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    Abuse Your Illusions

    £17.09 £18.99

    Advertising and Consumer Society: A Critical Introduction

    £28.79 £31.99
    This critical introductory text explores the role of advertising in contemporary culture and its connections to larger economic, social and political forces.

    Advertising and Promotional Culture: Case Histories

    £29.69 £32.99

    Advertising Media Planning

    £80.09 £88.99
    Provides insight into the construction of media plans that most effectively achieve marketing objectives. This seventh edition retains all the critical information you need to know about traditional media - including TV, radio, and print - while exploring the media forms, illustrated with major advertiser case histories.

    African and Caribbean People in Britain: A History

    £17.09 £18.99

    Afro-Dog: Blackness and the Animal Question

    £25.20 £28.00
    Benedicte Boisseron investigates the relationship between race and the animal in the history and culture of the Americas and the black Atlantic, exposing a hegemonic system that compulsively links and opposes blackness and animality to measure the value of life.

    Alien Chic

    £33.29 £36.99
    Alien Chic sets out to provide a cultural history of the alien since the 1950s, asking why our attitudes to aliens have changed from fear to affection, and what this can tell us about how we now see ourselves and others.

    Alternative Media Handbook

    £35.99 £39.99
    Outlines the different types of 'alternative media' and offers an overview of global alternative media activity, before moving on to provide information about alternative media production and how to get involved in it, including: What is Alternative Media? Alternative media in practice; and, making media getting involved.

    Among cultures; the challenge of communication

    £36.89 £40.99
    This text is organised around basic questions related to intercultural interaction, it explores how culture and communication are intimately related. The author explores topics such as the roles of rituals and social dramas, and he provides an extensive and relevant discussion of different world views.

    Analysing Media Texts

    £29.69 £32.99
    The authors outline how multi-modality theory can be used to analyze texts which employ multiple semiotic modes and media, in such a way that a balanced consideration is given to the characteristics of each mode, how they integrate, and how they distribute textual functions between them.

    Arab Subcultures: Transformations in Theory and Practice

    £21.59 £23.99
    Radical new thinking about Arab subcultures from live art to music making

    Becoming Digital: Toward a Post-Internet Society

    £17.09 £18.99
    This book examines the convergence of Cloud Computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things to forge the Next Internet. Ubiquitous computing enables universal communication, concentration of power, privacy erosion, environmental degradation, and massive automation and this title explores solving these issues to create a democratic digital world.

    Being Cultured: In Defence of Discrimination

    £13.46 £14.95
    In this book Angus Kennedy asks if the explosion of culture, and the breaking down of distinctions between high and low culture, has emancipated us or left us adrift without cultural moorings. Is it true that all cultures are equal? Is cultural diversity a good thing? Is it unacceptably elitist to insist on the highest standards of judgment?

    Between Meals: An Appetite for Paris

    £9.89 £10.99

    Beyond the Horizon

    £25.19 £27.99
    Contributes to an understanding of electronic communications technologies by explaining the technical ideas which underlie them.

    Bikers;culture politics & power

    £29.69 £32.99
    Who really rides motorcycles and why? What are the chief concerns of motorcyclists and how are these represented and contested in the political sphere? This book overturns the ingrained prejudice that equates bikers with deviancy and explodes the myths emphasizing the rebellious and dysfuntional aspects of biking.

    Britain According to Kaleb: The Wonderful World of Country Life

    £18.00 £20.00
    An entertaining whistle-stop tour of rural British traditions, from the bestselling author of The World According to Kaleb.

    Carnage and the Media

    £17.99 £19.99
    Seaton neither harks back to a lost golden age, nor presumes that more news is necessarily better news. This is a celebration of the media, which, despite all its problems, we must embrace as an essential part of a free society.

    Casual Revolution: Reinventing Video Games and Their Players

    £24.30 £27.00
    How casual games like Guitar Hero, Bejeweled, and those for Nintendo Wii are expanding the audience for video games.

    Celebrity and the Media

    £25.19 £27.99
    An engaging introduction to the key terms, concepts, dilemmas and issues that are central to the study and critical understanding of celebrity, exploring the impacts of celebrity culture on the modern media and examining the influence that celebrity has on the way people place themselves in the modern world.

    Celebrity Culture

    £42.29 £46.99

    Communication ethics and universal values

    £108.90 £121.00
    This volume is designed to revolutionize the field of communication by identifying a broad ethical theory which transcends the world of mass media practice to reveal a more humane and responsible code of values. The contributors defend the possibility of universal moral imperatives such as justice, reciprocity and human dignity.

    Cultural Studies

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