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Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Paperback, 14/05/2013, £33.99
Harness digital storytelling as a powerful tool to teach traditional and 21st-century literacy skills to help students reach deeper understandings in all areas of the curriculum!

Captivating Your Class

Paperback, 02/02/2009, £24.99
Offers teachers with strategies and techniques they can use to develop their confidence in teaching A Level students. This book contains strategies that allow teachers to develop their teaching style so that the students can have a purposeful, inspired and enjoyable learning experience.

Teacher Training Essentials : Workshops for Professional Development

Bound, 21/10/2010, £47.99
Ready-to-go activities for teacher trainers running pre- and in-service training courses. For busy teacher trainers who practise what they preach: trainees will benefit from learning about methodology in training sessions which are in themselves models of good teaching practice.

Expert Learner: Challenging the Myth of Ability

Paperback, 01/01/2014, £25.99
This book looks at what we know about becoming a skilled performer or practitioner and how this relates to classroom teaching and learning.

Preparing for Blended e-learning

Paperback, 01/10/2006, £32.99
Provides teachers and lecturers with an introduction to e-learning. This book explores the meaning of 'e-learning' and supports tutors in identifying how they plan to use technology to support courses that blend online and face-to-face interactions. It is illustrated by various case of studies. It is useful for teachers in HE and FE.

Guide to Teaching Practice 5red

Paperback, 11/06/2010, £30.99
Suitable for students on initial teacher training courses across different phases in the UK, this book covers the important basic skills and issues that students need to consider during their practice, such as planning, classroom organisation, behaviour management and assessment.

Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning

Paperback, 13/12/2011, £29.99
Takes the next step and explains how to apply the principles from Visible Learning in your classroom. This book offers: concise and user-friendly summaries of the most successful practices and interventions; and practical, step-by-step guidance for successfully implementing visible learning and visible teaching.

Discussion As A Way Of Teaching

Hardback, 15/09/2005, £30.99
Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition of the landmark book Discussion as a Way of Teaching shows how to plan, conduct, and assess classroom discussions. Stephen D. Brookfield and Stephen Preskill suggest exercises for starting discussions, strategies for maintaining their momentum, and ways to elicit diverse views and voices.

Essential Guide To Coaching And Mentoring 2ed

Paperback, 14/10/2010, £16.99
Rev. ed. of: Coaching for schools: New York: Pearson Education, c2006.

Teaching Character in the Primary Classroom

Paperback, 10/03/2016, £23.99
A practical guide on how to to teach Character in primary schools, exploring why character matters. Coverage includes the implications of character beyond the classroom and how outdoor learning and education can contribute.

School Blues

Paperback, 04/08/2011, £9.99
A humorous and incisive reflection on education - the autobiography of a dunce who became a brilliant teacher and a bestselling author.

Passing Assessments for the Certificate in Education and Training

Paperback, 26/04/2014, £19.99
An essential text on approaching assessment for all Certificate in Education and Training learners, no matter which awarding organisation they are registered with.

Attachment in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Schools

Paperback, 02/01/2006, £24.99
Every day, teachers and other school staff have to deal with children who present challenging behaviour during their learning process at school. This book combines the fundamental principles of attachment theory with teacher-based case studies, and practical 'how to' interventions.

Developing Creative and Critical Educational Practitioners

Paperback, 20/10/2014, £20.00
Encourages teacher educators to promote flexible and sustainable practice in their students, enabling them to flourish within an ever-changing educational environment.

Learning Teaching: Becoming an Inspirational Teacher

Paperback, 02/11/2015, £18.00
An essential and aspirational text for all beginning teachers, with a clear focus on learning in order to support you becoming an outstanding teacher who makes a difference to learners, colleagues, schools and policy.

Early Years Placements: A Critical Guide to Outstanding Work-Based Learning

Paperback, 09/02/2015, £18.99
A key text for all those undertaking placements or work-based learning in early years settings.

Curriculum ; Theory and practice 6ed

Paperback, 18/01/2009, £34.99
A V Kelly's bestselling and classic text is now brought up to date with the latest curriculum changes and current thinking in education. It's great on general principles and the philosophical background to education, making it core reading on all types of education courses.

How To Talk So Kids Can Learn

Paperback, 20/11/2003, £12.99
A guide to practical and effective communication with your children. This book shows you how to cope with your child's negative feelings, such as frustration, disappointment and anger; express your anger without being hurtful; engage your child's co-operation; set clear limits and still maintain goodwill; use alternatives to punishment; and more.

Trivium 21c: Preparing Young People for the Future with Lessons from the Past

Paperback, 18/06/2013, £18.99
From Ancient Greece to the present day, Trivium 21c explores whether a contemporary trivium (Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric) can unite progressive and traditionalist institutions, teachers, politicians and parents in the common pursuit of providing a great education for our children in 21st Century.

Little Book of Thunks: 260 Questions to Make Your Brain Go Ouch!

Hardback, 16/03/2007, £10.99
A Thunk is a beguiling question about everyday things that stops you in your tracks. This book includes the thunks which cover areas of human existence including truth, justice, reality, beliefs, the natural world, the human condition, art, beauty, existence, right and wrong, good and bad, life and death, war, religion, love, and friendship.

NLP Toolkit: For Teachers, Trainers and School Leaders

Paperback, 30/10/2009, £24.99
Gives you practical 'how to' ways to develop your own emotional resilience as well as ways to work with children in the area of emotional and social skills. This book includes practical worksheets on stagecraft for teachers, leadership, classroom activities, personal development and developing emotional and social literacy with children.

Passing Assessments for the Award in Education and Training

Paperback, 30/10/2013, £15.99
Covering all the assessment criteria for the Award in Education and Training, this text enables learners to prepare for their assessments with confidence.

100 ideas for lesson planning

Paperback, 08/03/2007, £14.99
Lesson planning and preparation is one of the important aspects of teaching. It is also one of the hardest aspects to learn. Student teachers, for example, often find it difficult to gauge how to pitch or pace a lesson. This book provides solutions. It covers areas such as the affective curriculum, language across the curriculum, and homework.

Assessment And Learning

Paperback, 07/12/2011, £30.99
This new edition provides a comprehensive overview of assessment that is used to support learning, practice-based theory on assessment for learning, and formative assessment to support individual development and motivate learners.

Teach Like a Champion 2.0

Paperback, 19/12/2014, £26.99
One of the most influential teaching guides ever updated! Teach Like a Champion 2. 0 is a complete update to the international bestseller. This teaching guide is a must-have for new and experienced teachers alike.

Teaching Practice

Paperback, 11/04/2005, £29.65
Teaching Practice is an essential reference for both EFL teachers and trainers on pre-service training courses. Chapters systematically cover the main challenges for new teachers. It takes account of current methodology and is suitable for use on Cambridge CELTA courses.

Essential Guide to Lesson Planning

Paperback, 01/05/2008, £12.99
'The Essential Guide to Lesson Planning' is intended to help trainee and newly qualified teachers come to grips with the daily lesson planning required from them. It shows how the time spent planning good lessons can help to ensure that time in the classroom is effective, productive and enjoyable.

Essential Guide to Classroom Assessment

Paperback, 27/05/2010, £16.99
Demystifying current theories and debates about assessment, 'The Essential Guide to Assessment' is a practical guide showing trainees and teachers how to put certain strategies and models into practice in the classroom right away.

Teaching Skills For Dummies

Paperback, 27/03/2009, £16.99
Being a "good teacher" is a difficult goal to achieve, being largely dependent on a huge variety of skills outside of the main curriculum. Teaching Skills For Dummies focuses on these 'soft' skills of teaching, from maintaining discipline to creating engaging lesson plans and monitoring performance.

Teaching And Learning Through Reflective practice 2ed

Paperback, 07/12/2010, £30.99
Maps out the professional and theoretical landscape of reflective practice, its nature and purposes and the claims being made for it. This book takes readers through a systematic process where the initial focus on learning, developing and growing, starts from an understanding of one's strengths, not weaknesses and problems.

Visible Learning:A synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement

Paperback, 18/11/2008, £37.99
Builds a story about the power of teachers, feedback, and a model of learning and understanding. This book covers areas such as the influence of the student, home, school, curricula, teacher, and teaching strategies. It develops a model of teaching and learning based on the notion of visible teaching and visible learning.
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