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Distress in the City: Racism, Fundamentalism and a Democratic Education

Paperback, 15/01/2016, £24.99
This case study of one distressed post-industrial city struggling with various discontents is based on the stories of those who live there. They illuminate how racism, Islamophobia and Islamism take hold, and show how the city is emblematic of wider problems across the world today. But the book also describes the resources of hope in the city.

Using Biographical Methods in Social Research

Paperback, 18/05/2009, £44.99
The book's pedagogical features, practical focus and cross disciplinary theoretical perspective makes this an interesting, accessible and interactive as well as a provocative textbook for students and researchers

Beyond Fragments: Adults, Motivation and Higher Education

Paperback, 19/09/1996, £36.99
The Author Discusses The Relationship Between Motives, Education And Life history to explore how they shape people and their motives for learning, challenging the orthodox view that non-traditional students enter education for purely
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  Canterbury History Weekend 2023
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