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BTEC Level 3 National Sport and Exercise Sciences Student Bo

Paperback, 01/08/2010, £31.50
Combining BTECĂ‚ s team of experts with experienced sport and exercise sciences teachers, authors, specification writers and verifiers, to put everything candidates and tutors need for BTEC success at their fingertips.

Understanding Sport

Paperback, 15/04/1999, £29.99
An introduction to the study of the social history, sociology and cultural analysis of sport. The book covers both elite and recreational sports activities.

Brukner & Khan's Clinical Sports Medicine

Hardback, 01/01/2012, £99.99
Explores all aspects of diagnosis and management of sports-related injuries and physical activity such as the fundamental principles of sports medicine, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, enhancement of sports performance and dealing with special groups of participants.

Motor Learning and Control

Paperback, 01/05/2010, £48.99
Provides an introductory study of motor learning and control for students who aspire to become practitioners in exercise science, physical education, and other movement-oriented professions. This title offers an introduction to motor skills and control, attention, memory, and learning. It discusses instruction, feedback, and practice methods.

Beyond Supersonic: Bloodhound and the Race for the Land Speed Record

Hardback, 03/05/2018, £20.00
In July 2015, the Bloodhound team will unveil the car with which they'll launch their assault on the World Land Speed Record. Powered by a jet engine from a Eurofighter Typhoon fighter and a rocket engine developed for the European Space Agency. This book is the culmination of a ten year beyond the state of the art engineering effort.

Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training 6ed

Hardback, 24/04/2018, £55.99
Tudor O. Bompa, the pioneer of periodization training, and Carlo A. Buzzichelli, one of the world's foremost experts on training methods, use scientific support and their expertise to teach you how to maximize training gains with periodization.

Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy

Hardback, 24/06/2016, £39.99
Written by Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, a leading authority on muscle hypertrophy, Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy provides strength and conditioning professionals, researchers, and instructors with a definitive resource for information regarding muscle hypertrophy.

Physical Activity And Health

Paperback, 01/11/2006, £49.95
Aimed as a course text for a range of subjects including: kinesiology, exercise science, physical education, public health, health promotion, preventive medicine and human biology programmes. This textbook integrates research findings into the implications of physical activity levels on health.

Research Methods in Sport 2ed

Paperback, 22/11/2017, £21.99
First edition published 2010 in series Active learning in sport.

Sport and Society [A Student Introduction]

Paperback, 20/12/2007, £24.99
Suitable for students and lecturers, this book allows students to approach the study of sport from a multi-disciplinary perspective. It understands the importance of social structure, power and inequality in analyzing the nature and significance of sport in society.


Hardback, 01/03/2011, £101.99
Integrating the presentation of the nature, scope, philosophy, and history of physical education and sport with the growing career opportunities available within this dynamic field, this title addresses the challenges and the future of the discipline. It emphasizes preparation for a diversity of careers.

Qualitative Research in Sport and Physical Activity

Paperback, 19/11/2012, £32.99
Designed especially for students in sport and physical activity, this book provides a detailed guide to planning, undertaking, and writing up qualitative research. It's a coherent and accessible guide through the research process, using numerous examples to bring research alive.

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training 3ed

Paperback, 11/11/2011, £34.95

Palgrave Handbook of Paralympic Studies

Hardback, 20/03/2018, £210.00
This handbook provides a critical assessment of contemporary issues that define the contours of the Paralympic Movement generally and the Paralympic Games more specifically.

Developing Power

Paperback, 01/06/2017, £16.99
Authored by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Developing Power is the definitive resource for developing athletic power. With exercises and drills, assessments, analysis, and programming, this book will elevate power and performance in all sports.

Athletic Movement Skills

Paperback, 24/01/2017, £22.99
Before athletes can become strong and powerful, they need to master the movement skills required in sport. Athletic Movement Skills covers the underlying science and offers prescriptive advice on bridging the gap between scientist and practitioner so coaches and athletes can work together to achieve dominance.

Sport and Exercise Physiology Testing Guidelines: Volume I - Sport Testing: The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences Guide

Paperback, 17/11/2006, £49.99
A comprehensive guide to the key issues relating to physiological testing. It covers sport-specific testing, as well as clinical and exercise specific testing. It is suitable for sport-specific and clinical exercise testing in both research and applied settings.

Sport and Exercise Physiology Testing Guidelines: Volume II - Exercise and Clinical Testing: The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences Guide

Paperback, 11/03/2005, £49.99
A comprehensive guide to various protocols related to sport-specific and health-related contexts and to the key issues relating to physiological testing. It covers clinical and exercise testing. It is suitable for sport-specific and clinical exercise testing in both research and applied settings.

Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science: The Female Athlete

Paperback, 21/11/2014, £50.95
This new International Olympic Committee (IOC) handbook covers the science, medicine and psycho-social aspects of females in sports at all levels of competition.

Exercise Physiology: Nutrition Energy and Human Performance 8ed

Hardback, 01/03/2014, £51.00
This textbook integrates basic concepts and relevant scientific information to provide a foundation for understanding nutrition, energy transfer, and exercise training.

Physiology of Sport and Exercise 6ed (Wilmore)

Hardback, 19/05/2015, £78.99
The Sixth Edition of this international bestseller offers a simple way for students to develop an understanding of the body's abilities to perform various types and intensities of exercise and sport, to adapt to stressful situations and to improve its physiological capacities.

Group Dynamics in Sport 4ed

Hardback, 01/09/2011, £48.50
Introduces readers to the theory and practice of group dynamics in sport teams. This book includes an analysis of the nature and development of groups; examination of group environment, structure, and cohesiveness; and, discussion of team processes such as goals and communication.

Long-term Athlete Development

Hardback, 04/09/2013, £37.99
Describes how to systematically develop sporting excellence and increase active participation in local, regional and national sport organisations. This title describes the long-term athlete development model, an approach to athlete-centered sport that combines skill instruction with long-term planning and an understanding of human development.

Sport Studies

Paperback, 14/04/2009, £17.00
The first comprehensive, purpose-written textbook for students of Sport Studies in higher education.

Sport Management

Paperback, 20/04/2009, £19.00
The most learner-friendly introduction to sport management ever published for students in higher education.

Key Concepts in Sport and Exercise Sciences

Paperback, 18/10/2008, £23.99
Provides undergraduate students with authoritative and concise explanations of the key concepts arranged according to the major sub-disciplines of sport and exercise science.

Research Methods in Physical Activity 7ed

Hardback, 30/07/2015, £67.99
Research Methods in Physical Activity, Seventh Edition, offers step-by-step information for every aspect of the research process, providing guidelines for conducting and compiling research so that students feel capable and confident.

Inclusion and Exclusion Through Youth Sport

Paperback, 12/04/2013, £34.99

Mixed Methods Research in the Movement Sciences

Hardback, 01/08/2011, £85.00

Swoly Bible: The Broscience Way of Life

Paperback, 10/11/2016, £12.99

Young People, Physical Activity and the Everyday

Paperback, 31/01/2012, £24.95

Routledge Handbook of Sports Performance Analysis

Paperback, 04/03/2015, £39.99

Embodied Sporting Practices: Regulating and Regulatory Bodies

Paperback, 31/07/2009, £22.99
This is a book about bodies; material bodies and their practices and the regulatory bodies that shape embodied selves and their experiences. Sport is the focus for an examination of the links and intersections between lived bodies and the body politic and its disciplinary apparatuses.

Key Concepts in Sport and Exercise Research Methods

Paperback, 10/11/2011, £22.99
Written by the leading name in the field, this is an engaging introduction to the main concepts in both quantitative and qualitative research methods in sport, exercise, kinesiology and health. Conversational in tone yet thoroughly comprehensive.

High Altitude: Human Adaptation to Hypoxia

Hardback, 26/11/2013, £138.00
High Altitude

Inside the Box: How Crossfit Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body

Paperback, 20/09/2012, £16.99
From humble roots in garage of fitness guru Greg Glassman to over 3,000 rough-and-tumble gym spaces, CrossFit is a gritty, grassroots fitness phenomenon, with an open-source exercise platform, dedicated to improving lives by improving fitness. This book takes up CrossFit to find out why it works and whether it can fix his broken-down body.

Beware of the Dog: Rugby's Hard Man Reveals All

Paperback, 09/12/2010, £8.99
A scorching and deeply personal autobiography, lifting the lid on the life and character of one of English rugby's most successful ever players.

Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Paperback, 07/10/2011, £44.99
Now widely adopted on courses throughout the world, the prestigious Nutrition Society Textbook series provides students with the scientific basics in nutrition in the context of a systems and disease approach rather than on a nutrient by nutrient basis.



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