spurs the next then he is fickle but not necessarily illogical. From this starting point, and assuming no previous knowledge of logic, this work takes the reader through the whole gamut of logical expressions in a simple way.

Consolations of Philosophy

Paperback, 10/07/2008, £8.99
"First published as an Oxford world's classics paperback 2000. Reissued 2008"--Copyright page.


Paperback, 12/06/2008, £7.99

Pocket Philosophical Dictionary

Paperback, 11/08/2011, £9.99
Voltaire's Pocket Philosophical Dictionary is a major work of the European Enlightenment. It consists of a series of short essays, arranged alphabetically, whose unifying thread is an attack on religious and political intolerance. Highly entertaining, its concern with intolerance and its consequences is still relevant today.

On the Aesthetic Education of Man

Paperback, 29/09/2016, £9.99


Paperback, 27/09/2012, £9.99
"The Republic", Plato's masterwork, was first enjoyed 2,400 years ago and remains one of the most widely-read books in the world: as a foundational work of Western philosophy, and for the richness of its ideas and virtuosity of its writing. This title presents a translation of Plato's "The Republic" along with notes and an introduction.


Paperback, 02/09/2004, £4.99
The Mediations of the great Roman philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius are simple yet profound works of stoic philosophy that continue to offer guidance and consolation to many with their eloquence, wisdom and humility.


Paperback, 25/08/2005, £4.99

Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 21/02/2002, £8.99
How ought we to live? What really exists? How do we know? This book introduces many themes in ethics, knowledge, and the self, via readings from Plato, Hume, and other writers. It emphasizes throughout the point of doing philosophy, explains how many areas of philosophy are related, and explores the contexts in which philosophy was and is done.

Edge of Reason: A Rational Skeptic in an Irrational World

Hardback, 02/09/2016, £16.99
An urgent defense of reason, the essential method for resolving-or even discussing-divisive issues

Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 26/02/2009, £7.99
How important is free speech? Should it be defended at any cost? Or should we set limits on what can and cannot be said? This Very Short Introduction offers a lively and thought-provoking guide to these questions, exploring both the traditional philosophical arguments as well as the practical issues and controversies facing society today.

Meditations on First Philosophy

7, 08/05/2008, £8.99
In Descartes's Meditations, the thinker rejects all his former beliefs in the quest for new certainties. He develops new conceptions of body and mind to create a new science of nature. This new translation includes a wide-ranging, accessible introduction, notes and full selections from the Objections and Replies.

Free Will: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 24/06/2004, £7.99
Do we really make our own decisions? Or are we compelled to act by factors beyond our control? This introduction is an investigation of one of the most important problems of Western philosophy. It looks at a range of issues surrounding this fundamental philosophical question, exploring it from the ideas of the Greek and medieval philosophers.

Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy 3ed

Paperback, 25/02/2016, £11.99
This dictionary is written by one of the leading philosophers of our time, and it is recognized as the best dictionary of its kind. Comprehensive and authoritative, it includes over 3,300 alphabetical entries, it is the ideal introduction to philosophy for anyone with an interest in the subject, as well as students and teachers.

Moral Philosophers: An Introduction to Ethics

Paperback, 08/01/1998, £33.99
Adopting a historical approach to moral philosophy, this text introduces the thoughts of some of the major ethical philosophers of the past. It treats each as a coherent and comprehensive ethical theory, presented as an attempt to surmount some of the deficiencies of its predecessors.

Classical Philosophy: A History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps: Volume 1

Paperback, 10/03/2016, £10.99
In 43 lively chapters Peter Adamson tells the story of philosophy from its beginnings to Plato and Aristotle. Most histories jump from one famous name to another, but Adamson shows that the people and ideas in between, usually overlooked, are fascinating and significant. Based on his popular podcasts, this is serious history with a light touch.

Tetralogue: I'm Right, You're Wrong

Paperback, 05/01/2017, £7.99
Four people with radically different views meet on a train and talk about what they believe. Each starts off convinced that he or she is right; then doubts creep in. Timothy Williamson uses a fictional conversation to explore the philosophical debate over whether one point of view can be right and the other wrong. He invites the reader to decide.

Nicomachean Ethics

Paperback, 11/06/2009, £7.99
In the Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle examines the nature of happiness, which he defines as a specially good kind of life. He considers the nature of practical reasoning, friendship, and the role and importance of the moral virtues in the best life. This new edition features a revised translation and valuable new introduction and notes.

Repetition and Philosophical Crumbs

Paperback, 14/05/2009, £8.99
These two complementary works give the reader a unique insight into the breadth and substance of Kierkegaard's thought. One reads like a novel and the other a Platonic dialogue but both concern the nature of love, faith, and happiness. These are the first translations to convey the literary quality and philosophical precision of the originals.

Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics

Paperback, 27/01/2005, £42.50
Part of the "Handbook" series, this book talks about an area where philosophy meets the arts - aesthetics. It offers a guide to the theory, application, and history of the field. It is useful for academics and students across philosophy and various branches of the arts, both as the reference work of choice and as a stimulus to new research.

Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Paperback, 28/08/2008, £12.99
In his Essay, John Locke sets out his theory of knowledge and how we acquire it. He shows how all our ideas are grounded in human experience and analyses the extent of our knowledge of ourselves and the world. This new abridgement uses P. H. Nidditch's authoritative text to make an accessible edition of Locke's masterpiece.
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