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Educating for Hope in Troubled Times: Climate Change and the Transition to a Post-Carbon Future

Paperback, 15/05/2014, £26.99
This book sets out the facts about three still largely unknown factors of the future: climate change, peak oil and the limits to growth. It examines the feelings and attitudes the coming changes engender. It offers teachers ways to engage with vital but too often avoided issues, and to share success stories and sources of hope for the future.

Teacher's Survival Guide 2ed

Paperback, 01/03/2007, £15.99
Provides ideas and tactics to: tackle difficult situations in the classroom; deal with stress and manage time more efficiently; build and sustain successful relationships with colleagues; create positive learning environments; and, develop or change careers, and more.

Study Skills for Your Masters in Teaching and Learning

Paperback, 05/02/2010, £22.99
A core study skills text to support all those embarking on the new Masters in Teaching and Learning (MTL).

Behind with the Marking and Plagued by Nits

7, 27/02/2006, £9.99
Using real scenarios and real issues, this is a self-help book for teachers - giving ideas, tips and strategies for the classroom. Split into three sections, it looks at: The Teacher - the variety of stressful/difficult scenarios teachers face; The Woman - outside of the classroom; and, The Skills - coaching skills for teachers.

Little Book of Thunks: 260 Questions to Make Your Brain Go Ouch!

Hardback, 16/03/2007, £10.99
A Thunk is a beguiling question about everyday things that stops you in your tracks. This book includes the thunks which cover areas of human existence including truth, justice, reality, beliefs, the natural world, the human condition, art, beauty, existence, right and wrong, good and bad, life and death, war, religion, love, and friendship.

NLP Toolkit: For Teachers, Trainers and School Leaders

Paperback, 30/10/2009, £24.99
Gives you practical 'how to' ways to develop your own emotional resilience as well as ways to work with children in the area of emotional and social skills. This book includes practical worksheets on stagecraft for teachers, leadership, classroom activities, personal development and developing emotional and social literacy with children.

Lazy Teacher's Handbook

Paperback, 19/02/2010, £18.99
Ever wondered what would happen if you stopped teaching in your lessons? You might be surprised. This book provides you with the arguments and evidence you need to become a lazy, but outstanding teacher. It shifts the emphasis away from the teaching and onto the learning.

Trainer Development

Paperback, 31/03/2007, £9.99
Intended for teacher trainers, or teachers wishing to become teacher trainers. Practical activities for training sessions, case studies, discussion of training principles, resources for teacher trainers.

Curriculum ; Theory and practice 6ed

Paperback, 18/01/2009, £32.99
A V Kelly's bestselling and classic text is now brought up to date with the latest curriculum changes and current thinking in education. It's great on general principles and the philosophical background to education, making it core reading on all types of education courses.

Exploring Talk in School: Inspired by the Work of Douglas Barnes

Paperback, 18/09/2008, £30.99
This book will help teachers make talk in classrooms more effective, educational and enjoyable

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education 2ed

Paperback, 13/05/2009, £34.99
The current challenges facing higher education are addressed, and the authors provide a new way of thinking about the many aspects of learning and teaching.

Learning and Teaching at M-level: A Guide for Student Teachers

Paperback, 22/03/2010, £27.99
With more and more PGCE Students required to produce masters' level work, this book guides students through the process of thinking about their study, their practice, and undertaking research, all at masters level.

Induction & Mentoring of Newly Qualified Teachers

Paperback, 01/08/1999, £18.00
This work offers guidance on effective induction and mentoring to teachers and managers faced with the task of providing newly qualified teachers with structured support and training. It examines the roles and responsibilities of induction and mentoring and the management of support and training.

How To Talk So Kids Can Learn

Paperback, 20/11/2003, £11.99
A guide to practical and effective communication with your children. This book shows you how to cope with your child's negative feelings, such as frustration, disappointment and anger; express your anger without being hurtful; engage your child's co-operation; set clear limits and still maintain goodwill; use alternatives to punishment; and more.

Creating Outstanding Classrooms

Paperback, 01/10/2013, £30.99

Teaching Skills For Dummies

Paperback, 27/03/2009, £16.99
Being a "good teacher" is a difficult goal to achieve, being largely dependent on a huge variety of skills outside of the main curriculum. Teaching Skills For Dummies focuses on these 'soft' skills of teaching, from maintaining discipline to creating engaging lesson plans and monitoring performance.

Teaching And Learning Through Reflective practice 2ed

Paperback, 07/12/2010, £30.99
Maps out the professional and theoretical landscape of reflective practice, its nature and purposes and the claims being made for it. This book takes readers through a systematic process where the initial focus on learning, developing and growing, starts from an understanding of one's strengths, not weaknesses and problems.

Giving a lecture: from presenting to teaching

Paperback, 29/05/2009, £36.99
Suitable for new lecturers, this title equips them with the essential tools and guidance for delivering a successful lecture. It explains fresh developments along with the fundamentals of lecturing. It covers the basics on how to go about lecturing. It provides a chapter on podcasting and e-lecturing.

Learning Teaching: Becoming an Inspirational Teacher

Paperback, 02/11/2015, £18.00
An essential and aspirational text for all beginning teachers, with a clear focus on learning in order to support you becoming an outstanding teacher who makes a difference to learners, colleagues, schools and policy.

Curriculum Development

Paperback, 15/03/2010, £46.99

Not Quite A Teacher

Paperback, 19/05/2011, £17.99
A practical teacher training manual. It walks you through the training and initial teaching practice, offering practical advice and wisdom from the experienced vantage point of hindsight.

Inquiring in the Classroom

Paperback, 01/03/2012, £19.99
A guide to planning, carrying out and presenting successful classroom inquiry for teachers working towards a Masters-level qualification in education, whether on a MTL programme, working towards an Education MA or carrying out teacher inquiry as part of their professional development.

Ultimate Teaching Manual: A route to success for beginning teachers

Paperback, 14/04/2011, £21.99
A visual book that offers primary and secondary teachers practical guidance to help them through their training and first few years in teaching. With checklists, stress busting tips and useful sources of support and advice, it is suitable guide for all trainee and beginning teachers.

Assessment And Learning

Paperback, 07/12/2011, £23.99
This new edition provides a comprehensive overview of assessment that is used to support learning, practice-based theory on assessment for learning, and formative assessment to support individual development and motivate learners.

Achieving Outstanding On Your Teach

Paperback, 15/09/2011, £19.99
With a focus on practical strategies and closely referenced to OfSTED, this book provides essential guidance on how to translate the 'outstanding' criteria into practice. This book will help trainees make the difficult jump from 'good' to achieving a Grade 1 'outstanding' on their placements.



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