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Sport and Exercise Psychology

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Psychology of Strength and Conditioning

Paperback, 31/10/2011, £38.99

Team Psychology in Sports

Paperback, 14/06/2012, £39.99

Ultimate Fighting and Embodiment: Violence, Gender and Mixed Martial Arts

Paperback, 23/09/2013, £46.99
Mixed martial arts (MMA) is an emergent sport where competitors in a ring or cage utilize strikes as well as submission techniques to defeat opponents. This book explores the carnal experience of fighting through a sensory ethnography of MMA, and how it transgresses the cultural scripts of masculinity in popular culture.

Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind and Its Challenge to Western Thought

Paperback, 17/09/1999, £21.99
Three major findings of cognitive science cast doubt on the past 2,500 years of Western philosophy. Lakoff and Johnson propose to rebuild philosophy from the ground up, starting from clearly known facts about the mind.

Sports Psychology For Dummies

Paperback, 30/09/2010, £13.99
Acquiring the winning edge in sports-the mental edge

Mental conditioning is now seen by many to be as critical to sports success as physical conditioning. And for parents eager to ensure their children have a winning edge-as well as a future college scholarship-nothing could be more critical to success.

Applied Sport Psychology : A Case-Based Approach

Paperback, 09/04/2009, £41.00
Uses original case studies to demonstrate the application of sport psychology across a variety of sports. Shows' real world' integration of different areas of theory and practice for performance enhancement. Each case study will demonstrate scientific and intellectual rigour, an evidence-based approach and reflective practice.

England 2015: A Celebration of World Rugby

Paperback, 03/11/2025, £15.00

Bodymakers: Cultural Anatomy of Women's Body Building

Paperback, 28/02/1998, £25.50
Examining the sport and image of female body building as a metaphor for how women fare in the current political and cultural climate, this text draws on contemporary feminist and cultural theory. It reveals how female bodybuilders find themselves both trapped and empowered by their sport.

Social Psychology in Sport and Exercise: Linking Theory to Practice

Paperback, 11/03/2015, £36.99
Social Psychology in Sport and Exercise applies theory to real-life sport and exercise contexts. Examining key research from social psychology, this unique book helps you to understand the behaviour of athletes and exercisers. With a wealth of examples and case studies, the authors show you how to devise practical solutions to real problems.

The Global Gym: Gender, Health and Pedagogies

Hardback, 02/07/2014, £79.99
By participating in the everyday life of fitness professionals, gym-goers and bodybuilders, The Global Gym explores fitness centres as sites of learning. The authors consider how physical, psychological and cultural knowledge about health and the body is incorporated into people's identity in a local and global gym and fitness context.

Advances In Applied Sport Psychology:A Review

Paperback, 06/04/2010, £42.99
Aims to bridge the gap between research and practice in contemporary sport psychology. This book draws together reviews of research in key areas of applied sport psychology, assesses the implications of this research for practice, and explores future avenues of research within each thematic area.

Science of Footwear

Hardback, 09/11/2012, £180.00

Foundations of Athletic Training 5ed

Hardback, 01/10/2012, £54.00
Integrates basic medical concepts and related scientific information to provide a strong foundation of general athletic training practices. This title features a chapter on Psychosocial Intervention Strategies.

Introducing Sport Psychology

Paperback, 04/08/2011, £6.99
Helps you become fitter and stronger, achieve your goals and enjoy exercise, with proven, expert techniques. This title is full of practical tips that can improve your performance whatever your sport or level of fitness, relieve stress and reduce anxiety about life's challenges, and make exercise a habit and feel better all round.

Philosophy Of Sport

Paperback, 15/09/2011, £20.00
Providing a new philosophical understanding of sport, which defines what sport essentially is and means by setting out a complete grammar of sport, treating in turn its essential elements, A Philosophy of Sport will inform, surprise and delight those who have always thought sport should be taken more seriously.

Vascular Endothelium in Human Physiology and Pathophysiology

Hardback, 10/01/2000, £160.00
An up-to-date review of vascular functions of the endothemium and its role in cardiovascular disease.

Foucault, Sport and Exercise: Power, Knowledge and Transforming the self

Paperback, 13/09/2006, £42.99
It is common for researchers in sport to make reference to Foucault or Foucauldian theory. This text offers an overview of work in this area, and explores the potential of Foucauldian theory to inform the study of sport, fitness and physical activity.

Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture, and the Body

Paperback, 19/12/2003, £27.00
Analyzes issues connected to the body - weight and weight loss, exercise, media images, movies, advertising, anorexia and bulimia, and much more.

Sport and Exercise Psychology 2ed

Paperback, 28/08/2015, £39.99

Hillsborough Untold: Aftermath of a Disaster

Hardback, 14/11/2016, £18.99
This personal account describes how the Hillsborough disaster unfolded; provides an insight into what was happening at South Yorkshire Police headquarters in the aftermath; and gives an objective and compassionate account of the bereaved families' long struggle for justice.

IOC Manual of Sports Cardiology

Paperback, 16/12/2016, £56.95
For the practicing sports medicine physician at the front line of sports cardiology, this comprehensive and authoritative resource provides a centralized source of information which addresses this important topic in an accessible manner.

Key Concepts in Sport Psychology

Paperback, 26/10/2011, £27.99
Concise and lively student introduction to sport psychology from a team of experienced teachers and researchers.

Foundations of Exercise & Mental Health

Paperback, 02/02/2010, £40.99
Focuses on the exercise and mental health relationship. This text draws from over 700 articles including approximately 250 empirical studies. It includes specific exercise 'Prescription Guidelines' for preventing or treating depression anxiety poor self-concept and more.

Foundations of Exercise Psychology 3ed

Paperback, 01/09/2015, £79.99
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