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Under Milk Wood

Paperback, 25/11/2013, £39.00

Towards Ethical Policing

Paperback, 01/04/2020, £21.99
The fundamental role of police officers in society is under fresh scrutiny in this stimulating book on ethical policing. Through a moral philosophical lens, Wood provides an up-to-date overview of police values and their impact. It is a timely contribution to police debate and essential reading for those studying and leading the profession.

Civil Engineering: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 27/09/2012, £8.99
Civil engineering produces the structures of all human settlements worldwide. In this Very Short Introduction, David Muir Wood demonstrates the nature and importance of civil engineering; not only in the history of civilization and urbanization, but its range of facets today, and its challenges for the future.

Ghost Story Dice: The Storytelling Game with Nine Wooden Dice

Hardback, 05/09/2016, £9.95
Helps you revive the art of storytelling using nine illustrated wooden dice to create ghostly stories. This title enables you to construct your own spooky adventure tale with an array of creepy characters like vampires, headless horsemen and decapitated knights.