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Practical work in school science

Paperback, 01/10/1998, £22.99
The "practical" has been part of school science for over 100 years, but the approaches and content have changed dramatically through the years. Past and late-1990s practices are analyzed. The book also offers practical ideas for future practitioners.

Secondary Education: the Key Concepts

7, 28/02/2006, £14.99
A comprehensive critical survey of the controversies, theories and practices central to secondary education, this book provides teachers, researchers, parents and policy-makers with a vital new reference resource. It covers topics such as: assessment; citizenship curriculum; e-learning; exclusion theories of learning; and work experience.

Succeeding with Your Doctorate

7, 18/04/2005, £22.99
Offers guidance and discussion on all aspects of successful doctoral work. This book includes advice on every stage in the process of completing a doctorate, from helping you to engage in critical reflection to better understand your own research biases, to useful guidelines on preparing for, and surviving, the viva.