Second World War

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Little Book of History of the Holocaust

Paperback, 30/04/2015, £9.99

Stefan and Lotte Zweig's South American Letters

Paperback, 11/11/2010, £14.99
Born in Vienna in 1881, Stefan Zweig was one of the most respected authors of his time. Zweig was an incessant correspondent but as the 1930s progressed, it became difficult for him to maintain contact with friends and colleagues. This book provides an analysis of the Zweigs' time.

Eminent Churchillians

Paperback, 03/04/1995, £8.99
A controversial account of the Churchill years by a bestselling historian.

Avro Lancaster Manual 1941 onwards (all marks): An Insight into Owning, Restoring, Servicing and Flying Britain's Legendary World War II Bomber

Hardback, 24/04/2008, £21.99
The legendary Avro Lancaster receives the famous Haynes manual treatment with the full co-operation and authorisation of the Royal Air Force. This book provides an insight into what it takes to restore and operate a Lancaster, as well as a wonderful insight into the engineering and construction of this remarkable aeroplane.


Paperback, 05/07/2012, £9.99
Accessible and incisive new one-volume biography of Winston Churchill.

How to Keep Well in Wartime

Hardback, 01/03/2007, £4.99
First printed in 1943, this book was produced to set out the 'simple safeguards, the common sense rules, and the good habits which we can make part and parcel of our everyday lives'. It offers advice on various topics, from eating and drinking to exercise and good health, to coping with 'sex problems'.

Kamikaze Hunters: The Men Who Fought for the Pacific, 1945

Paperback, 19/05/2016, £8.99
The extraordinary story of the young British airmen who fought the Japanese suicide pilots

Our Land at War: A Portrait of Rural Britain 1939-45

Paperback, 25/02/2016, £9.99
A rich account of the impact of the Second World War on the lives of people living in the farms and villages of Britain.

Heath Robinson's Second World War: The Satirical Cartoons

Hardback, 22/04/2016, £14.99
A piano attachment for camp concerts is just one of the absurd inventions to be found in this book of cartoons designed to keep spirits up during the Second World War. These intricate comic drawings poke gentle fun at both the instruments of war and the indignity of the air-raid shelter in Heath Robinson's inimitable style.


Paperback, 13/03/2014, £7.99
The compelling true story of how the Women's Institute pulled Britain through the war with pots of jam and a spirit of make-do-and-mend.

Countrymen: How Denmark's Jews Escaped the Nazis

Paperback, 07/05/2015, £9.99
The untold story of a nation of Schindlers: this is the gripping, moving and ultimately life-affirming story of how during WWII the people of Denmark rallied to save their Jewish population from the Nazis.

Women Who Spied for Britain: Female Secret Agents of the Second World War

Paperback, 11/06/2015, £9.99
Meet some of the women whose bravery saved Britain in the Second World War

Franco's Crypt

Paperback, 05/03/2015, £16.99
History is written by the victors. It's a cliche, but a reliable one - except in the case of the Spanish Civil War. Many believe - wrongly, as it turns out - that under Franco's dictatorship, nothing truthful or imaginatively worthwhile could be said or written or created. This book examines the tenet of our cultural identity: how we remember.

Routledge Atlas of the Second World War 2ed

Paperback, 19/08/2009, £16.99
Charts the war's political, military and social history through 257 maps. This title covers the major events from the German invasion of Poland, Stalingrad, and the concentration camps, to the bombing of Dresden and D-Day.

Lost Band of Brothers

Paperback, 02/03/2015, £9.99
Originally published: as Britain's band of brothers. 2014.

Nazi in the Family

Hardback, 05/03/2015, £14.99
Three years ago Derek Niemann made the chilling discovery that his grandfather Karl had been an officer in the SS. A Nazi in the Family is an illuminating portrayal of how ordinary people can fall into the service of a monstrous regime.

Empire Lost

Paperback, 18/09/2008, £25.00
Explores British imperial unity at the outbreak of the Second World War and how this ultimately led to its own dissolution in post-war years. This book examines the key themes affecting the relationship between Britain and the Dominions during the Second World War, the Empire's last great conflict.

Image and Rememberance

Paperback, 17/12/2002, £14.99
The passage of time and the reality of an aging survivor population have made it increasingly urgent to document and give expression to testimony, experience, and memory of the Holocaust. This title demonstrates that artistic representations are central to the practice of remembrance and commemoration.

Lucky Child

Paperback, 22/01/2015, £8.99
Buergenthal arrived at Auschwitz at age 10 after surviving two ghettos and a labor camp. Now dedicated to helping those subjected to tyranny throughout the world, Buergenthal writes his story with a simple clarity that highlights the stark details of unimaginable hardship.

Secret World: Behind the Curtain of British Intelligence in World War II and the Cold War

Hardback, 07/10/2014, £25.00
The Secret World unites Trevor-Roper's writings on the subject of intelligence - including the full text of The Philby Affair and some of his personal letters to leading figures.


Paperback, 01/05/2014, £9.99
A startling, revelatory history of Rudolf Hess's 1941 flight to Scotland, containing new evidence of his aims, and of official British suppression of them.

Remembering the Road to World War Two

Paperback, 08/04/2009, £21.99
An international survey of the historiography of the origins of the Second World War. It explores how, in the case of each of the major combatant countries, historical writing on the origins of the Second World War has been inextricably linked with conceptions of national identity and collective memory.

Jerusalem in World War I: The Palestine Diary of a European Diplomat

Paperback, 30/06/2015, £16.99
New in paperback, this book provides original insight into the final years of Ottoman Empire.


Paperback, 28/05/2009, £25.00
The Normandy Landings that took place on D-Day involved by far the largest invasion fleet ever known. The scale of the undertaking was simply awesome. What followed them was some of the most cunning and ferocious fighting of the war, at times as savage as anything seen on the Eastern Front. This book offers an account of the battle of Normandy.

Diary of a Young Girl: Diary of Anne Frank

Paperback, 30/03/2000, £8.99
Presents the diary of a teenage girl, who along with her family in Amsterdam, in the summer of 1942 was forced into hiding by Nazis. This title presents an intimate record of tension and struggle, adolescence and confinement, anger and heartbreak.

1940s Childhood

Paperback, 01/05/2014, £9.99
Britain's towns and cities were being bombed on an almost nightly basis, and many children faced the trauma of being parted from their parents and sent away to the country to live with complete strangers. Then there was the joy of the second half of the 1940s, when fathers came home and the magic of `normal life' returned.

Without Vodka

Paperback, 01/12/2002, £11.99

Snow and Steel

Paperback, 04/06/2015, £12.99
'The Battle of the Bulge', the battle for the Ardennes 16 December 1944 to 25 January 1945. This is an utterly fascinating five weeks when for a time it looked like Hitler had outflanked the allied armies pushing toward the Rhine and might just throw them back to the Normandy beaches. This book deals with this topic.

Routledge Atlas of the second world war

Hardback, 28/10/2008, £16.99
Charts Second World War's political, military, economic and social history through 247 maps. This book covers major events from the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 to the defeat of Japan in August 1945, including the Blitz, the Fall of France, Pearl Harbor, and the naval Battles of the Atlantic.

Village of Secrets: Defying the Nazis in Vichy France

Paperback, 30/07/2015, £9.99
During the Nazi occupation, the inhabitants of the Plateau Vivarais Lignon saved several thousand people from the concentration camps. This book tells a story of courage and determination, of a small number of heroic individuals who risked their lives to save others, and of what can be done when people come together to oppose tyranny.

All Hell Let Loose: The World at War 1939-1945

Paperback, 26/04/2012, £10.99
A magisterial history of the greatest and most terrible event in history, from one of the finest historians of the Second World War. A book which shows the impact of war upon hundreds of millions of people around the world- soldiers, sailors and airmen; housewives, farm workers and children.

Cruel Crossing:Escaping Hitler across the Pyrenees

Paperback, 27/02/2014, £9.99
The mountain paths are as treacherous as they are steep - the more so in the dark and in winter. Hundreds of those who climbed through the Pyrenees during the Second World War were malnourished and exhausted after weeks on the run hiding in barns and attics. This book deals with the history of this little-known aspect of the Second World War.

Popular Culture and the Shaping of Holocaust Memory in America

Paperback, 01/06/2001, £16.50
Examines reactions to three films: "Judgement at Nuremberg" (1961), "The Pawnbroker" (1965), and "Schindler's List" (1992), and considers what those reactions reveal about the place of the Holocaust in the American mind, and how those films have shaped the popular perception of the Holocaust.

Monuments Men

Paperback, 13/02/2014, £7.99
What if I told you that there was an epic story about World War II that has not been told, involving the most unlikely group of heroes? What if I told you there was a group of men on the front lines who didn't carry machine guns or drive tanks; a new kind of soldier, one charged with saving, not destroying. This book tells their story.

Operation Crossbow

Paperback, 01/05/2014, £9.99
Tells the story of the photographic intelligence work undertaken from a country house at Medmenham. This book presents the story of human endeavour and derring-do.

Impact:History of German's V weapons in WW2

Paperback, 25/06/2003, £14.99
"An in-depth account of Hitler's V-Weapons, the devastation they caused, and the massive Allied countermeasures taken to destroy them"

Browned off and Bloody-Minded

Hardback, 03/03/2015, £25.00

Legacy of the Second Warld War

7, 23/02/2010, £16.99
The Second World War was Hitler's war. Yet questions about Hitler's thoughts and his decisions still remain. How did the divisions of Europe - and, consequently, the Cold War - come about? This title addresses these and other riddles, revealing the ways in which the war and its legacy touch our lives.

Children with a Star

7, 02/08/1993, £12.00
Based on hundreds of oral histories conducted in Europe and North America with survivors who were children in the Holocaust, plus primary documentation such as diaries and letters, Dwork reveals the feelings, daily activities and perceptions of Jewish children who lived and died at this time.


Paperback, 06/08/2015, £2.99

Britain's War Machine: Weapons, Resources and Experts in the Second World War

Paperback, 29/03/2012, £10.99
The familiar image of the British in the Second World War is that of the plucky underdog taking on German might. This title shows the conflict in a new light, with Britain as a very wealthy country, formidable in arms, ruthless in pursuit of its interests and sitting at the heart of a global production system.

Bombing War: Europe, 1939-1945

Paperback, 05/06/2014, £12.99
Tells the history of the Blitz in the Second World War. This book examines the well-known parts of the campaign, and the significance of bombing on many other fronts - the German use of bombers on the Eastern Front for example (and discovered material on the more familiar 'Blitz' on Britain), or the Allied campaigns against Italian cities.

Tail End Charlies

7, 07/04/2005, £8.99
Night after night, they swallowed their fears and flew long distances through packs of enemy fighters to drop the bombs that could destroy Hitler and bring about the end of the war. This title tells the story of the controversial last battles of Bomber Command through the eyes of the heroic men who fought them.

France 1940: Defending the Republic

Hardback, 03/03/2015, £18.99
A new perspective on the calamitous fall of France in 1940 and why blame has been misplaced ever since

When Britain Saved the West: The Story of 1940

Hardback, 01/05/2015, £20.00
How Britain, standing alone, persevered in the face of near-certain defeat at the hands of Nazi Germany

Chamberlain and appeasement

Paperback, 07/10/1993, £19.99
Written directly from archival sources, this book offers the student new perspectives on the man who dominated the making of British policy before and after his "triumph" at Munich in September 1938 - Neville Chamberlain. It considers his personality, his aims and his methods.

Battle of the Atlantic: How the Allies Won the War

Hardback, 22/10/2015, £25.00
Challenging conventional wisdom on the use of intelligence and on Churchill's bombing campaign, this book tells the epic story of the decisions that led to victory, and the horror and humanity of life on those perilous seas.

Fall of France

Paperback, 22/04/2004, £11.99
This new book by Julian Jackson, a leading historian of twentieth-century France, charts the breathtakingly rapid events that led to the defeat and surrender of one of the key Allied powers, setting in motion the traumatic years of the Occupation, the Vichy regime, and the rapid escalation of World War Two.

Britain and 1940: History, Myth and Popular Memory

Paperback, 22/12/2000, £15.99
1940 was the most significant year in European history this century, this book examines what it meant for the people of Britain then and now. Malcolm Smith details the resultant influences that have constructed our national consciousness.

Target: Italy

Paperback, 05/03/2015, £10.99
Drawing on declassified documents, this book reveals missions as remarkable as a plot to assassinate Mussolini and plans to arm the Mafia, and brings home the risks that secret agencies run when trying to undermine well-entrenched regimes. It features a tale of desperate daring, tragic sacrifice and long-held wartime secrets.



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