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Sword and the Circle

Paperback, 02/07/2015, £6.99
Rooted in folklore, medieval ideals of chivalry, and the last gallant struggles of the British against the Saxon invaders, this book tells the story of the birth of Arthur, the gift of Excalibur, the forming of the Round Table and the first noble quests of its knights until the arrival of Percival...

Beowulf, Dragon Slayer

Paperback, 07/07/2016, £6.99
A re-telling of the Anglo-Saxon legend, in which Rosemary Sutcliff recounts Beowulf's most terrifying quests: against Grendel the man-wolf, against the hideous sea-hag and, most courageous of all - his fight to the death with the monstrous fire-drake.

King Arthur Trilogy

Paperback, 06/06/2013, £8.99
You may think you know all about King Arthur, the young boy who plucked the sword from the stone. You've probably heard stories about Merlin's magic powers and the Knights of the round table. These are the stories we learn at school. But they are just the beginning.

Blue Remembered Hills

Paperback, 01/09/2012, £12.00