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101 Inclusive and SEN Science and Computing Lessons: Fun Activities and Lesson Plans for Children Aged 3 - 11

Paperback, 19/04/2018, £14.99
These simple and creative activities and lesson plans, created for pupils who are working below national curriculum levels, provide new ideas for teaching science and computing to inclusive classrooms. Encourage every child to achieve their best results through the easily adaptable and fun activities.

Assessment of Learners with Dyslexic-Type Difficulties

Paperback, 09/06/2018, £34.99
This specialist and comprehensive book is designed to help teachers and SENCOs gain critical knowledge that will facilitate setting and achieving targets.

SENCO Handbook: Leading Provision and Practice

Paperback, 02/08/2019, £28.99
This handbook will give aspiring and practising SENCOs, teachers and Headteachers an in-depth knowledge and understanding of effective policy, provision and practice to meet the diverse needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Supporting Mental Health in Primary and Early Years: A Practice-Based Approach

Paperback, 21/11/2019, £21.99
Based on action research which has been implemented in a primary school, this book emphasises not just mental health needs, but also the importance of creating a culture of inclusion for all pupils.

Teaching and Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Primary Schools

Paperback, 01/03/2019, £23.99
This comprehensive guide explores what is meant by SEND in primary schools and covers everything trainees need to know about their statutory responsibilities in school. It has been fully revised and updated in line with the new SEN Code of Practice and current legislation.

Autism: A New Introduction to Psychological Theory and Current Debate

Paperback, 25/02/2019, £32.99
Revison of: Autism / Francesca Happae. 1995.

Key Issues in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion 3ed

Paperback, 28/08/2019, £24.99
This third edition continues to guide students through the challenging field of special educational needs and disability, offering essential support as they develop a critical and up-to-date understanding of the practical challenges and opportunities concerning inclusion.

Special Educational Needs and Disability: The Basics

Paperback, 22/08/2018, £17.99
"Second edition published by Routledge 2016"--T.p. verso.

Supporting Student Mental Health in Higher Education

Paperback, 05/04/2019, £15.99
Workable evidence-informed strategies and interventions for higher education staff seeking to improve student mental health and well-being.

Teacher's Guide to SEN

Paperback, 30/07/2016, £18.99
In The Teacher's Guide to SEN Natalie Packer outlines what all teachers need to know about SEN, and provides a range of practical tips and ideas that can be applied in the classroom.

Special Needs in the Early Years: Partnership and Participation

Paperback, 09/11/2017, £23.99
Fully up to date with the SEND Code of Practice this book explores all the key contemporary issues relevant to supporting children with special needs in an early years context. Combining theory with practice, it demonstrates how to ensure children's individual needs are at the heart of early years provision.

Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome

Paperback, 01/05/2008, £19.99
This is the definitive handbook for anyone affected by Asperger's syndrome, with a new introduction explaining the DSM-5. It brings together information on all aspects of the syndrome for children through to adults. Drawing on case studies from Attwood's extensive clinical experience, the book is authoritative and extremely accessible.

100 Ideas for Supporting Learners with EAL

Paperback, 08/03/2012, £14.99
A practical book of ideas and support strategies for the induction, assessment, teaching and learning of students with English as an additional language (EAL). It includes ideas such as: setting up a parent conference; identifying and supporting G&T learners; cross-cultural mathematics; and, questioning techniques.

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Young Children 0-5 Years

Paperback, 13/05/2019, £15.99
Essential support for all trainees and practitioners working in early years contexts, helping them to understand and mitigate against the risk factors of mental health needs in children from birth to 5.

Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder 2ed

Paperback, 21/12/2016, £12.99
Short and accessible, it explains what attachment means and how to recognise attachment disorder in children. It offers practical advice and strategies which parents and professionals can use with children affected by an attachment disorder. This second edition includes the revised DSM-5 criteria.

Educating Special Students: An Introduction to Provision for Learners with Disabilities and Disorders

Paperback, 21/07/2016, £33.99
Revised edition of: Educating special children. 2nd ed. 2012.

Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Diversity 3ed

Paperback, 01/12/2015, £33.99
This book is a comprehensive textbook which discusses the major issues in special education.

Rita Cheminais' Handbook for SENCOs 2ed

Paperback, 13/10/2014, £26.99
Covering the new SEN legislation and policy, this book brings new and experienced SENCOs up-to-date with the most recent reforms in provision and regulation and supports them through all the key areas of implanting a new SEN system effectively.

SEN Handbook for Trainee Teachers, NQTs and Teaching Assistants 2ed

Paperback, 29/10/2010, £29.99
Meeting the needs of trainee teachers and Higher Level Teaching Assistants, this book provides an introduction to key issues. It covers: self-assessment of your own attitudes towards SEN issues; legal definitions and current legislation and guidance; and, identification, assessment and support for children with SENs across the key stages.

Becoming a Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Primary Special Educational Needs

7, 16/03/2006, £28.99
Investigating topics such as inclusion and special educational or additional educational needs, this book provides support for teaching assistants working towards Higher Level Teaching Assistant status, as well as those undertaking the Foundation Degree in Teaching and Learning.

100 ideas for supporting pupils on the Autistic spectrum

Paperback, 08/03/2007, £14.99
Provides those working with autistic children one hundred ideas of how to support and develop their learning. This book presents ideas ranging from developing pupils' understanding and communication skills to ensuring they are comfortable within their learning environment.

Inclusion, Equality and Diversity in Working with Children

Paperback, 21/08/2008, £30.99
Offers an integrated answer that address inclusion, equality and diversity in childcare settings. This book explains how to turn good intentions into effective anti-discriminatory practice when working with children of various ages. It includes examples from a selection of childcare settings that show how to put the principles into practice.

How to Help Your Autistic Spectrum Child

Paperback, 12/10/2015, £12.99
Many books will tell you the latest theories about what causes Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ranging from severe autism to Aspergers syndrome, but what you really want to know is how to get a good night's sleep, or find time for your other children. This supportive guide helps parents understand their ASD child and offers practical advice.

Inside I'm Hurting: Practical Strategies for Supporting Children with Attachment Difficulties in Schools

Paperback, 10/03/2007, £29.99
Pupils who survive multiple traumatic experiences of loss, trauma, abuse and neglect can easily be misunderstood in our schools, despite our good intentions. This work includes strategies that provide teachers and teaching assistants with different perspectives, practical tools and the confidence for supporting these children.

Creative, Successful, Dyslexic: 23 High Achievers Share Their Stories

Hardback, 03/09/2015, £16.99
First-person stories from well-known, successful people who also happen to have dyslexia. The stories prove that, although life with dyslexia can have its challenges, it is possible to achieve your goals and find success. The book includes contributions from Eddie Izzard, Darcey Bussell CBE, Benjamin Zephaniah and David Bailey CBE, among others.

Gift of Dyslexia

Paperback, 28/01/2010, £14.99
In this exciting book, Davis shares the startling discovery he made which helped him overcome his own dyslexia; reveals how dyslexia may be linked to uncommonly high levels of intelligence, creativity, and imagination; and outlines a clear and simple plan that anyone can use to help themselves or others conquer this all-too-common disability.

Educating Students on the Autistic Spectrum: A Practical Guide 2ed

Paperback, 16/12/2011, £29.99
Practical guide to working with students on the autism spectrum

Autism And Understanding

Paperback, 17/05/2012, £28.99
The personal account of the journey to adulthood of a person with autism, plus the account of a particular type of therapy which allows learning to develop.

Teaching Literacy to Learners with Dyslexia: A Multi-Sensory Approach 2ed

Paperback, 16/03/2016, £36.99
Tried and tested strategies and activities to provide everything you need to help improve and develop the literacy skills of learners with dyslexia

Special Educational Needs: A New Look 2ed

Paperback, 01/04/2010, £23.99
Looks at the philosophical debates surrounding special educational needs and inclusion. This edition highlights the critical perspectives that philosophy can bring to bear on the education policy and provides a varied discussion of the issues. It aims to stimulate debate and to contribute to better informed educational initiatives.

Reason I Jump: One Boy's Voice from the Silence of Autism

Paperback, 24/04/2014, £9.99
The No. 1 Sunday Times and internationally bestselling account of life as an autistic child. 'Brilliant ... both moving and strangely optimistic' (Daily Telegraph).

Asperger's on the Job

Paperback, 15/05/2010, £19.50
Over 1.5 million people are affected by autism or Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and this population is entering the workforce unprepared, clashing with unprepared coworkers. This book helps employers, educators, and therapists accommodate this growing population, and also helps people with AS find and keep gainful employment.

Raising the Perfectly Imperfect Child: Facing the Challenges with Strength, Courage and Hope

Paperback, 05/01/2016, £14.99
The father of Nick Vujicic, one of the world's most beloved persons with a disability, shares candidly the mistakes and successes in raising a child with unique challenges - from birth to an independent and satisfying adulthood.

Meeting the Needs of Gifted and Talented Students

Paperback, 26/02/2009, £19.99
Intended for class teachers in primary and secondary schools, this guide looks at strategies for identifying able, gifted and talented children and meeting their social, emotional and educational needs. Illustrated with case studies and FAQs, it is also suitable for PGCE students, G&T coordinators and those undergoing training as leading teachers.


Paperback, 30/12/2010, £26.99
In the Third Edition of this respected and influential textbook, Kate Wall blends theory and practice with an informative and highly accessible writing style to provide a detailed analysis of provision for young children with additional needs.

Promoting Emotional Education

Paperback, 15/08/2009, £19.99
This book suggests adopting educational practices which encourage feelings of emotional security, promote trusting and supportive relationships and reflect students' views and feelings; essential qualities for healthy personal and social development in children and young people.

Helping Children Who Yearn for Someone They Love: A Guidebook

Paperback, 17/01/2001, £21.99
Intended for children who been taken into care, fostered or adopted, this guidebook aims to help children who are missing someone too much or suffer from separation anxiety.
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