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Transtemporal History

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The Gift of a Radio: My Childhood and other Trainwrecks

Hardback, 10/02/2022, £16.99
A story of a childhood defined by loneliness, the absence of a father and the grim experience of a Quaker boarding school. But with gun-wielding school masters and sub-standard living conditions, Quaker boarding school wasn't much better.

Capitalism and Slavery

Paperback, 24/02/2022, £9.99

China: A History in Objects

Hardback, 02/11/2017, £29.95
The history of China - brilliantly told and brought vividly to life through 7,000 years of objects from fine art to the everyday.

A History of Korea: An Episodic Narrative

Paperback, 30/11/2021, £22.99
Dynamic and meticulously researched, A History of Korea continues to be one of the leading introductory textbooks on Korean history.

The Island of Extraordinary Captives: A True Story of an Artist, a Spy and a Wartime Scandal

Hardback, 10/05/2022, £20.00
A gripping untold war story: using exclusive new archive material, letters and diaries, this is the story of the prisoners of war in internment camps during the Second World War.

Land: How the Hunger for Ownership Shaped the Modern World

Paperback, 20/01/2022, £9.99
From the bestselling author Simon Winchester, a human history of land around the world: who mapped it, owned it, stole it, cared for it, fought for it and gave it back.

Rebels Against the Raj: Western Fighters for India’s Freedom

Hardback, 20/01/2022, £25.00
An extraordinary history of resistance and the fight for Indian independence from Ramachandra Guha.

The Pursuit of Europe: A History

Hardback, 13/01/2022, £25.00
The story of the evolution of the 'European project', from the end of the Napoleonic Wars through to Brexit, this is also the story of how, and why, it become possible to imagine that the diverse peoples of Europe might be united in a single political community.

The Journey of Humanity: The Origins of Wealth and Inequality

Hardback, 07/04/2022, £20.00
A grand unifying theory of human flourishing and inequality from one of the world's pre-eminent thinkers In a captivating journey from the dawn of human existence to the present and back again, world-renowned thinker Oded Galor offers a solution to the two seminal and interrelated mysteries of human flourishing and inequality.

The Last Emperor of Mexico: A Disaster in the New World

Hardback, 20/01/2022, £20.00
The answer is a tale of operatic proportions, sweeping across continents from the 1848 European revolutions to the civil wars in Mexico and the USA, pitting Old World against New, conservatives against radicals, monarchies against republics.

Scandinavians: In Search of the Soul of the North

Paperback, 10/08/2017, £8.99
A journey of discovery through two millennia of Scandinavia's history, culture and society.

Turkey: A Short History

Paperback, 10/08/2017, £9.99
From the bestselling historian Norman Stone, whose work has been described by Andrew Roberts as `stunning ... no one else quite writes history like he does'.

War Stories: Gripping Tales of Courage, Cunning and Compassion

Hardback, 21/09/2017, £25.00
A uniquely intimate account of ordinary men and women who rose to the challenge of war with acts of great heroism and humanity

Red Nile: The Biography of the World's Greatest River

Paperback, 10/04/2014, £10.99
A rip-roaring yet intimate biography of the mighty Nile by Robert Twigger, award-winning author of ANGRY WHITE PYJAMAS. 'A tour de force' FINANCIAL TIMES.

Lost City of the Monkey God

Paperback, 07/09/2017, £8.99
A five-hundred-year-old legend. An ancient curse. A medical mystery. A journey into the unknown heart of the world's densest jungle and a stunning archaeological discovery.

Beeronomics: How Beer Explains the World

Hardback, 07/09/2017, £16.99
Beer has played a pivotal role in history, from the transition to an agarian lifestyle in ancient Mesopotamia to bankrolling Britain's imperialist conquests. Beeronomics tells the story of beer through economics, the innovations it brought, and how its strategic taxation and regulation helped shape the world.

Fracture: Life and Culture in the West, 1918-1938

Paperback, 07/09/2017, £15.99
A sweeping and vibrant history of Europe and America during the inter-war years, by the acclaimed author of The Vertigo Years.

God: A Human History

Hardback, 07/11/2017, £18.99
In God, Reza Aslan sheds new light on mankind's relationship with the divine and challenges our perspective on faith and the birth of religion.

On Writing History from Herodotus to Herodian

Paperback, 07/12/2017, £12.99

Books That Changed History

Hardback, 07/09/2017, £20.00

Penguin Book of Historic Speeches

Paperback, 05/10/2017, £14.99

Hitler's Piano Player: The Rise and Fall of Ernst Hanfstaengl

Paperback, 23/02/2006, £8.99
Ernst Hanfstaengl was court jester, pianist, and foreign press chief for Hitler, he even claimed to have devised the chant of Sieg Heil, but when the two men fell out he fled to Britain. This book recounts his remarkable life, through declassified documents, interviews with his family members, and writing by himself.

Penguin Book of Modern Speeches

Paperback, 05/10/2017, £14.99

Africa: A Modern History

Hardback, 05/10/2017, £40.00
A revised and updated edition of this magisterial and sweeping history of modern Africa.

Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier

Paperback, 14/12/2015, £13.00
In The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier, Duncan Campbell has penetrated the veil of secrecy around this concentration of armed forces on our shores, and shows how wartime US military power in Britain now matches the height of the Cold War, thirty years ago. This is an authorised re-issue of the 1986 version of this book.

Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World

Paperback, 08/03/2007, £14.99
Essential for students and teachers of classics and classical civilization and for anyone interested in discovering more about the foundations of Western culture, this guide offers over 2,500 A-Z entries on the most significant aspects of the classical world, giving a fascinating insight into the attitudes of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Witchcraft: a History : the Study of Magic and Necromancy Through the Ages, with 340 Illustrations

Hardback, 01/06/2013, £9.99
A detailed historical and anthropological study of the traditions of witchcraft around the world with an in-depth examination of magic and its relationship with religion, from prehistory to the post-modern era.

Rooms with a View: The Secret Life of Great Hotels

Hardback, 02/11/2017, £12.99
Incredible, startling and often hilarious tales from the world's best hotels

Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts

Paperback, 29/01/2018, £12.99

Antiques Roadshow: 40 Years of Great Finds

Hardback, 19/10/2017, £25.00
A collection of the timeless, the priceless and the unforgettable, this beautiful compendium accompanies the beloved BBC One TV series.

Civilisations: How Do We Look / The Eye of Faith

Hardback, 01/03/2018, £15.00
Companion to the BBC series CIVILISATIONS, screening on SBS from December 2018.

Arabs: A History - Revised and Updated Edition

Paperback, 01/03/2018, £16.99


Paperback, 15/08/2005, £10.99
The classic international bestseller -- a marvellously exciting and stimulating look at the emergence and development of Western civilisation

Timbuktu: A Ladybird Expert Book

Hardback, 22/03/2018, £7.99

Civil Wars: A History in Ideas

Paperback, 02/02/2018, £11.99

Big Ideas: The Little Book of History

Paperback, 07/06/2018, £8.99

An English Christmas

Hardback, 14/11/2017, £14.99
A Christmas anthology from legendary historian and Christmas Cracker compiler, John Julius Norwich.

Radical History of the World

Paperback, 20/09/2018, £16.99
A history of the world that proves that nothing can stay the same.

Witchcraft: A Ladybird Expert Book

Hardback, 04/10/2018, £8.99

Rise of Yeast: How the sugar fungus shaped civilisation

Hardback, 08/03/2018, £18.99
Yeast is humankind's favourite microbe, our partner in brewing, baking, and winemaking. Nicholas P. Money tells the story of this 10,000-year-long marriage, looking at how yeast served as a major factor in the development of civilization, celebrating its importance, and considering its future roles in molecular biology and genetic engineering.
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