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Western Civilisation in World History

Paperback, 28/08/2003, £23.99
Western Civilization in World History takes up the recent debates about the well-established 'Western civ' approach versus the newer field of world history. Stearns reviews and analyzes key aspects of Western civilization in a global context.

Childhood in World History

Paperback, 15/11/2005, £20.99
Focuses on childhood in several ways from childhood across change - the shift from hunting and gathering to an agricultural society, the impact of civilization, and the emergence of major religions, to globalisation and the spread of child-centred consumerism. This book highlights the gains, the divisions, and the losses for children.

Gender in World History

7, 21/09/2000, £18.99
From classical times to the twentieth century, this book provides a fascinating exploration of what happens to established ideas about men and women, and their roles when different cultural systems come into contact.