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    Analyzing Digital Fiction

    £38.69 £42.99
    Analyzing Digital Fiction is the first volume of its kind to offer a collection of systematic, comprehensive and explicit applications of different methodological approaches to digital fiction. Chapters include analyses of hypertext fiction, Flash fiction, Twitter fiction and videogames with approaches taken from narratology, stylistics, semiotics and ludology.

    Animated Life

    £28.79 £31.99
    Takes you on a guided tour through an entire lifetime of techniques, practical hands-on advice and insight into an entire industry. With advice, critical comment, and inspiration for every student of the arts, this title comes with completely relevant techniques and tools for the contemporary animation or fine arts professional.

    Animator's Eye

    £33.29 £36.99
    A guide to channeling your vision and imagination. It guides you through the animation design process in a way that only years of expertise can provide.

    Animator's Guide to 2D Computer Animation

    £26.09 £28.99
    A practical introduction to working with computer animation systems. It demonstrates how to achieve different animation styles on the computer as well as fundamentals, and there are tutorials on the essential techniques. The CD-ROM includes colour examples and animation movie clips.

    Anthropology and Modern Life

    £15.29 £16.99
    Boas is regarded as the founder of American anthropology. This book demonstrates the rich and fertile range of Boas's thought, engaging with controversies that resonate loudly today. Includes a new foreword by Regna Darnell and an introduction and afterword by Herbert S. Lewis.

    Antonin Artaud a critical reader

    £32.39 £35.99
    This resource collects critical writing on Artaud's life and work. Featuring contributions from critics such as Jacques Derrida and Julia Kristeva, this volume challenges traditional perceptions of Artaud and explores the the relationship between his mental illness, drug addiction and creativity.

    Anxiety Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Children and Young People

    £32.39 £35.99
    Cognitive behavioural therapy has proven to be an effective treatment for anxiety disorders in children and young people. This book provides an overview of CBT and explores how it can be used to help children with anxiety disorders. It is suitable for professionals involved with children who have significant anxiety problems.


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