BBC National Short Story Award 2021
  BBC National Short Story Award 2021
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Wainwright Prize 2021

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Wild Silence

Hardback, 30/04/2020, £14.99

Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and Vision for the Future

Hardback, 15/10/2020, £20.00
It is the story of how we came to make this, our greatest mistake - and how, if we act now, we can yet put it right.We have one final chance to create the perfect home for ourselves and restore the wonderful world we inherited.' All we need is the will do so.

English Pastoral: An Inheritance

Hardback, 03/09/2020, £20.00

Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures

Hardback, 03/09/2020, £20.00
reveals a world that's both more extraordinary and more delicate than could be imagined' Daily Mail 'The lives of fungi alone are fascinating, but the questions and wider implications that Sheldrake teases out from them are often truly astounding ...

Thin Places

Hardback, 28/01/2021, £14.99
A breathtaking mix of memoir, nature writing and history: this is Kerri ni Dochartaigh's story of a wild Ireland, an invisible border, an old conflict and the healing power of the natural world

Seed to Dust: A Gardener's Story

Hardback, 14/01/2021, £14.99
Any garden belongs to everyone who sees it - it is like a book and everybody who visits it will find different things. Marc Hamer has designed and nurtured 12 acres of garden for over two decades.

The Screaming Sky

Hardback, 14/04/2021, £15.00
This is a radical new look at the Common Swift - a numerous but profoundly un-common bird - by Charles Foster, author of the New York Times Bestseller, Being a Beast. Foster follows the swifts throughout the world, manically, lyrically, yet scientifically.

Net Zero: How We Stop Causing Climate Change

Hardback, 03/09/2020, £20.00
What can we really do about the climate emergency? The inconvenient truth is that we are causing the climate crisis with our carbon intensive lifestyles and that fixing - or even just slowing - it will affect all of us. But it can be done.

Featherhood: 'The best piece of nature writing since H is for Hawk, and the most powerful work of biography I have read in years' Neil Gaiman

Paperback, 18/03/2021, £8.99
'The best piece of nature writing since H is for Hawk, and the most powerful work of biography I have read in years' Neil Gaiman 'I can't recommend it too highly' Helen Macdonald 'One of those rare, enchanted books' Isabella Tree 'I was entranced' Cathy Rentzenbrink

Fathoms: the world in the whale

Hardback, 12/11/2020, £20.00
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