Wellbeing and Mindfulness

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Grow Fruit: Gardens, Allotments, Patios, Balconies New Edition

Hardback, 01/02/2016, £16.99
Need a better supply of organic or uncommon fruit? This title offers detailed step-by-step growing instructions and advice on more than 50 fruits, and further uncommon varieties of each, with inspiration and advice on planning to picking and everything in between.

How to Hygge: The Secrets of Nordic Living

Hardback, 20/10/2016, £14.99
A fully illustrated lifestyle book that shares the secrets of Scandinavian living and explores the concept of hygge

Uniquely Human: The Basis of Human Rights

Paperback, 21/08/2013, £12.49

Lean in 15: 15 Minute Meals and Workouts to Keep You Lean and Healthy

Paperback, 28/12/2015, £16.99
The first book from Instagram sensation Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach.

Developing Mental Toughness: Improving Performance, Wellbeing and Positive Behaviour in Others

Paperback, 03/02/2012, £34.99
Mental toughness is about how effectively individuals respond to stress, pressure and challenge. Understanding this concept is essential to improving performance for both the individual and organization. This book traces mental toughness' development from sports psychology into the world of business, health and education.

Yoga for a New You

Paperback, 19/01/2012, £10.99
Features yoga postures, practices and programmes to improve both your body and mind. This book offers you yoga for every mood with four themed sections: Relaxed, Energetic, Young and Confident. It includes 25 detailed yoga postures with full colour photographs and step-by-step pointers as well as seven yoga sequence programmes.

Health, Happiness, and Well Being

Paperback, 04/11/2014, £28.99
Based on research findings from expert psychologists, this text encourages students to become knowledgeable consumers of information related to their physical health and optimum psychological functioning.

Trying Not to Try

Paperback, 01/01/2015, £9.99
A deeply original exploration of the power of spontaneity - and why it's essential to our wellbeing, both as individuals and as a society

Four Meditations on Happiness

Hardback, 02/01/2014, £14.99
Striving for a happy, perfect life is as old as mankind. Can one achieve such a goal at all? Can there be a universally applicable theory of happiness? In this original and thought-provoking book philosopher Michael Hampe sets out to find some answers.

Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World

Paperback, 05/05/2011, £14.99
A book and CD package. Mindfulness reveals the secrets of lifelong happiness and details a unique programme developed by Oxford University psychologist Professor Mark Williams with colleagues around the world.

How Food Works: The Facts Visually Explained

Hardback, 01/06/2017, £16.99

Ten (Food) Commandments

Paperback, 30/06/2016, £6.00
A title, in which, the author deals once and for all with questions like whether it is ever okay to covet thy neighbour's oxen (it is), eating with your hands (very important indeed) and if you should cut off the fat (no). Combining reportage and anecdotes with recipes worthy of adoration, it brings us the new foodie rules to live by.

Health and Well-Being Across the Life Course

Paperback, 11/01/2013, £25.99
This new text from Mary Larkin on the increasingly important life course approach covers health from pre-pregnancy to old age. Chapters include suggestions for further reading, discussion points, activities and activity commentaries to make it ideal for interactive student learning and critical reflection.

Assessing Evidence to Improve Population Health and Wellbeing

Paperback, 30/06/2011, £24.99
This book helps students understand the core area of the Public Health Skills and Career Framework concerned with assessing evidence of the effectiveness of interventions.

I am Here Now: A Creative Mindfulness Guide and Journal

Paperback, 01/10/2015, £9.99
Inspires you to explore your world and find moments of mindfulness in everyday life while unleashing your creativity along the way. This title features exercises that will challenge your powers of observation, investigation and cultivation and bring new awareness to your senses, thoughts and emotions.

Avocado Cookbook

Hardback, 07/07/2016, £9.99
Avocados. This humble green fruit adds velvety texture and creamy nutty flavours to every dish, turning any meal into something really special. This book includes recipes ranging from Mexican Brunch Burritos to Avocado and Prawn Sushi, Linguine with Avocado Pesto, Cheesy Avocado Frittata and even Avocado Eton Mess.

Mindfulness: 25 Ways to Live in the Moment Through Art

Hardback, 13/11/2014, £18.99
Shows us how to approach our lives as living works of art. It features useful tips for everyday situations.

Real Food

Paperback, 06/04/2000, £20.00
Nigel Slater's classic guide to comfort food 'Real food means big-flavoured, unpretentious cooking. Good ingredients made into something worth eating. Just nice, uncomplicated food.'

Appetite: So What Do You Want to Eat Today?

Paperback, 01/10/2001, £20.00
Nigel Slater's inspirational guide to home cooking. 'I want you to take in the spirit of the recipes and to deviate according to your ingredients and your feelings. I urge you to break the rules. I want you to follow your appetite.'

Meditation Bible: Godsfield Bibles

Paperback, 06/07/2009, £14.99
Details the benefits of meditation and how to get the most from your practice Provides meditations for stress releif, healing and problem-solving The benefits of every meditation are fully explained

Yoga Book

7, 01/03/2002, £14.99
This title explains the true meaning of yoga and demonstrates the practices and postures of Ashtanga Yoga that should enable the reader to achieve mastery over the mind and body and can eventually lead to self-realization.

Food Doctor: Healing Foods for Mind and Body

Paperback, 01/05/2004, £14.99
This is the newly revised and updated edition of the best-selling and ever-popular 'The Food Doctor', which has sold over half-a-million copies worldwide.

Eating: Vintage Minis

Paperback, 08/06/2017, £3.50
Presents a manifesto for how to cook (and eat) good food every day with a minimum of fuss. From basic roast chicken and pea risotto to white truffles and Turkish Delight figs, the author brings the joy back into the kitchen.

Gluten Attack: Is Gluten waging War on our Health?

Hardback, 07/04/2016, £12.99
Gluten is regularly lambasted in the press, demonised by wellbeing experts and banned from more diets every day. But do we know why? Where does the hype end and science begin? And will bread forever be off the menu? This is an evidence-based guide revealing the truth about gluten.

Stopping the Noise in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety and Worry

Paperback, 11/08/2016, £14.99
We all know that worrying causes us to retreat, to avoid and to focus excessively on threat - so how do we stop it? This book proposes a fresh approach to overcoming anxiety and worry and will help you to shut down the endless negative cycle of 'Will I...? Should I...? What if...?' voices for good.

One Minute Workout

Paperback, 02/02/2017, £14.99
We all know we should exercise more - but many of us just don't have time. The current NHS guidelines advise 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. But what if you could get all the health and fitness benefits of that 150 minutes in far less time? The author offers new strategies for achieving fitness in astonishingly little time.

Skinny Liver: Lose the Fat and Lose the Toxins for Increased Energy, Health and Longevity

Paperback, 02/02/2017, £14.99
Over 18 million people in the UK alone have Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), and many of them don't even know they have it. This four-week program includes the steps you can take to get your liver health back on track, with everything from exercise to healthy eating and other lifestyle changes, along with liver-friendly recipes.

Vegan in 15: Delicious Plant-Based Recipes You Can Cook in 15 Minutes or Less

Paperback, 05/01/2017, £8.99
Live well and feel great - go vegan in 15... Full of flavour and character, and containing all the nutrients you need for optimum health, Kate Ford's irresistible recipes will inspire you to get the most out of a vegan lifestyle, whether you are an established green eater or simply looking for a way to begin.

Wild Life: A Year of Living on Wild Food

Paperback, 30/06/2016, £9.99
Nothing from a shop and nothing raised from agriculture. Could it even be done? This book presents the author's account of twelve months eating only food shot, caught or foraged from the fields, hedges, and brooks of his forty-acre farm.

Art of Meditation

Paperback, 01/01/2014, £9.99
A Sunday Times bestseller, this new paperback is an elegant and inspiring short guide to the art of meditation: another instant classic from the bestselling author of Happiness.

Up and Running: Your 8-week guide to discovering the life-changing power of running

Paperback, 08/01/2015, £12.99
If you think that running is just for slim, fit and sporty types, think again!

Mindfulness at Work

Paperback, 11/09/2014, £12.99
Flourish in the workplace with mindfulness meditation

Fast Exercise

Paperback, 19/12/2013, £8.99
How just a few minutes of exercise a day can make you feel better and look great. Dr Michael Mosley and Peta Bee investigate the fascinating science behind a radical new approach to exercise, one that is incredibly time efficient.

Fast Cook

Paperback, 06/03/2014, £9.99
NOT JUST FOR DIETERS... A BRILLIANT LOW-CAL COOKBOOK FOR EATING HEALTHILY EVERY DAY Fast Cook is the perfect adjunct to the original Fast Diet Recipe Book, offering a new repertoire of really fast Fast food to help you conquer hunger and lose weight with ease.

Fast Beach Diet: The Super-Fast 6-Week Programme to Get You in Shape for Summer

Paperback, 08/05/2014, £7.99
From the author of the bestselling 5:2 Fast Diet and Fast Diet Recipe Book. Mimi Spencer presents the super-fast 6-week programme to kickstart your Fast Diet for summer.

Fixing Dad: How to Save Someone You Love

Paperback, 22/12/2016, £8.99
Two sons helped reverse their father's diabetes. This is their guide to how you can do it too. Fixing Dad is about an ordinary British family's extraordinary battle with type 2 diabetes... and how their success now offers hope to millions.

Mindfulness Workbook for OCD

Hardback, 20/02/2014, £19.99
If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), you might have an irrational fear of being contaminated by germs, or obsessively double-check things. Combining mindfulness practices with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this book offers practical tools for managing the unwanted thoughts and compulsive urges that are associated with OCD.

Nano Workouts

Paperback, 11/06/2013, £9.99
A workout book that is full of illustrations and unconventional exercises that take up only a nanosecond of time. Each exercise turns everyday static moments, such as watching the TV or brushing teeth, into multitasker workout opportunities like TV crunches or teeth-brushing lifts.

Learn and Unlearn: The Novel Way to Rethink the Things That Matter in Your Life

Paperback, 01/02/2015, £9.99
Unlearning is not the same as forgetting. It requires fundamental changes to our mental processes and a relentless willingness to pursue new ways. 'Unlearning' is far more difficult than 'learning' as it challenges old values and beliefs. This book deals with this topic.

Feng Shui: Create Health, Wealth and Happiness Through the Power of Your Home

Paperback, 02/02/2016, £9.99
Explores how to cultivate the invisible energies in your home for health, wealth and happiness? how to let go of emotional attachments to unwanted possessions and clear clutter for good? how to use feng shui to remedy specific problems in your life; how to reduce geopathic stress and technostress in your home; and more.

Think Less, Learn More: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind

Paperback, 04/05/2017, £9.99
Most of us worry about our distractibility. We zone out, daydream and procrastinate, and then chastise ourselves for wasting time. But what if most of that "wasted time" was actually time well spent?

Reasons to Stay Alive

Paperback, 31/12/2015, £9.99

Mindful Diet How to Transorm your Relationship with Food for lasting weight loss and vibrant health

Paperback, 07/01/2016, £9.99
The Mindful Diet combines cutting-edge science with the warmhearted encouragement of a personal wellness coach to change your relationship to food, increase happiness and lose weight for life.

Oz Clarke Wine A - Z: The World's Favourite Wine Writer

Paperback, 03/09/2015, £11.99
Britain's best-loved wine writer brings you more information, more recommendations, more facts, passion and opinion than any other comparable guide to wine. Organised in an easy-to-use A-Z format, the entries cover wines, producers, grapes, countries and wine regions from all over the world.
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