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    Binge drinking & youth culture: Alternative Perspectives

    £9.06 £12.95

    Class, self, culture

    £42.29 £46.99
    The book shows how class has not disappeared, but is known and spoken in a myriad of different ways, always working through other categorizations of nation, race, gender and sexuality.

    Community Profiling: Auditing Social Needs

    £26.99 £29.99
    This book provides a practical step-by-step guide to community profiling, invaluable for anyone involved in community-based research.

    Comparing Welfare States

    £35.99 £39.99
    Praise for the First Edition: `A clear and concise introduction to comparative social policy. It provides students with a framework in which to analyze the British welfare regime and to compare it with those developed and developing elsewhere' - Hilary Graham, Professor of Applied Social Studies, University of Warwick In this extensively revised Second Edition, the British case is related to the experiences of the United States of America, Sweden, Germany and Ireland, and set in the context of policy issues within the European Union. This textbook provides a critical introduction to British and comparative social policy. Drawing on the comparative analysis of welfare regimes, the book show how the welfare systems of individual countries can only be understood thorugh exploring the wider global context. The chapters highlight the richness, complexity and dynamics of welfare regimes in different countries, while ar the same time considering shared features and trends. This text is a course book for The Open University course, Family Life and Social Policy (D311).

    Dreamseller: An Addiction Memoir

    £15.29 £16.99

    Ethic Of Welfare

    £17.49 £26.99
    Britain's New Labour government claims to support the cause of human rights. At the same time, it claims that we can have no rights without responsibility and that dependency on the state is irresponsible. The ethics of welfare offers a critique of this paradox and discusses the ethical conundrum it implies for the future of social welfare.

    European Welfare Futures: Towards a Theory of Retrenchment

    £13.29 £18.99
    European Welfare Futures presents a clear and up--to--date analysis of developments in social policy in the main EU member states. It provides a systematic account of welfare retrenchment and assesses the competing explanations of this process.

    European Welfare States: Comparative Perspectives

    £25.89 £48.99
    Offers an overview of issues concerning European welfare states. This illustrated book brings together a discussion of the theories and techniques of comparative policy analysis, and a description of developments in selected welfare state regimes. It also features case-studies, chapter summaries, questions, and guides for further reading.

    Foundations of the Welfare State 2ed

    £39.89 £59.99
    The Foundations of the Welfare State has been completely revised and updated. The author integrates new research findings and reorientates the arguments of the book to give greater emphasis to the continuing importance of voluntary action and the role of women.

    Generation Z

    £9.89 £10.99
    Teenagers are growing up in a world of widening social inequality, political apathy and economic uncertainty. They join gangs, are obese, have underage sex, watch porn, drink and are a menace to society. This book shows how it feels to be young and what it takes to survive and thrive on the journey to adulthood.

    In the Mix: Narrowing the Gap Between Public and Private Housing

    £6.96 £9.95

    Injustice: Why Social Inequality Still Persists

    £10.79 £11.99
    We are living in the most remarkable and dangerous times. Globally, the richest 1% have never held a greater share of world wealth, while the share of most of the other 99% has collapsed in the last five years. In this fully rewritten and updated edition of Injustice, Dorling offers hope of a more equal society.

    Invisible Britain: Portraits of Hope and Resilience

    £18.00 £20.00
    A photographic ethnography book that features the stories and portraits of individuals across the UK who have been impacted by social issues such as austerity, Brexit, deindustrialisation, nationalism and cuts to public services.

    It's Basic Income: The global debate

    £14.39 £15.99
    Experts, well known figures and key thinkers from across the world explore the concept of a Universal Basic Income. Including international case studies, this engaging book provides an indispensable guide to an innovative policy idea, and contributes to wider conversations about the future of work and the role of welfare in the 21st Century.

    Lowborn: Growing Up, Getting Away and Returning to Britain's Poorest Towns

    £10.00 £14.99
    `Kerry Hudson blew me away, opened my eyes...' Philippa Perry, bestselling author of The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read`Compelling, fascinating and well-written, undeniably grim but peppered with humour and tenderness' Kit de Waal

    Maternalism Reconsidered : Motherhood, Welfare and Social Policy in the Twentieth Century

    £25.16 £27.95
    Beginning in the late 19th century, competing ideas about motherhood had a profound impact on the development and implementation of social welfare policies. Calls for programmes aimed at assisting and directing mothers emanated from all quarters of the globe, advanced by states and voluntary organizations, liberals and conservatives...

    New Health and Care System: Escaping the Invisible Asylum

    £19.79 £21.99
    This book outlines a new, human focussed model for public services - an approach focused on achieving and maintaining wellbeing, rather than on reacting to crisis or attempting to `fix' people.

    On the Margins of Inclusion: Changing Labour Markets and Social Exclusion

    £18.89 £28.99
    This book offers an account of how groups of economically marginal people have adapt and negotiate the offerings of a 'post industrial' labour market and a welfare system geared towards reintegrating them into formal employment. Through close ethnographic study it highlights collective strategies and responses to labour and welfare changes.

    Origins of the British welfare state

    £34.19 £37.99
    Provides a comprehensive introduction to the history of social welfare and social policy in Britain before the modern welfare state. It examines the role played by voluntary social provision (including self-help and mutual aid), as well as the growth of state intervention, in meeting welfare needs.


    £11.19 £15.99
    Poverty remains one of the most urgent issues of our time. In this stimulating new textbook, Ruth Lister introduces students to the meaning and experience of poverty in the contemporary world.

    Sex, Drugs, And Death

    £23.09 £34.99

    Social Security and Welfare

    £20.29 £28.99
    This introductory textbook provides a foundation for the systematic study of social security and means-tested social assistance.

    Understanding Inequality, Poverty and Wealth

    £22.49 £24.99
    This major textbook provides students with a critical understanding of poverty and social exclusion in relation to wealth, rather than as separate from it.

    Youth, Welfare and Unemployment

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