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Young People Leaving Care: Supporting Pathways to Adulthood

Paperback, 15/07/2012, £25.00
An authoritative text highlighting the key issues affecting young people taking the step from leaving care to adulthood. Covers relevant research, policy and practice, and advises on how best to understand, prepare and support young people.

Art of Reading

Hardback, 10/08/2017, £9.99

Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight: A young man's voice from the silence of autism

Hardback, 11/07/2017, £14.99
Following his ground-breaking international bestseller THE REASON I JUMP, written when he was only thirteen, Naoki Higashida offers equally illuminating and practical insights into autism from his current perspective as a young man.

Young People Hearing Voices: What You Need to Know and What You Can Do

Paperback, 23/02/2013, £22.00
A unique, innovative book providing support and practical solutions for the experience of hearing voices. It is in two parts, one part for voice-hearing young people, the other part for parents and adult carers. Pioneers Escher and Romme have over twenty-five years experience of working with voice-hearers.

Beautiful Young Wife

Paperback, 10/08/2017, £7.99

Literacy for All Young Learners

Paperback, 01/09/2015, £28.99
Literacy for All Young Learners offers 65 strategies to support literacy learning with children from preschool through the third grade. Each strategy is designed to be simple to use with all of the children in your classroom--from the not-yet-readers to the fluent readers--and each strategy is tied to the Common Core State Standards for kindergarten through third grade.

When We Were Very Young

Paperback, 06/05/2004, £7.99
In this famous collection of verse for children, we join Christopher Robin and his friends for a trip to Buckingham Palace, learn what a King has for breakfast, and meet a much-loved bear for the very first time.

Handbook of Counselling Children & Young People

Paperback, 17/11/2014, £30.99
`This book has it all, and is a "must have" for all practitioners and trainees working therapeutically with children and young people' - Phil Goss, Senior Lecturer in Counselling and Psychotherapy, UCLAN

Counselling Adolescents: The Proactive Approach for Young People

Paperback, 08/10/2015, £28.99
Now with a new companion website that provides training materials and handouts on a range of topics and with two new chapters on contemporary contexts and the use of technology this book continues to be the definitive guide to counselling adolescents.

Girl Trouble: Panic and Progress in the History of Young Women

Paperback, 12/06/2014, £8.99
From flappers and beat girls to dolly birds and ladettes, this is the story of the 20th Century's 'bad girls' and the controversy that has accompanied their growing freedom.

Che Guevara Talks to Young People

Paperback, 01/02/2000, £13.00