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Dragons: Ten Entrepreneurs Who Built Britain

Paperback, 13/07/2017, £9.99
The inspiring stories of ten great British entrepreneurs from the Elizabethan age to the present - how their genius made Britain great and shaped the global marketplace.

International Entrepreneurship: Starting, Developing, and Managing a Global Venture 3ed

Paperback, 20/08/2015, £76.00
Inspiring and practical, get the entrepreneurial tools you need to successfully conduct business in a global and competitive world.

Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Studying Leadership

Paperback, 09/06/2018, £15.99
Conceived by Chris Grey as an antidote to conventional textbooks, each book in the `Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap' series takes a core area of the curriculum and turns it on its head by providing a critical and sophisticated overview of the key issues and debates in an informal, conversational and often humorous way.

Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

Paperback, 19/04/2004, £12.99
An internationally bestselling fable about a spiritual journey, littered with powerful life lessons that teach us how to abandon consumerism in order to embrace destiny, live life to the full and discover joy.

Wealth of Nations: Books IV-V

Paperback, 07/10/1999, £9.99
Presents a comprehensive treatment of political economy. This title includes the author's assessment of the mercantile system, his advocacy of the freedom of commerce and industry, and his prophecy that 'America will be one of the foremost nations of the world'.

Creative Thinking Handbook: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Problem Solving in Business

Paperback, 03/04/2019, £14.99
Unlock unlimited streams of creativity with this comprehensive handbook, packed with personalized advice, practical tools, useful templates, and a tried-and-tested problem-solving model.

Connect: How companies succeed by engaging radically with society

Paperback, 17/03/2016, £9.99
This timely and important book features candid interviews with global leaders at the heart of this debate, from Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg and Goldman Sachs' CEO Lloyd Blankfein to Tony Blair and Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

Beyond Business: An Inspirational Memoir From a Remarkable Leader

Paperback, 03/02/2011, £9.99
An inspirational memoir from a remarkable leader.

How Innovation Works

Hardback, 25/06/2020, £20.00
'Ridley is spot-on when it comes to the vital ingredients for success' Sir James Dyson Building on his bestseller The Rational Optimist, Matt Ridley chronicles the history of innovation, and how we need to change our thinking on the subject.

How to Research Trends: Move Beyond Trendwatching to Kickstart Innovation

Paperback, 25/05/2017, £29.99
Trend research can be executed in a structured manner, but how to learn this? This book provides the full scope on trend research, from scanning to analysing and applying trends. It shows how to use trend research to explore the future. It brings trend theory in an accessible manner without devaluing the subject of trend research.

Discipline of Market Leaders: Choose Your Customers, Narrow Your Focus, Dominate Your Market

Hardback, 20/12/1996, £13.99
The runaway international bestseller with more than 600,000 copies sold, now expanded to make its message even more compelling for today's market leaders.

Starting Up on Your Own

Paperback, 17/12/2009, £22.99
First published in Great Britain in 2008.

Start it Up: Why Running Your Own Business is Easier Than You Think

Paperback, 07/02/2013, £10.99
Running your own business is nowhere near as tough as you might think. So what are you waiting for? In this title, the author sets out to inspire - and guide - every budding entrepreneur. It tackles the issues that really matter: finding the right idea, sourcing funds, and getting the best from the people you meet on the way - chiefly yourself.

Awaken the Giant within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Life

Paperback, 02/01/2001, £10.99
Brilliantly repackaged, with great, modern covers, AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN shows you how to take control of your mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny.

Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation 3ed

Paperback, 17/02/2011, £65.99
Employs a informative how-to approach and features sections and chapters organized according to a summary model of the corporate entrepreneurship process.

Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market And Organizational Change 5ed

Paperback, 24/05/2013, £53.99
Managing Innovation is an established, bestselling text for MBA, MSc and advanced undergraduate courses on innovation management, management of technology, new product development and entrepreneurship. It is also widely used by managers in both the services and manufacturing sectors.

Entrepreneur in History: From Medieval Merchant to Modern Business Leader

Hardback, 04/06/2013, £48.99
Covering the period c.1200-c.2000, this book provides an innovative investigation of entrepreneurship in a long-run historical perspective, presenting new insights into the personal characteristics of successful business people and deepening our understanding of the roots of industrialization and economic growth.

Introducing the Creative Industries

Paperback, 22/04/2013, £27.99
A much needed textbook taking students through both the theory and practice of both studying and working in the creative industries.

Think and Grow Rich

Paperback, 07/10/2004, £9.99
By understanding and applying the thirteen simple steps that constitute Napoleon Hill's formula, you can achieve your goals, change your life and join the ranks of the rich and successful. This book provides examples of men and women who, in recent times, exemplify the principles that Hill promulgated.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business: Start-Up, Growth and Maturity 4ed

Paperback, 18/03/2016, £55.99
Thoroughly updated with new video feature and expanded range of global case studies, the new edition of this bestselling text synthesizes theoretical depth and practical skills-building, developing critical understanding and good management practice. A holistic approach to the issues facing small businesses from start-up to growth and maturity.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Paperback, 03/01/1998, £10.99
Worry affects everyone and descends with ease upon work, money, family life and relationships. This book offers practical strategies for breaking out of this destructive habit, before it breaks you. It shows how worry has been conquered by thousands, some famous, but most just ordinary people.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3e

Paperback, 08/05/2015, £53.99
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3rd Edition is an accessible text on innovation and entrepreneurship aimed specifically at undergraduate students studying business and management studies, but also those on engineering and science degrees with management courses.
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