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Engineering Mechanics 1: Statics

Paperback, 29/08/2012, £26.99
This book presents the basic concepts and principles of statics. It helps students develop problem solving skills in a systematic manner and contains numerous examples, along with their complete solutions.

Engineering Mechanics 3: Dynamics

Paperback, 05/04/2014, £27.99
Now in an updated second edition, this text, the final volume of a three-part series, presents the latest material on the mechanics of engineering for an undergraduate student readership, and includes numerous problems along with their solutions.

Engineering Mechanics 2: Mechanics of Materials

Paperback, 22/03/2018, £54.99
This bestselling German textbook, now available in English, presents undergraduates in mechanical and civil engineering with a clear knowledge of engineering mechanics. It covers numerous topics, and each chapter contains a variety of problems and solutions.

Introduction to Dynamics

Hardback, 15/05/2018, £56.99
This book is intended to serve as a text on dynamics for undergraduate students of engineering.

Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers 5ed

Paperback, 01/01/2003, £51.99
Contains chapters on process synthesis, computer-aided design, and design of chemical reactors. This text features economic analysis, and equipment sizing and cost estimation that reflect changes in equipment availability. It emphasises on computer use in design, economic evaluation, and optimization.

Industrial Chemical Process Design

Hardback, 18/11/2013, £107.99
The most complete, up-to-date, problem-solving toolkit for chemical engineers and process designers provides a step-by-step methodology and 25 downloadable, customizable software applications that offer quick, accurate solutions to complex process design problems.

Reverse Engineering: Mechanisms, Structures, Systems & Materials

Hardback, 10/12/2013, £85.99
A comprehensive look at reverse engineering as a legitimate learning, design, and troubleshooting tool

Design of Modern Communication Networks: Methods and Applications

Hardback, 26/02/2014, £83.00
Focuses on methods and algorithms related to the design of communication networks, using optimization, graph theory, probability theory and simulation techniques. This book discusses the nature and complexity of the network design process, then introduces theoretical concepts, problems and solutions.


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