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Fear: Trump in the White House

Hardback, 11/09/2018, £20.00
The definitive insight into President Trump's White House from Bob Woodward.

Bush at War

Paperback, 07/07/2003, £20.30
Award-winning author and journalist Bob Woodward gives the dramatic inside story of President Bush's response to the earth shattering events of September 11.

Questioning Identity: Gender, Class, Ethnicity

Paperback, 01/04/2004, £25.99
Questioning Identity: Gender, Class, Ethnicity provides an accessible exploration of identity as a contemporary concern in everyday life and as a key concept in the social sciences.

Oxford Handbook of Neuroscience Nursing

Paperback, 27/08/2009, £29.99
This handbook is for nurses needing practical guidance in clinical situations, either as an aide memoire for the specialist nurse, or an essential reference source for newly qualified nurses caring for people with neurological problems for the first time.

Ice Age: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 30/01/2014, £7.99
In this Very Short Introduction Jamie Woodward examines the environmental shifts that took place during the Great Ice Age of the Quaternary Period. Looking at evidence from the continents, the oceans, and the ice core records, he explores the evolution of ideas about our geological past, the great debates, and the human stories behind it all.

Technology, Curriculum and Professional Development

Paperback, 25/01/2001, £29.99
The authors examine current technology usage for students with disabilities and the successes and obstacles for special education technology implementation.

Between Remembering and Forgetting: The Spiritual Dimensions of Dementia

7, 08/04/2010, £14.99
Aims to reflect on the nature of dementia, particularly its spiritual dimension and the implications of that for Churches and other faith groups. This book offers not only a critique of areas for future research and development in the field of dementia, but also directs the reader to further resources.

Deliciously Ella Every Day

Hardback, 21/01/2016, £25.00
Created with busy people in mind, Deliciously Ella Every Day features more than 100 easy, healthy plant-based recipes designed to fit into today's hectic lifestyles.

Embodied Sporting Practices: Regulating and Regulatory Bodies

Paperback, 31/07/2009, £22.99
This is a book about bodies; material bodies and their practices and the regulatory bodies that shape embodied selves and their experiences. Sport is the focus for an examination of the links and intersections between lived bodies and the body politic and its disciplinary apparatuses.