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Speed of Sound: Breaking the Barriers Between Music and Technology

Paperback, 01/06/2017, £14.99
The 'engaging, emotional, funny and surprising' (JJ Abrams) memoir of the electronic music and technology pioneer Thomas Dolby

Schindler's Ark

Paperback, 28/12/2006, £10.99
Winner of the Booker Prize and international bestseller

Spanish Tragedy Revised Ed

Paperback, 25/08/2009, £9.99
Revenge plays became the most durable and commercially successful type of drama on the Elizabethan stage. The Spanish Tragedy brings to life the intrigues of the Spanish court, dramatically contrasting romantic passion with violent deaths and clandestine politics.

Dubliners 100

Paperback, 05/06/2014, £12.00
" ... fifteen contemporary Irish authors 'covering' the fifteen original stories of Dubliners to mark the collection's centenary."-- Page viii.

First Northern Ireland Peace Process: Power-Sharing, Sunningdale and the IRA Ceasefires 1972-76

Hardback, 04/10/2015, £74.99
The First Northern Ireland Peace Process covers the various attempts to end the 'Troubles' from 1972-76. These attempts included secret talks with the Provisional IRA and a parallel process to build a political consensus between the British and Irish Governments and the main constitutional parties in Northern Ireland.

Introduction to Child Development 3ed

7, 18/03/2016, £35.99
The bestselling text for students of developmental psychology returns with more on the biological foundations, moral development and applied aspects of developmental psychology.

Power of the Dog

Paperback, 04/02/2016, £8.99
Phil and George are brothers, more than partners, joint owners of the biggest ranch in their Montana valley. Phil is the bright one, George the plodder. Phil is a brilliant chess player, a voracious reader, an eloquent storyteller; George learns slowly, and devotes himself to the business. Phil is a sadist; George has a gentle, loving soul.

Interprofessional Working in Health and Social Care: Professional Perspectives 2ed

Paperback, 19/03/2014, £31.99
An appreciation of interprofessional working is required knowledge for anyone undertaking a course in health, education and social care. Illustrated with case studies throughout, this glowing new edition provides pre-qualifying students with an accessible overview of the role, work and skills of a wide range of professionals.

Mayor of Casterbridge

Paperback, 27/03/2003, £7.99
In a fit of drunken anger, Michael Henchard sells his wife and baby daughter for five guineas at a country fair. Over the course of the following years, he manages to establish himself, but behind his success there always lurk the shameful secret of his past and a personality prone to self-destructive pride and temper.

Le Morte Darthur : The Winchester Manuscript

Paperback, 11/09/2008, £8.99
The greatest English version of the stories of King Arthur, Le Morte Darthur was completed in 1469-70 by Sir Thomas Malory, 'knight prisoner'. This generously annotated edition, in a new abridgement by Helen Cooper based on the Winchester manuscript, represents what Malory wrote more closely than the first version printed by William Caxton.