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Watson's Clinical Nursing And Related Sciences

25/07/2007, £45.14
Reflects the importance of primary health and the community, the move towards evidence-based practice and the importance of the multi-disciplinary team. This title emphasizes on the importance of holistic, patient-focussed nursing. It addresses health assessment and introduces students to key aspects of the medical history and physical exam.

Language of Kindness: A Nurse's Story

Paperback, 03/01/2019, £8.99
It encouraged me to appreciate this most underappreciated of professions more than ever' Adam Kay, author of This is Going to HurtChristie Watson was a nurse for twenty years.

Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice 8ed

Paperback, 26/02/2019, £54.99
Revised edition of the authors' Corporate finance, 2013.


Hardback, 27/04/2007, £8.10
Three light-hearted animal legends for children who have just started to read alone. Find out why cats and rats were once best friends, why monkeys now live in trees and how rabbits made sure that crocodiles stay in the river. Developed in conjunction with reading experts from Roehampton University.

Aesop's Fables

Hardback, 31/05/2007, £8.10
Aimed at children whose reading ability is beginning to grow, and helps build confidence and ability.

Stories of Magical Animals

Hardback, 23/02/2007, £9.45
Four original stories of magical creatures from faraway lands told for children just beginning to read. Featuring unicorns, flying horses and a creature that's half-lion, half-eagle, these stories are guaranteed to enthral children. Usborne Young Reading has been developed with reading experts from Roehampton University.

Media Communication: An Introduction to Theory and Process

Paperback, 08/01/2016, £29.99
This new edition of a popular book provides an overview of mass media in society today. With illuminating examples and enhanced international coverage, Watson covers the core areas for media and communication degrees, as well as discussing hot topics such as the possibilities brought about by digital technology for citizen involvement in the media.

Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care 3ed

Paperback, 12/07/2019, £32.99
The Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care is a concise, comprehensive guide to palliative care, covering all aspects from symptom relief to emotional and spiritual support for the patient and their family. Written to enable quick access to key information, this is the invaluable companion for those in the palliative care field.

Blackstone's Police Q&A 2020 Volume 1: Crime

Paperback, 29/08/2019, £27.99
The best-selling revision tool for all police officers sitting the NPPF Step Two Legal Examination. Designed to be used alongside the College of Policing-endorsed Blackstone's Police Manuals 2020, they provide the most comprehensive and authoritative method of self-testing in advance of the exams.

Autism: A New Introduction to Psychological Theory and Current Debate

Paperback, 25/02/2019, £32.99
Revison of: Autism / Francesca Happae. 1995.

Watson's Clinical Nursing and related Sciences 7ed

Paperback, 25/07/2007, £37.99
Designed to emphasise the importance of holistic, patient-focussed nursing, this work addresses health assessment and introduces students to key aspects of the medical history and physical exam. It also examines contemporary issues such as substance misuse, and features case studies, critical incidents and care plans.