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Optimize Tort Law

Paperback, 20/02/2017, £15.99

Tort Law: Text and Materials 6ed

Paperback, 30/07/2017, £39.99
The sixth edition of Lunney, Nolan and Oliphant's market-leading tort law text provides a complete, authoritative guide to the subject. The book combines clear overviews of the law with well-chosen extracts from cases and materials supported by insightful commentary.

Key Ideas in Tort Law

Paperback, 10/08/2017, £9.99

Tort Law Concentrate 5ed: Law Revision and Study Guide

Paperback, 15/08/2019, £12.99
Tort Law Concentrate is written and designed to help you succeed. Accurate and reliable, Concentrate guides help focus your revision and maximise your exam performance. Each guide includes revision tips, advice on how to achieve extra marks, and a thorough and focused breakdown of the key topics and cases.

Tort Law Revision Concentrate Pack: Law Revision and Study Guide

22/08/2019, £18.00
Tort Law Concentrate and Concentrate Q&A Tort Law are the ideal companions when you're looking to consolidate knowledge and hone your exam technique.

Markesinis & Deakin's Tort Law 8ed

Paperback, 27/07/2017, £39.99
Markesinis and Deakin's Tort Law is an authoritative, analytical, and well-established textbook, now in its eighth edition. The authors provide a variety of comparative and economic perspectives on the law of tort and its likely development, placing the subject in its socio-economic context, giving students a deeper understanding of tort law.

Tort Law 6ed

Paperback, 18/07/2019, £36.99
This best-selling undergraduate textbook from leading academics Kirsty Horsey & Erika Rackley gives a comprehensive grounding in tort law and carefully chosen learning features help students to become engaged and critical thinkers.

Kidner's Casebook on Torts 15ed

Paperback, 18/07/2019, £32.99
The essential companion for undergraduate tort law students, providing a comprehensive portable library of leading tort cases. Horsey & Rackley bring together a range of carefully edited extracts, combined with insightful commentary, questions, and annotated cases to help students identify and analyse the key elements of a case.

Law Express: Tort Law

Paperback, 27/06/2018, £12.99

Tort Law Directions

Paperback, 07/05/2020, £31.99
A considered balance of depth, detail, context, and critique, Tort Law Directions offers the most student-friendly guide to the subject; empowering students to evaluate the law, understand its practical application, and approach assessments with confidence.

Core Statutes on Contract, Tort & Restitution 2020-21

Paperback, 04/08/2020, £12.99
Well-selected and authoritative, Macmillan Core Statutes provide the key materials needed by students in a format that is clear, compact and very easy to use. They are ideal for use in exams.

Principles of Tort Law

Paperback, 22/09/2016, £39.99
Presenting tort law as a body of principles, this authoritative textbook guides students to a detailed understanding of the subject.

Tort Law 11ed

Paperback, 10/02/2017, £29.99

Tort Law: Key Facts and Key Cases

Paperback, 12/12/2013, £15.99

Q&A Torts 11ed

Paperback, 05/12/2014, £15.99

Tort Law 3ed

Paperback, 11/08/2010, £10.99
This volume helps you to get to the heart of tort law, ensuring you get the most out of your study time when it really matters. It is designed to help you understand what is important about tort law, enable you to remember the important cases and statutes, and show you how to apply your knowledge effectively in exams.

Concentrate Questions and Answers Tort Law: Law Q&A Revision and Study Guide

Paperback, 24/11/2016, £12.99
This essential Q&A study and revision guide contains a variety of model answers and plans to give you the confidence to tackle any essay or problem question, and give you the skills you need to excel in law exams and coursework assignments.

Winfield and Jolowitz on Tort 19ed

Paperback, 21/08/2014, £36.95

Wrongs of Tort

Paperback, 10/12/1998, £24.99
'This is a truly first rate text, and, indeed, required reading for all critical students of tort.' Student Law Review

Law Express: Environmental Law (Revision Guide) 2ed

Paperback, 01/08/2014, £12.99
The Law Express series is designed to help you revise effectively. This book is your guide to understanding essential concepts, remembering and applying key legislation and making your answers stand out!

Law of Tort 12ed

Paperback, 23/04/2015, £34.99
Law of Tort, part of the Foundations series, offers a comprehensive, clear and straightforward account of the law ideal for LLB and GDL students.

Course Notes: Tort Law

Paperback, 24/02/2012, £17.99
Course Notes supports revision of the essential modules of undergraduate and conversion GDL/CPE law degree courses by demonstrating good practice in creating and maintaining the ideal revision notes and actively encouraging you to acquire the analytical skills you will need for exam success.
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