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Rhetoric: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 28/03/2013, £8.99
Society's attitudes to rhetoric are often very negative. Here, Richard Toye provides an engaging, historically informed introduction to rhetoric, from Ancient Greece to the present day. Wide-ranging in its scope, this Very Short Introduction is the essential starting point for understanding the art of persuasion.

Parliament and Politics in the Age of Asquith and Lloyd George

Hardback, 30/06/2016, £54.99
Cecil Harmsworth's diary is an account of his time as a Liberal MP under Herbert Asquith and Lloyd George.

Roar of the Lion: Untold Story of Churchill's World War II Speeches

Hardback, 22/08/2013, £25.00
The essential book on Winston Churchill's classic World War II speeches - one that will change the way we think about Churchill's oratory forever.