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De Profundis, The Ballad of Reading Gaol & Others

Paperback, 07/05/1999, £2.50
Contains De Profundis, The Ballad of Reading Gaol, The Soul of Man under Socialism, The Decay of Lying and The Critic as Artist.

Making Oscar Wilde

Hardback, 07/05/2018, £20.00
Packed with new evidence, Making Oscar Wilde tells the untold story of a local Irish eccentric who became a global cultural icon. This must-read book dramatizes Oscar Wilde's remarkable rise in Victorian England and post-Civil War America. Michele Mendelssohn interweaves biography and social history to reveal a life like no other.

In Praise of Disobedience: The Soul of Man Under Socialism and Other Writings

Hardback, 13/11/2018, £14.99
Works of Wilde's annus mirabilis of 1891 in one volume, with an introduction by renowned British playwright.

Happy Prince and Other Tales

Paperback, 07/11/2019, £6.99
High above the city, on a tall column, stood the statue of the Happy Prince. The Happy Prince stars the statue of the Prince, who persuades a swallow to deliver his gold and jewels to the poor and needy in his city. Liberty of London and Faber & Faber both offer peerless quality and unrivalled originality.

Selfish Giant and Other Stories

Paperback, 15/09/2015, £6.99
New edition of one of the greatest classics of English literature, presented here with stunning pictures by acclaimed illustrator Philip Waechter. This edition will include a section on the author's life and works and extra resources for the young reader.

Oscar Wilde: The Major Works

Paperback, 17/04/2008, £11.99
This authoritative edition was formerly published in the acclaimed Oxford Authors series under the general editorship of Frank Kermode. It brings together a unique combination of Wilde's poetry and prose short stories, plays, critical dialogues and his only novel - to give the essence of his work and thinking.

Complete Poetry

Paperback, 25/06/2009, £6.99
First published as a World's classics paperback in 1997.

Selfish Giant

27/05/1982, £6.99
When the Selfish Giant builds a high wall round his lovely garden to keep the children out, the North Wind blows, the Frost comes and the Snow dances through the trees. The Giant wonders why Spring never comes to his cold, white garden. Then one day the Giant looks out to see a most wonderful sight.

Picture of Dorian Gray

Paperback, 17/04/2008, £4.99
Dorian Gray gives his soul for eternal youth. While his portrait changes hideously, reflecting his crimes and corruption, he remains outwardly flawless. This new edition uses the 1891 expanded text and shows how Wilde transformed his many sources.

Only Dull People are Brilliant at Breakfast

Paperback, 03/03/2016, £1.00
Gives readers a taste of the Classics' huge range and diversity, with works from around the world and across the centuries - including fables, decadence, heartbreak, tall tales, satire, ghosts, battles and elephants.