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Hold Successful Meetings

Paperback, 15/04/2021, £9.99

Overtime: Why We Need A Shorter Working Week

Paperback, 11/01/2022, £7.99
Why we should all work less! A radical and pragmatic manifesto for tackling the twin crises of work and care in contemporary capitalism.

What They Teach You at Harvard Business School: My Two Years Inside the Cauldron of Capitalism

Paperback, 01/07/2010, £10.99
What do they teach you at Harvard Business School? Graduates at Harvard Business School run many of the world's biggest and most influential banks, companies and countries. But what kind of person does it take to succeed at HBS? And what do they learn there? This book deals with these questions.

What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School

Paperback, 31/07/2014, £9.99
The bestselling business classic by the sports management legend.

Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management

7, 01/09/1998, £14.99
Highlights the thinking and practical applications that are defining the field of knowledge management. This book includes Peter Drucker's prophetic "The Coming of the New Organization" and Ikujiro Nonaka's "Knowledge-Creating Company".

New History of Management

Paperback, 30/09/2017, £28.99
This book argues that if we are to think differently about management, we must first rewrite management history.

C.K. Prahalad & Gary Hamel's The Core Competence of the Corporation

Paperback, 05/07/2017, £6.50
One of the most reprinted articles in the history of the Harvard Business Review, "The Core Competence of the Corporation" challenged and redefined traditional concepts of management strategy in an increasingly global and competitive market. Prahalad and Hamel base their 1990 argument on a comparison of case studies.

John P. Kotter's Leading Change

Paperback, 04/07/2017, £6.50
Managing change in a rapidly shifting economy and an era of increased globalization requires strong leadership-and a practical step-by-step approach. Distilling wisdom from years of coaching organizations, Kotter, a professor at Harvard Business School, identifies eight common mistakes that managers make when implementing change.

Douglas McGregor's The Human Side of Enterprise

Paperback, 15/07/2017, £6.50
Douglas McGregor's 1960 book is a vital study of the conditions that make employment satisfying and meaningful. Traditionally, managers assumed people were lazy and would not work unless strictly controlled. McGregor believed this was a faulty view of human nature.


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