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Leading Policing in Europe: An Empirical Study of Strategic Police Leadership

Paperback, 17/01/2017, £27.99
In this unique book, the authors present, for the first time, information from over a hundred strategic police leaders in 22 countries about how they are selected for high office, how they are held to account and what their views are on current and future challenges in policing.

Police and Crime Commissioners: The Transformation of Police Accountability

Paperback, 21/03/2016, £25.99
In this book Bryn Caless and Jane Owens reveal the innermost workings of the Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs)' relationships with the police, media, partners and public It makes essential reading for Police Crime Commissioners, police practitioner and academics, students and researchers in criminology and policing.

Policing at the Top: The Roles, Values and Attitudes of Chief Police Officers

Paperback, 02/09/2011, £27.99
Chief police officers make far-reaching strategic command decisions about policing, armed responses, operations against criminals and allocation of resources yet they are often unknown even to their forces. In this ground-breaking social study, Bryn Caless presents their frank and sometimes controversial views.