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The Agony of Eros

Paperback, 07/04/2017, £9.50
An argument that love requires the courage to accept self-negation for the sake of discovering the Other.

Scent of Time: A Philosophical Essay on the Art of Lingering

Paperback, 01/09/2017, £12.99
In his philosophical reflections on the art of lingering, acclaimed cultural theorist Byung-Chul Han argues that the value we attach today to the vita activa is producing a crisis in our sense of time.

Carpe Diem Regained: The Vanishing Art of Seizing the Day

Paperback, 25/01/2018, £8.99
Existentialism is backCarpe diem - `seize the day' - is one of the oldest pieces of life advice in Western history. In Carpe Diem Regained, Roman Krznaric reinvents existentialism for our age of information and choice overload.

Utilitarianism and Other Essays

Paperback, 26/03/1987, £9.99
Utilitarianism propounds the view that the value or rightness of an action rests in how well it promotes the welfare of those affected by it, aiming for 'the greatest happiness of the greatest number'. This book shows the creation and development of a system of ethics that has had an enduring influence on moral philosophy and legislative policy.

What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Paperback, 05/04/2018, £9.99
`One of the greatest thinkers of the age' The Dalai Lama 'One of the five saints of the 20th century' - TIME magazine 'Krishnamurti influenced me profoundly' - Deepak Chopra Who are you?

Merleau-Ponty: A Guide for the Perplexed

Paperback, 18/05/2006, £21.99

Call for Revolution

Paperback, 03/05/2018, £5.99
A rallying cry for the whole world, by one of the most respected leaders of our troubled times.This eloquent, impassioned manifesto is possibly the most important message The Dalai Lama can give us about the future of our world. It's his rallying cry, full of solutions for our chaotic, aggressive, divided times: no less than a call for revolution.

Toward a Philosophy of the Act

Paperback, 01/06/1993, £16.99
The earliest major work of the great Russian philosopher M. M. Bakhtin


Paperback, 16/03/2006, £31.99
Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995) is a key figure in poststructuralism, and one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century. The author proposes a radical way of understanding philosophy and art. He develops the concept further to present a way of practising philosophy based upon the fold as the relationship of difference with itself.

Of Grammatology

Paperback, 04/01/2016, £26.00
One of contemporary criticism's most indispensable works, Of Grammatology is made even more accessible and usable by this new release.

Big Ideas: The Little Book of Philosophy

Paperback, 07/06/2018, £8.99

Living with the Gods

Hardback, 17/09/2018, £30.00

Every Time I Find the Meaning of Life, They Change It: Wisdom of the Great Philosophers on How to Live

Paperback, 05/05/2016, £9.99
A humorous and philosophical trip through life from the Sunday Times bestselling author

I Am Dynamite!: A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche

Hardback, 04/10/2018, £25.00

Short History of Truth: Consolations for a Post-Truth World

Paperback, 10/07/2018, £8.99
The thinking person's tonic for our troubling times

How the World Thinks: A Global History of Philosophy

Hardback, 04/10/2018, £20.00
The first ever global overview of philosophy: how it developed around the world and impacted the cultures in which it flourished

Essence of Christianity

Paperback, 11/06/2008, £7.99

Philosopher's Toolkit: A Compendium of Philosophical Concepts and Methods

Paperback, 09/04/2010, £14.99
Building a solid intellectual foundation is crucial if one wishes to effectively engage in the practice of philosophy.

30-Second Philosophies: The 50 Most Thought-provoking Philosophies, Each Explained in Half a Minute

Paperback, 02/10/2017, £9.99
A full-colour illustrated tour through philosophy's most famous - and most mind-bending - ideas

Pig That Wants to Be Eaten: And Ninety-Nine Other Thought Experiments

Paperback, 04/03/2010, £8.99
Presents 100 thought experiments - short scenarios which pose a problem in a vivid and concrete way - and invites readers to think about possible answers for him/herself. This book includes experiments that cover identity, religion, art, ethics, language, knowledge and more.

Introducing Existentialism

Paperback, 04/05/2006, £9.99
An erudite investigation of the philosophical and cultural movement that prioritises individual experience.

In Our Time: Celebrating Twenty Years of Essential Conversation

Hardback, 04/10/2018, £25.00
A fascinating insight to a selection of the show's best episodes, published to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the popular Radio 4 programme.

More Than Happiness: Buddhist and Stoic Wisdom for a Sceptical Age

Paperback, 03/01/2019, £9.99
An inspiring, critical and practical look at what we can learn from ancient wisdom.

Fable of the Bees and Other Writings: Publick Benefits'

Paperback, 15/11/1997, £14.00
Published anonymously in 1723, "The Fable of the Bees" by Bernard Mandeville came to be regarded as the epitome of immorality. It is a naturalistic account of the mechanism of human desire. This abridged edition also includes "The Fable" and background readings from two sources.

Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge

Paperback, 09/08/1984, £14.99
Many definitions of postmodernism focus on its nature as the aftermath of the modern industrial age when technology developed. This book extends that analysis to postmodernism by looking at the status of science, technology, and the arts, the significance of technocracy, and the way the flow of information is controlled in the Western world.

Crowd and the Mob: From Plato to Canetti

Paperback, 13/06/2011, £35.99

Vices of the Mind: From the Intellectual to the Political

Hardback, 14/02/2019, £25.00
Quassim Cassam introduces the idea of epistemic vices, character traits that get in the way of knowledge, such as closed-mindedness, intellectual arrogance, wishful thinking, and prejudice. Using examples from politics to illustrate the vices at work, he considers whether we are responsible for such failings, and what we can do about them.

Beginning Modernism

Paperback, 01/08/2010, £10.99
This book -- .


Paperback, 27/09/2016, £17.99

Godless Morality: Keeping Religion Out of Ethics

Paperback, 04/04/2019, £9.99
A fascinating exploration of human morality from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Waiting for the Last Bus and Leaving Alexandria

Waiting for the Last Bus: Reflections on Life and Death

Paperback, 04/04/2019, £9.99
A Sunday Times bestseller, this is a moving and profound exploration of life's greatest mystery from one of the most revered religious figures of our time

Doubts and Loves: What is Left of Christianity

Paperback, 04/04/2019, £9.99
A re-examination of the state of Christianity from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Waiting for the Last Bus and Leaving Alexandria

Looking In the Distance: The Human Search for Meaning

Paperback, 04/04/2019, £9.99
An examination of spirituality, from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Leaving Alexandria

Timaeus and Critias

Paperback, 28/08/2008, £9.99
A Socratic dialogue in two parts. It begins with a theoretical exposition of the cosmos and his story describing the creation of the universe, from its very beginning to the coming of man. It also comprises an account of the rise and fall of Atlantis, an empire ruled by the descendants of Poseidon, which ultimately sank into the sea.

Timaeus and Critias

Paperback, 13/11/2008, £8.99
In Timaeus Plato attempts to describe and explain the structure of the universe: the creator god, the elements, the lower gods, the stars, and men. The companion piece, Critias, is the origin of the story of Atlantis, the lost empire defeated by ancient Athenians. This is the clearest translation yet of these crucial ancient texts.


Paperback, 30/05/2019, £12.99

Inner Experience

Paperback, 01/09/2014, £21.50

History of Philosophy

Hardback, 20/06/2019, £26.00



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