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History: Anglo-Saxons Photopack

7, 01/06/1993, £19.99

Caring for Health 3ed

7, 01/09/2001, £22.99
Considers the historical development of health care since 1500. While focusing primarily on the United Kingdom, this work also traces the impact of European systems of health care on the colonial territories in the past, and its echoes in the relationship between the advanced economies and the developing world.

Duchess of Malfi

Paperback, 29/08/2003, £6.99
Universally considered Webster's masterpiece, this violent play presents a dark and disturbing portrait of the human condition. The play's heroine is imprisoned by her brothers because she bore a commoner's son.

Webster: The Duchess of Malfi (Shakespeare Handbook)

Paperback, 01/09/2014, £16.99
This introductory guide to one of Webster's most widely-studied plays offers a scene-by-scene theatrically aware commentary, a brief history of the text and first performances, case studies of key performances and productions, a survey of film and TV adaptations, and a wide sampling of critical opinion and annotated further reading.

Webster: The White Devil (Shakespeare Handbook)

Paperback, 24/04/2012, £16.99
This introductory guide to one of Webster's most widely-studied plays offers a scene-by-scene commentary of the play in performance, a brief history of the text and first performances, case studies of key productions, a wide sampling of critical opinion and further reading.

Animal Welfare: Limping Towards Eden 2ed

Paperback, 25/02/2005, £53.50
There has been an explosion of active concern in matters of animal welfare. The science behind animal welfare has progressed significantly, various codes of practice and legislation have come into to being, and innovative methods to assess welfare schemes for food production have emerged.

Creative Approaches to Teaching Primary RE

Paperback, 04/12/2009, £25.99

Spy with 29 Names: The Story of the Second World War's Most Audacious Double Agent

Paperback, 02/04/2015, £8.99
He fought on both sides in the Spanish Civil War. He was awarded the Iron Cross by Hitler and an MBE by Britain. To MI5 he was known as Garbo. To the Abwehr, he was Alaric. This book tells about Juan Pujol, a character who captured the imagination in Ben Macintyre's Double Cross, about his early life in Spain, and more.

Devil and Webster

Paperback, 06/04/2017, £12.99
Webster College: an elite New England campus and a world of learning where creativity and inclusiveness are the presiding principles. Naomi Roth, a feminist scholar, is named to the coveted position of Webster's president. When a student protest materializes, Naomi initially supports the movement, feeling proud and protective of the protesters.

Englishness and Empire 1939-1965

Paperback, 11/10/2007, £40.49
Was the British empire given away in a fit of collective indifference? This work looks at connections between stories of empire told in the media - the Second World War, the Coronation and Everest, colonial wars of the 1950s, immigration, Winston Churchill's funeral - and contributes to debates about the domestic consequences of the end of empire.

Oxford Handbook of Nutrition and Dietetics 2ed

22/12/2011, £34.99
Fully updated, the Oxford Handbook of Nutrition and Dietetics, second edition is a practical quick-reference guide to nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease and the maintenance of good health.

Textbook of Influenza 2ed

Hardback, 13/09/2013, £145.00
This comprehensive reference provides a complete historical and clinical background of influenza, describing all aspects of its development. It covers genetically modified vaccines and antiviral drugs, with a greater emphasis on laboratory diagnosis to take account of newer techniques, such as near patient tests.