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    Tim Lott with Lucy Caldwell

    Tim Lott & Lucy Caldwell: How (not) to Write

    Is the creative writing industry now bloated, with too many writers writing formulaic stories? Can writing actually be taught at universities or writing schools?

    Tim Lott, novelist and author of Yes, But Not, But Wait...! will be in conversation with Lucy Caldwell to discuss the future of creative writing and what it means in the modern world.

    Lucy Calwell is the author of These Days and a fiction teacher at Faber Academy. Lucy Caldwell lives in Folkestone.

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    BBC National Short Story Award 2021

    £7.00 £7.99
    The BBC National Short Story Award with Cambridge University (NSSA) is an award that has enriched both the careers of writers and the wider literary landscape since its launch sixteen years ago.One of the most prestigious prizes for a single short story, the winning author receives GBP15,000.

    Intimacies: Winner of the 2021 BBC National Short Story Award

    £8.00 £9.99
    'Outstanding.' Guardian 'Eleven perfect stories.' Irish Independent 'Glorious.' The Times 'My FAVE collection ever.' Pandora Sykes In eleven stories, Intimacies exquisitely charts the steps and missteps of young women trying to find their place in the world.


    £8.00 £10.99

    Meeting Point

    £8.00 £9.99
    When Euan and Ruth set off with their young daughter to live in Bahrain, it is meant to be an experience and adventure they will cherish. But on the night they arrive, Ruth discovers the truth behind the missionary work Euan has planned and feels her world start to crumble.


    £8.00 £9.99
    Features eleven stories that explore the many facets of growing up - the pain and the heartache, the tenderness and the joy, the fleeting and the formative - or 'the drunkenness of things being various'.

    Now We Are Forgiven

    £8.00 £9.99
    A brilliantly observed story of crises and reconciliations within families and stepfamilies and the conflict between Millennials and their Baby Boomer parents, set in the turbulent times of 2020.

    The Scent of Dried Roses: One family and the end of English Suburbia - an elegy

    £8.00 £9.99
    An exploration of the author's parents' lives, his mother's inexplicable suicide in her late fifties and his own bouts of depression. It conjures up the pebble-dashed home of his childhood and the landscape of postwar suburban England. It tells a story of grief, loss and dislocation, yet also of the power of memory and the bonds of family love.

    These Days: 'A gem of a novel, I adored it.' MARIAN KEYES

    £8.00 £8.99
    April, 1941. Belfast has escaped the worst of the war - so far. Following the lives of sisters Emma and Audrey - one engaged to be married, the other in a secret relationship with another woman - as they try to survive the horrors of the Belfast Blitz, These Days is an unforgettable novel about lives lived under duress.

    When We Were Rich

    £8.00 £8.99
    The brilliant new novel from the author of The Last Summer of the Water Strider

    White City Blue

    £8.00 £8.99
    The newly-reissued stunning debut novel from the author of The Last Summer of the Water Strider

    Yes! No! but Wait...!: The One Thing You Need to Know To Write a Novel

    £12.00 £14.99

    Tim Lott with Lucy Caldwell

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