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    Cancer Biology and treatment

    £22.49 £24.99

    Cell: A Molecular Approach 6ed

    £56.69 £62.99

    Cell: A Molecular Approach 8ed

    £161.99 £179.99
    The Cell: A Molecular Approach is the only one-semester introduction to cell biology text built around learning objectives, and the only text to incorporate in-text and online data analysis problems.

    Cheats and Deceits: How Animals and Plants Exploit and Mislead

    £22.49 £24.99
    The natural world is not a harmonious place. In the fight to survive and reproduce, any advantage in getting a mate, finding food, or avoiding predators pays dividends. Martin Stevens explores how animals and plants trick, cheat, and deceive each other to their own advantage in their bid for survival.

    Chemistry of Natural Products: A Unified Approach 2ed

    £108.00 £120.00

    Collins Advanced Science - Human Biology

    £39.59 £43.99
    Building on the success of the second edition, this truly accessible textbook comprehensively covers the 2008 AS and A2 level Human Biology specifications for all the main UK exam boards.The book also has a companion website which is free to book users providing extra resources.

    Collins Complete British Mushrooms and Toadstools

    £17.09 £18.99
    Collins Complete Guide to British Muchrooms and Toadstools allows everyone to identify mushrooms found in Britain and Ireland. The book is illustrated with beautiful photographs throughout, featuring the species you are most likely to see.

    Collins Tree Guide

    £17.09 £18.99
    The definitive, fully-illustrated guide to the trees of Britain and non-Mediterranean Europe.

    Collins Complete British Animals: A Photographic Guide to Every Common Species

    £17.99 £19.99
    The essential photographic field guide to all mammals, reptiles and amphibians in the British Isles and surrounding seas.

    Collins Fungi Guide: The Most Complete Field Guide to the Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Ireland

    £22.49 £24.99
    The sixth title in the bestselling Collins Guide series, this book covers the fungi of the British Isles, with considerable relevance for Europe and the wider temperate world.

    Commoner water plants wall chart

    £3.50 £4.00

    Concepts of Genetics 9ed

    £119.11 £132.34
    Concepts of Genetics is known for its focus on teaching core concepts and problem solving. This best-selling text has been extensively updated, with coverage on emerging topics in genetics, and problem-solving support has been enhanced.

    Conservation: A people-centred approach

    £22.49 £24.99

    Coral: A Pessimist in Paradise

    £9.00 £9.99
    * In this outstanding narrative, acclaimed author Steve Jones reveals all that coral has to tell us about the past, present and future of our planet and humankind

    Darwin: A Very Short Introduction

    £8.09 £8.99
    Darwin's theory that our ancestors were apes caused a furore in the scientific world and outside it when The Origin of Species was published in 1859. Analysing Darwin's major insights and arguments, this work reasserts the importance of his work for the development of modern biology.

    Darwin's Ghosts

    £5.39 £14.99
    An electrifying account of the extraordinary untold history behind Darwin's theory of evolution

    Demons in Eden: The Paradox of Plant Diversity

    £12.15 £13.50
    Explores the diversity of plant life in regions such as Japan, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Florida, southeast Mexico, and, the Canary Islands. This book looks closely at the evolution of plant diversity in these locales and explains why such variety persists in light of ecological patterns and evolutionary processes.

    Developmental Biology: A Very Short Introduction

    £8.09 £8.99
    The development of a single fertilized egg into a fly, an elephant, or a human baby is one the most remarkable near-miracles achieved by nature. This Very Short Introduction, written by the distinguished developmental biologist Lewis Wolpert, gives a concise account of, and explores, one of the liveliest areas of scientific research.

    Dice World

    £11.69 £12.99
    Frequently mind-boggling, from Einstein's brilliant proof of the existence of atoms to why the milk in your coffee stays mixed, 'Dice World' explore how - amongst all this mathematical chaos - probability and statistics have become the only way to get a grip on nature's workings.

    Dictionary of Biology

    £11.69 £12.99
    Worried about your maternal effect or biological clock? Need to know a rhizoid from a rhizome? Think you're going to fail your zoology or botany exam? This dictionary defines over 6000 terms relating to this subject - from amino acids, bacteria and the cell cycle to X-ray diffraction, Y chromosome, and zygotes.


    £9.89 £10.99
    A ground-breaking look at gender and sex from the world's leading primatologist and New York Times bestselling author of ARE WE SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW HOW SMART ANIMALS ARE?

    Do Polar Bears Get Lonely

    £7.19 £7.99
    Following the phenomenal success of "Does Anything Eat Wasps?" and the even more spectacularly successful "Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze?", this collection includes a bumper crop of wise and wonderful answers.

    Does Anything Eat Wasps?

    £7.19 £7.99
    Every year, readers send in thousands of questions to "New Scientist" magazine in the hope that the answers to them will be given in the 'Last Word' column. This title presents a collection of the best that have appeared, including: why can't we eat green potatoes; why do airliners suddenly plummet; and, does a compass work in space.

    Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home: And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals

    £9.89 £10.99
    Many people who have ever owned a pet will swear that their dog or cat or other animal has exhibited some kind of behavior they just can't explain. How does a dog know when its owner is returning home at an unexpected time? Filled with stories and analysis, this title offers an exploration of animal behavior.


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