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Sociology as Applied to Health and Medicine

Paperback, 03/04/2018, £28.99
A new edition of a seminal textbook that offers an up-to-date, concise and theoretically and empirically informed introduction to the core issues in the sociology of health and health care.

Anthropology: The Basics

Paperback, 08/09/2005, £16.99
Explains and explores anthropological ideas, key anthropological thinkers, concepts and themes, and the history of anthropological ideas. The author argues that the issues anthropology deals with are all around us - in magazines, newspapers and on television.

Introducing Social Theory 3ed

Paperback, 17/11/2017, £16.99
This revised edition of this extremely popular introduction to social theory has been carefully and thoroughly updated with the latest developments in this continually changing field.

Myth of Meritocracy: Why Working-Class Kids Still Get Working-Class Jobs

Hardback, 16/05/2016, £10.00
James Bloodworth tackles the thorny issue of class, privilege and wealth in contemporary Britain, taking to task the major political parties in the process.

Sociologists' Tales: Contemporary Narratives on Sociological Thought and Practice

Paperback, 01/04/2015, £23.99
Sociologists' Tales brings together the thoughts and experiences of key UK sociologists from different generations of British sociology in reflecting on why they have chosen a career in sociology, how they have managed to do it and what advice they would offer the next generation.

Genesis: On the Deep Origin of Societies

Paperback, 27/02/2020, £8.99

Culture of Fear: Why Americans are Afraid of the Wrong Things 10ed

Paperback, 05/07/2008, £14.99
Revised for the first time in ten years, an update of the classic book, with new material on the administration of George W. Bush and the use of fear in the war on terror.

Understanding Education: A Sociological Perspective

Paperback, 21/08/2009, £17.99
Who should be educated, when, by whom and how? What purposes should education serve? Why does education matter? These fundamental questions of value are not always seen as central to the sociology of education. This book argues that they are pivotal and provides an introduction to the field that is designed to open up these debates.

Sociological Thinking: A new Introduction 2ed

Paperback, 15/08/2014, £16.95

Trickster Makes This World: How Disruptive Imagination Creates Culture

Paperback, 06/04/2017, £10.99
This book from the author of The Gift is about imagination and philosophy and was described by Margaret Atwood as a 'masterpiece'

Pimp State: Sex, Money and the Future of Equality

Hardback, 16/06/2016, £12.99
How society should respond to the rise of the sex trade is shaping up to be one of the Twenty-First Century's big questions. Should it be legal to pay for sex? Isn't it a woman's choice whether she strips for money? Could online porn warping the attitudes of a generation of boys?

Finding Home: Real Stories of Migrant Britain

Paperback, 02/06/2016, £8.99
An honest, unflinching portrait of ordinary people, all immigrants to the United Kingdom, struggling with extraordinary obstacles to find somewhere to call home.

Sociology for Health Professionals

Paperback, 26/11/2013, £22.99
Sociology is a key topic for all trainee health professionals, but many struggle to see what sociology has to offer. Based on years of experience teaching sociology to healthcare students, this title explains the main sociological concepts without jargon or becoming too advanced.

Injustice: Why Social Inequality Still Persists

Paperback, 20/05/2015, £11.99
We are living in the most remarkable and dangerous times. Globally, the richest 1% have never held a greater share of world wealth, while the share of most of the other 99% has collapsed in the last five years. In this fully rewritten and updated edition of Injustice, Dorling offers hope of a more equal society.

Beautiful Struggle: A Memoir

Paperback, 25/01/2016, £9.99
Coates is the essential chronicler of black America, and his first memoir is a small and beautiful epic of growing up in 1980s Baltimore

Sociology : Introductory Readings

Paperback, 19/02/2010, £19.99
The third edition of this best-selling introductory reader in sociology has been thoroughly restructured, and fully revised and updated to offer a stimulating and wide-ranging set of readings for students approaching sociology for the first time.

Sociology Themes and Perspectives 8ed

Paperback, 28/05/2013, £39.99
The new edition of this essential resource covers new and completely up-to-date sociological teaching, with the latest research, empirical studies and theoretical developments, includes new Chapter 'Development and Globalisation'.

Dictionary of Sociology 4ed

Paperback, 11/09/2014, £10.99
The most authoritative dictionary of sociology available. Fully revised to include the most up-to-date concepts and contemporary social issues. It is both an ideal introduction to the subject, and an invaluable reference work for more advanced students and teachers.

Four Futures: Life After Capitalism

Paperback, 01/11/2016, £8.99
Exploration of the utopias and dystopias that could develop from present society

Sociology: The Basics 2ed

Paperback, 31/05/2016, £19.99
Revisded edition of the author's Sociology, 2010.

Critical Social Theory

Paperback, 23/12/2016, £29.99
This sophisticated and cutting-edge exploration of the state of critical social theory today relates the key concepts and theorists to major contemporary developments such as globalization, social conflict and neo-liberal capitalism.

Sociological Theory 9ed

7, 01/06/2013, £53.99
Gives readers a comprehensive overview of the major theorists and schools of sociological thought. This book includes key theories that are integrated with biographical sketches of theorists, and are placed in their historical and intellectual context.

Will Of Their Own

Paperback, 01/10/2004, £31.99
This book shows how children's work can take on widely differing forms; and how it can both harm and benefit children. Differing in approach from most other work in the field, it endeavours to understand working children from their own perspective.

Violence & Society

Paperback, 31/03/2011, £26.99
A compelling analysis of violence and our society from a theoretical and historical approach. The book purposefully adopts an interdisciplinary stance and will appeal to upper-level students and academics in criminology, sociology, psychology and other related disciplines.

Social Thought of Max Weber

Paperback, 29/06/2016, £24.99
Joining the SAGE Social Thinkers series, this book provides readers with a clear and concise introduction and includes coverage of Weber's insights on the promise and peril of Western industrial society, and of his The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and Economy and Society.

Introduction To Sociology 4e

Paperback, 11/03/2011, £21.99
* New edition of a highly successful textbook invaluable to anyone taking an introductory sociology course, especially GCSE and Access courses. * Thoroughly revised and updated, the 4th edition provides comprehensive coverage of a wide range of topics, including those specified by the main GCSE exam boards.

Respectable: Crossing the Class Divide

Paperback, 23/02/2017, £9.99

Anthropology: A Beginner's Guide

Paperback, 01/08/2012, £9.99
Discover the biological and social origins of our species

Sociology 8ed

Paperback, 03/03/2017, £29.99
Now in its eighth edition, this continues to be the indispensable guide to understanding the world we make and the lives we lead. Revised and updated throughout, it remains unrivalled in its vibrant, engaging and authoritative introduction to sociology.

Officious: Rise of the Busybody State

Paperback, 09/12/2016, £9.99
Anatomy of the new breed of state regulation colonising everyday life.

Battle for British Islam: Reclaiming Muslim Identity from Extremism: 2016

Paperback, 05/09/2016, £14.99
Long-standing, award-winning Muslim human rights campaigner Sara Khan courageously takes on the extremists within her faith whose ideology has made it easier for terrorists to recruit young Britons. This important and timely book will be a major news story this autumn.

Counterculture UK - A Celebration

Paperback, 01/05/2015, £16.99
The first comprehensive exploration of counterculture in the UK - from street art to alternative comedy, from Gay Lib to youtubers, from CND to punk and much much more.

Molecular Red: Theory for the Anthropocene

Paperback, 28/10/2016, £9.99
Radical new critical theory for the twenty-first century: how to think about the Anthropocene

Social Research Methods 5ed

Paperback, 03/12/2015, £39.99
The most comprehensive introduction to social research methods which guides students through the whole research process from formulating a research question to writing up.

Social Class in the 21st Century

Paperback, 05/11/2015, £8.99
Why does social class matter more than ever in Britain today? How has the meaning of class changed? What does this mean for social mobility and inequality? This title looks beyond the labels to explore how and why our society is changing and what this means for the people who find themselves in the margins as well as in the centre.

Consider the Fork: A History of How We Cook and Eat

Paperback, 24/10/2013, £10.99
Explores how the implements we use in the kitchen have shaped the way we cook and live. This title tells the story of how we have tamed fire and ice, wielded whisks, spoons, graters, mashers, pestles and mortars, all in the name of feeding ourselves.

Uses of Literacy: Aspects of Working-Class Life

Paperback, 01/10/2009, £10.99
When a society becomes more affluent, does it lose other values? Are the skills that education and literacy gave millions wasted on consuming pop culture? Do the media coerce us into a world of the superficial and the material - or can they be a force for good? This book asks these questions.

Cultural and Social Anthropology: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 24/02/2000, £8.99
Combines an account of some of the disciplines guiding principles and methodology with examples and illustrations of anthropologists. This book discusses about the anthropology's contributions to modern thought, and examines specific ways in which social and cultural anthropology have advanced our understanding of human society and culture.

McDonaldization Revisited

7, 26/01/1998, £25.00
This study examines the thesis of George Ritzer's book, "The McDonaldization of Society". It analyzes the premise of "McDonaldization" to provide theoretical discussions of the relationship between Ritzer's analysis and semiotics, critical theory, feminism and postmodernism.

Nature of work

Paperback, 26/06/1989, £35.99
This analysis of the labour process compares Marxist and traditional sociological theories with the more recent writings on the nature of work following Braverman's "Labor and Monopoly Capital" in 1974, including the innovative work from France and Italy, and concludes with a core theory.

Restructuring the employment relationship (P.O.D)

Paperback, 27/08/1998, £68.00
Presents large-scale empirical analysis of the changes in British work experiences and employment relationships between the 1980s and 1990s. Draws evidence from the Employment in Britain survey and demonstrates that the restructuring of the employment relationship has actually reinforced traditional lines of division in the workplace.

Absent Minds: Intellectuals in Britain

Paperback, 26/07/2007, £35.99



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