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Toolkit for the Effective Teaching Assistant

Paperback, 18/09/2004, £17.99
Written with the needs of teaching assistants firmly in mind, this book shows how to be more affective and how to develop your own professional capabilities.

Supporting Teaching and Learning

Paperback, 01/03/2004, £21.99
An edited collection, this volume covers the full range of themes and issues relevant to teaching assistants studying on a foundation degree course. The contributors explore the relationship between practical educational ideas and current academic debates to develop an overview of the issues involved.

Becoming a Primary Higher Level Teaching Assistant

7, 17/06/2005, £15.00
A series written to guide teaching assistants through the standards for Higher Level Teaching Assistant. This title provides a broad overview of the role of the Primary Teaching Assistant.

Primary Teaching Assistants

Paperback, 01/01/2005, £20.99
Explores issues that are central to support children's involvement with learning through the curriculum. This book is written primarily for learning support staff, their teaching colleagues and those responsible for professional development and training.

Teaching Assistant's Guide to Child Development and Psychology in the Classroom

Paperback, 23/10/2003, £17.99
Teaching assistants play a vital role in today's schools. This book will help them to get to grips with the main issues relating to psychology and its role in the processes of teaching and learning.

Teaching Assistant's Complete Guide to Achieving NVQ Level 2

Paperback, 15/02/2007, £17.99
Provides a range of materials and practical advice on how to demonstrate competence in the classroom. This book covers: setting the scene - describing a common teaching situation through a case study or dialogue; gathering evidence - how a candidate can gather evidence to meet performance indicators from the featured case studies; and more.

Key Issues for Teaching Assistants

Paperback, 31/10/2007, £22.99
A useful companion for any Teaching Assistant who wants to understand more about inclusion and diversity in classrooms.

Teaching Assistant's Handbook S/|NVQ Level 2 DVD Edition

Paperback, 23/09/2009, £24.99
Suitable for the 2007 Standards in Supporting Teaching and Learning in the Classroom, this book includes a DVD providing clips which demonstrate some of the many roles of teaching/classroom assistants. It also includes sections covering follow-up activities and case studies to help put learning into context.

Teaching Assistant's Handbook

Paperback, 08/10/2005, £21.99

Teaching assistant's guide to literacy

Paperback, 08/03/2007, £13.99
A guide offering advice on: the role of literacy in the classrooms; on developing reading, writing, speaking and listening skills; and, on using various strategies to help build pupils' confidence. It includes chapters that contain checklists for TAs to record their progress and real life case studies for the TA to learn from.

How to be a successful Teaching assistant

Paperback, 08/03/2007, £15.99
A practical guide that gives TAs useful advice on: the TAs role; responding to pupils' needs; strategies for behaviour management; and, working in a team. Each chapter contains checklists for TAs to record their progress and real life case studies for the TA to learn from.

Teaching Assistant's Guide, The

Paperback, 20/05/2005, £29.99
Designed to meet the needs of foundation degree students, this book provides an overview of the teaching assistant's role, incorporating practical tasks that aims to challenge students and improve their day-to-day practice. It covers personal professional development, helping teaching assistants to understand their role and their workplace.

Practical tips for Teaching assistants

Paperback, 13/10/2005, £26.99
Full of practical suggestions, tips, advice and up-to-date factual information, this book provides a trouble-shooting guide to help teaching assistants at all levels deal with a wide variety of classroom situations.

Complete Guide for Teaching Assistants in Secondary Education

Paperback, 21/02/2008, £17.99
A practical guide for Teaching Assistants that provides information on the secondary school education system. This book covers areas including: roles and responsibilities within the school, understanding subjects taught and important behaviour management strategies.

Working with Support in the Classroom

Paperback, 30/03/2005, £35.99
Using stories of successful practice and ideas for improving collaborative work, the book explores and maps the development of the roles in relation to children's learning that can be played by people other than qualified teachers.

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools: Handbook for Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Paperback, 15/12/2008, £28.99
Offers practical guidance and ideas to support Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs). This book covers the knowledge and skills needed by HLTAs to work effectively with pupils, teachers, parents and other professionals concerned with the well-being of children.

Faqs for TFaqs for TAs: Practical Advice and Working Solutions for Teaching Assistants

Paperback, 15/09/2006, £9.99
Covers the core questions that both new and existing teaching assistants may have about their jobs. Arranged in question and answer format, this book focuses specifically on the core 'need to know' items for TAs and includes: the themes of becoming a teaching assistant, what the job entails, getting started, and managing workload.

Leading and Managing Teaching Assistants:A Practical Guide for School Leaders, Managers...

Paperback, 20/12/2007, £32.99
Deals with how to utilise Teaching Assistants effectively. This book offers strategies for managing TAs. It includes examples of good practice, real-life accounts, research evidence, sources of help and suggestions for reading.

Essential guide for competent teaching assistants

Paperback, 28/07/2008, £28.99
Offers knowledge to support various teaching assistants working towards Level 2 of the National Occupational Standards. Taking into account initiatives including Workforce Remodelling and the Every Child Matters agenda, this book is useful to training providers, teachers and school managers supporting Teaching Assistants in their development.

Teaching Assistant's Handbook S/NVQ Level 3

Paperback, 20/11/2002, £19.99
This practical handbook contains information for candidates on the NVQ Teaching Assistants course or practitioners working alongside classroom teachers. It explores all the aspects of establishing relationships with children, supporting learning activities and managing behaviour.

Supporting Every Child

Paperback, 18/05/2012, £29.99
A practical and accessible new edition of this essential text for support staff and those involved in teaching and supporting learning.

Teaching Assistants: The Complete Handbook

Paperback, 01/02/2013, £22.00

Brilliant Teaching Assistant

Paperback, 31/03/2011, £12.99

Becoming a Teaching Assistant

Paperback, 18/10/2003, £31.99
This book is a course text for teaching assistants. It aims to help students make the transition into undergraduate level study. It is also a teaching and learning resource for students and tutors on undergraduate programmes.

Every Child Matters:practical guide for teaching assistants

Paperback, 14/04/2008, £24.99
Suitable for practicing and aspiring teaching assistants, this book brings together crucial information necessary to support the diversity of learners, from Early Years to Key Stage 4. It supports the personalized learning and Every Child Matters (ECM) well being of children and young people in schools.

Art of Being a Brilliant Classroom Assistant

Paperback, 29/02/2016, £9.99
Based on the authors' combined 70 plus years of experience, The Art of Being a Brilliant Classroom Assistant by Andy Cope, Chris Henley and Gary Toward is packed full of creative tips, techniques and strategies for anyone with the crucial role of supporting kids' learning.

Appointing and Managing Learning Support Assistants: A Practical Guide for SENCOs and Other Managers

Paperback, 29/09/2003, £32.99
This work guides SENCOs and other managers through the process of appointing assistants who will be successful members of a support team. It also considers their deployment once in post - how to maximize their effectiveness and how to support their professional development.

Handbook for Learning Support Assistants

Paperback, 29/09/2003, £26.99
Written in the context of recent legislation and guidance to schools, this is a practical handbook for learning support assistants and teachers working with them.

Becoming a Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Primary Special Educational Needs

Paperback, 16/03/2006, £32.99
Investigating topics such as inclusion and special educational or additional educational needs, this book provides support for teaching assistants working towards Higher Level Teaching Assistant status, as well as those undertaking the Foundation Degree in Teaching and Learning.

Help in the Classroom

Paperback, 01/06/1999, £11.99
Revised for the second edition, this text comprises an overview of developments in research, legislation and practice with regard to the support, management and staff development needs of learning support assistants in mainstream and special schools.

Be a Better Teaching Assistant

Paperback, 30/06/2006, £5.99

Handbook for Teaching Assistants: Teachers and Assistants Working Together 3ed

Paperback, 02/08/2016, £34.99
This revised new edition provides essential guidance for all teaching assistants, especially those who are new to the job, but will also bring experienced TAs up to date on changes to National educational guidance, including changes in the National Curriculum, assessment, and the Special Educational Needs framework.

Understanding Children's Learning: A Text for Teaching Assistants

Paperback, 18/09/2003, £32.99
Structured to support teaching assistants studying for a foundation degree, this book provides an academic underpinning to each of the key topics studied. The book: develops the theoretical knowledge needed to enhance work in the classroom; and encourages students to reflect on their own practice.

Teaching Assistant's Guide to primary education

Paperback, 14/07/2005, £24.99
Written by a top expert in the field of primary education, this essential guide for trainee teaching assistants covers every aspect of what they need to know, and uses case studies of real life scenarios to make this a detailed yet jargon-free guide.
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