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    Applied geography

    £80.99 £89.99
    Applied Geography offers an invaluable introduction to useful research in physical, environmental and human geography and provides a new focus and reference point for investigating and understanding problem-orientated research.

    Appointing and Managing Learning Support Assistants: A Practical Guide for SENCOs and Other Managers

    £23.09 £35.99
    This work guides SENCOs and other managers through the process of appointing assistants who will be successful members of a support team. It also considers their deployment once in post - how to maximize their effectiveness and how to support their professional development.

    Approaching Disability: Critical issues and perspectives

    £35.99 £39.99

    Appropriate Environments For Children Under Three

    £16.09 £24.99

    Archaeological Investigation

    £38.69 £42.99
    Drawing on examples from Britain and beyond, this title explores the procedures used in archaeology travelling over the whole process from discovery to publication. It intends to be a companion for a newcomer to professional archaeology - from a student introduction, to first practical work to the first responsibilities for producing reports.

    Archaeology and Ancient History: Breaking Down the Boundaries

    £33.29 £36.99
    This collection of pieces from international range of contributors explores in detail the seperation of the human past into history, archaeology and their related sub-disciplines. Each piece challenges the validity of this seperation and asks how we can move to a more holistic approach.

    Archaeology of Knowledge

    £15.29 £16.99
    Michel Foucault was part of a glittering generation of thinkers, one which included Sartre, de Beauvoir and Deleuze. Arguable his finest work, this classic is a challenging but fantastically rewarding introduction to his ideas.


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