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Sacred Suicide

Hardback, 28/09/2014, £85.00
The label 'Suicide Cults' has been applied to a wide variety of different alternative religions, from Jonestown to the Solar Temple to Heaven's Gate. Additionally, observers have asked if such group suicides are in any way comparable to Islamist suicide terrorism, or to historical incidents of mass suicide.

Becoming a Reflective Practitioner 5ed

Paperback, 23/06/2017, £34.99
'Christopher Johns is an internationally recognised pioneer of reflective practice in nursing and health care.

Sacred History

Hardback, 29/08/2013, £25.00
The Sacred History is an account of the workings of the supernatural in history. It tells the epic story of angels, from Creation, to Evolution through to the operations of the supernatural in the modern world.

Thoughtful Health Care: Ethical Awareness and Reflective Practice

Paperback, 06/06/2017, £22.99
Using thought-provoking examples from health care and beyond, David Seedhouse advocates the restoration of thoughtfulness, creativity, and independence in health work.

Promoting Person-centred Care at the Front Line

Paperback, 12/05/2006, £9.95

New Penguin Handbook of Living Religions

Paperback, 26/10/2000, £20.00
Includes chapters on gender issues and spirituality, modern diaspora religions in the West, and material on modern China. This guide helps readers understand the belief systems of the world. It features charts and diagrams.

World Religions Western Traditions 3ed

Paperback, 11/02/2011, £45.00
World Religions: Western Traditions, third edition is a text that introduces students to the religions of the Western world, such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, among others. Each chapter provides readers with a historical basis for each religion, how they have developed over time, and how they are now situated in the contemporary world.

Tao Te Ching

Hardback, 24/11/1994, £8.99
Written more than 2000 years ago, this classic Eastern meditative work is modernized here and presented with illustrations. It teaches that to follow the Tao, or Way of All Things, is to embody humility, spontaneity and generosity, and to develop balance and harmony.

Religions in the Modern World 2ed

Paperback, 26/05/2009, £25.99
Considers the history and modern practices of the world's main religious traditions. This title analyses trends in the manifestation of religion in the modern world, from secularization to the rise of fresh spiritualities. It includes chapters on Religion and Violence, Paganism, and Religion and Popular Culture.

Sacred Dance

7, £8.95
Explore a truly astonishing range of interests, philosophies, religions, and cultures -- from alchemy to angels, Buddhism to Hinduism, myth to magic. The distinguished authors bring a wealth of knowledge, visionary thinking, and accessible writing to each intriguing subject in these lavishly illustrated, large-format paperback books.


7, 05/10/1992, £8.95
Describes the mythological background of Atlantis, shows examples of the Atlantis motif in art, and discusses the meanings associated with Atlantis.

Spirit in the City

Paperback, 01/01/2002, £7.99
British shaman Ross Heaven uncovers the key to rediscovering our connection to the sacred as he explores the ancient world of the shaman - a world which has existed for thousands of years.

Epic of Gilgamesh (O/P)

Hardback, 25/02/1999, £20.00
Originally the work of an anonymous Babylonian poet, who lived over 3700 years ago, this is the tale of one man's struggle against death. Not content with the immortal renown won by reckless deeds, the hero of the epic seeks immortality itself and journeys to the end of the earth and beyond.

Essential Communication Skills for Nursing

Hardback, 15/09/2009, £22.99
Effective communication skills are crucial in all aspects of nursing practice. This title enables you to communicate effectively and with confidence in your professional practice. It focuses on the communication skills needed for the development of effective professional and therapeutic relationships.

Six Religions in the Twentieth Century

7, 21/09/2000, £17.00
This best-selling comprehensive resource explores six major religions through themes and messages, scriptures, worship, pilgrimages and festivals.

Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development 5e

Paperback, 10/03/2018, £25.99
This bestselling book explains how expressive and explorative writing can develop reflective practice and invite critical examination of practice, values, roles, and responsibilities.

Concise Introduction to World Religions 3ed

Paperback, 05/03/2015, £53.00

Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy 2ed

Paperback, 01/12/2005, £26.99
Offers selections from the works of Kongzi (Confucius), Mengzi (Mencius), Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu), and Xunzi (Hsun Tzu); two works, and, the dialogues "Robber Zhi" and "White Horse". This work also contains introductions and bibliographies for each work. Four appendices on important figures, periods and terms in Chinese thought are also included.

Innocence and Experience

Paperback, 07/10/1991, £27.95

Introduction to Classical Chinese Philosophy

Paperback, 04/03/2011, £15.99

Sourcebook of Asian Philosophy

7, 27/12/1990, £33.11
A convenient one-volume collection of English translations of the basic text that have shaped the major Asian philosophical traditions.

Myths from Mesopotamia

Paperback, 11/12/2008, £8.99

Challenge of Person-Centred Care: An Interprofessional Perspective

Paperback, 16/12/2008, £28.99
This progressive new text shows how professionals can work as a team to provide seamless treatment that puts the patient first. By exploring the concept of care from different perspectives and discussing the values and ethics each group brings, it links the goals of patient-centred practice and interprofessionalism for the first time.

Supporting People: Towards a Person-Centred Approach

Paperback, 16/05/2011, £19.99
Based on the largest independent UK study of person-centred support and written by an experienced team of authors, this book explores with service users, practitioners, carers and managers what person-centred support means to them, what barriers stand in the way and how these can be overcome.

Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

Paperback, 24/04/2009, £9.99
What happens to us when we die? And what does that tell us about being human?

Introduction to Indian Philosophy

Paperback, 11/11/2010, £18.99
Introduces students to the full range of Indian philosophical thought. This textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to all the major philosophical concepts and issues in Indian thought. Ideal for undergraduate students, it describes the various relationships and disputes between Indian traditions of thought in a chronological framework.

Scripture in World Religions

Paperback, 31/08/2000, £10.99
A concise introduction to scripture in the world religions that offers an evaluation of the sacred word and covers everything from the role of the mantra in the eastern relgions to the lives of the ancient scribes.

Picturing God

Paperback, 01/09/1994, £25.00
Addressing important issues of the day, this series examines how each of the eight major religions approaches a particular theme. Constructed to be comparative, the books are both authoritative and accessible.

Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece

Paperback, 18/03/2011, £27.99
This book argues that specialized cadres of virgin priestesses in ancient Greece were believed to give birth in miraculous fashion as a means of bringing forth holy political and spiritual leaders.

Twelve Theories of Human Nature 6ed

Paperback, 28/06/2013, £30.00
Rev. ed. of: Ten theories of human nature / Leslie Stevenson, David L. Haberman.

Student Nurse Guide to Decision Making in Practice

Paperback, 01/06/2010, £19.99
Being full of scenarios, exercises, examples and links between practice issues, this student-friendly text promises to be an engaging book for nurse students on all branches.

Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World - His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams

Hardback, 22/09/2016, £12.99
In April 2015, Archbishop Tutu travelled to the Dalai Lama's home in Dharamsala, India, to celebrate His Holiness' eightieth birthday. They looked back on their long lives to answer a single burning question: how do we find joy in the face of life's inevitable suffering? This book covers their meeting from the first embrace to the final goodbye.

Power, Freedom, Compassion: Transformations For A Better World

Paperback, 02/12/2011, £10.00
A critical review of contemporary politics using a combination of Marxist and Buddhist perspectives and focusing on education

Reflective Practice in Nursing 3ed

Paperback, 18/02/2016, £19.99
This is an excellent resource to introduce nursing students to the importance of reflection. It is easy to read and guides and assists the nursing students to see just how importance reflective practice is in nursing.' Mark Wheatley, Nursing and Midwifery, University of Teesside

Prayers For Peace

Paperback, 01/06/2011, £7.99
A uniquely wide-ranging selection of prayers and readings drawn from all the major world religions and from over 25 nations.

God in a Nutshell: A Short Guide to the Big Question

Paperback, 01/09/2014, £8.99
Why do humans quarrel - and even kill each other - 'in God's name'? What do you understand by the word 'God'? Are humans creatures of God or is 'God' the invention of mankind? How can we make sense of 'God' in a suffering world? God in a Nutshell challenges believers and and unbelievers alike to seriously re- examine their concepts of divinity.

Beginning Reflective Practice

13/03/2013, £30.99
Part of the Nursing and Health Care Practice series, this title provides pre-registration nursing and health care students with all the tools required to fully understand and develop skills for reflective practice, with the goal of becoming a successful reflective practitioner.

Rage Against God

Hardback, 22/03/2010, £16.99
An autobiographical and spiritual journey from atheism to faith in God through the power of reasoning. It states that faith is the best antidote to utopianism, encouraging men and women to act in the belief that there is a God and an ordered, purposeful universe, governed by an unalterable law.

Zoroastrianism: Guide For Perplexed

Paperback, 18/08/2011, £14.99
The history of the development of Zoroastrianism spans over 3000 years, beginning in prehistory as an oral tradition, with roots in a common Indo-Iranian mythology. This title takes foundational trifold ethic to form the framework for discussing the ideological complexities and ethical underpinning of the religion.

Reflective Practice in Nursing 5ed

Paperback, 15/03/2013, £28.99
The ability to reflect on practice has become a competency demanded of every healthcare professional in recent years. It can be a daunting prospect - but this practical and accessible text guides the way, using the latest research and evidence to support the development of skills in reflective practice.
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