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Thompson's Modern Land Law 6ed

Paperback, 03/08/2017, £32.99
Providing contemporary coverage of the essential topics, Thompson's Modern Land Law helps students to understand the underlying principles of the law and develop critical analysis skills by looking at the subject through a theoretical lens.

Cases & Materials on Constitutional & Administrative Law

Paperback, 08/08/2017, £33.99
Cases & Materials on Constitutional & Administrative Law provides an essential collection of key primary and secondary materials with incisive commentary from the authors.

Enough Said: What's gone wrong with the language of politics?

Paperback, 07/09/2017, £10.99
Political rhetoric has become stale and the mistrust of politicians has made voters flock to populists who promise authenticity, honesty and truth instead of spin, evasiveness and lies.

The Light Jar

Paperback, 04/01/2018, £6.99
Nate and his mother are running away, hiding out in a dilapidated cottage in the middle of a dark forest. When Mum heads off for provisions, and then doesn't return, Nate is left alone and afraid. But comfort can come from the most unexpected of places - a mysterious girl trying to solve a treasure hunt and the reappearance of an old friend.

Day I Was Erased

Paperback, 03/01/2019, £6.99
Eleven-year-old Maxwell is always, always in trouble. While visiting an elderly neighbour, he comes across a mysterious cabinet of curiosities and suddenly finds himself erased from his life: it's as if he's never existed. Maxwell needs to find a way to reverse his erasure, with the help of his best friend Charlie and his sister Bex.

Living as Form: Socially Engaged Art from 1991-2011

Paperback, 28/07/2017, £21.00
A monumental, lavishly illustrated book that offers the first global portrait of a complex and definition-defying genre of cultural production.

Lark Rise To Candleford

Paperback, 25/05/2000, £11.99
A portrayal of country life at the close of the 19th century. It tells the story of three closely related Oxfordshire communities - a hamlet, the nearby village and a small market town - is based on the author's experiences during childhood and youth.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Paperback, 04/04/2005, £8.99
'We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like, "I feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive ..."'

Landscape Architecture: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 29/05/2014, £7.99
Landscape architecture, which includes the planning of parks and gardens and the design and siting of buildings and roads, plays an important role in shaping the world around us. In this Very Short Introduction, Ian Thompson uses real-life examples from around the world to examine its impact throughout history and in contemporary society.

Social Psychology of Organizational Behaviour

Paperback, 23/01/2003, £29.50
Each article in this collection has exerted a tremendous impact on the field of organizational behavior.

Silk Vol. 1: The Life and Times of Cindy Moon

Paperback, 30/11/2015, £13.99

Young Bilingual Learners in Nursery School

7, 01/10/1999, £27.95
This book presents the findings of an ethnolinguistic study of the language and social behaviour of a group of British-born children from families of settled migrants who speak languages other than English in their homes and communities. It provides an analytical description of the social and linguistic behaviour of the children.