BBC National Short Story Award 2021
  BBC National Short Story Award 2021
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Paperback, 01/06/2011, £8.99
In 1968, in a remote part of Canada, a mysterious child is born: a baby who appears to be neither fully boy nor girl, but both at once.

Clergy Omnibus

Paperback, 02/07/1992, £19.99
In the whole delightful world of Wodehouse, the English clergy offers some of the richest sources of good-natured good humour. Wodehouse bishop, no vicar more a pillar of his community (provided his sermons aren't too long), and in this collection of short stories we watch as they are plunged into one hilarious scenario after another.

Live Working or Die Fighting: How The Working Class Went Global

Paperback, 07/02/2008, £9.99
In Live Working or Die Fighting, Paul Mason tells the story of this new working class alongside the epic history of the global labour movement, from its formation in the factories of the 1800s through its near destruction by fascism in the 1930s and up to today's anti-globalisation movement.


Paperback, 16/07/2015, £8.99
From the prize-winning author of Tony Hogan Bought Me An Ice-Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma Winner of the Prix Femina EtrangerLondon, in the frayed heat of summer. Heart-wrenching' Independent on SundayShortlisted for the Prix Femina Prize

Amnesia Clinic

Paperback, 05/04/2007, £9.99
Anti, a quiet English boy living in Quito, Ecuador, strikes up a friendship with flamboyant classmate Fabian, who is everything Anti isn't: handsome, athletic and popular.

Stars Of The New Curfew

Paperback, 05/08/1999, £9.99
To enter the world of Ben Okri's stories is to surrender to a new reality. In rich, lyrical, almost hallucinatory prose Ben Okri guides us through the fabulous and the mundane, the serene and the randomly violent. Written with the lucid clarity and logic of dream, Stars of the New Curfew is a book of visionary imagination.

Dave Gorman Vs the Rest of the World

Paperback, 12/04/2012, £10.99
He played many games he'd never heard of before - Khet, Kubb, Tikal or Smite anyone?He played board games and physical games.
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