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How Hattie Hated Kindness

Paperback, 03/10/2003, £11.99
Hattie lives by herself on an island. She likes sharks, and crabs and stinging centipedes. She likes anything hard and spiky. Lots of people try to bring kindness to Hattie on her island, but each time she is very horrid to them, smashing and spoiling everything they try to do for her. So after a while they all stop coming to the island.

Ruby and the Rubbish Bin: A Story for Children with Low Self-Esteem

Paperback, 03/10/2003, £11.99
Ruby hates herself so much that she often feels like a piece of rubbish than a little girl. Sometimes Ruby feels so miserable that she wants to sleep and never wake up again. Then one day, Ruby meets Dot, When Ruby feels Dot's kindness and understanding, something warm happens in her tummy, Dot helps Ruby to move from self-hate to self-respect.

Draw on Your Emotions

Paperback, 30/11/1997, £40.99
Contains a series of structured "easy to do" picture exercises to help people of all ages express, communicate and deal effectively with their emotions in everyday life. This book helps to promote a new clarity of thought as a first step towards positive action and bring seemingly huge, unmanageble and insoluble problems into a new perspecitve.

Teenie Weenie in a Too Big World

Paperback, 03/10/2003, £10.99
One day Teenie Weenie finds himself in a scrumbly screechy place. It is full of noises and crashes and things that swoop and scratch. The worse it gets, the smaller Teenie Weenie feels. After a while, he feels so small that the tiniest insect tries to eat him up. Teenie Weenie feels terrified and desperately alone.

Helping Children Who Yearn for Someone They Love: A Guidebook

Paperback, 17/01/2001, £21.99
Intended for children who been taken into care, fostered or adopted, this guidebook aims to help children who are missing someone too much or suffer from separation anxiety.

Day the Sea Went out and Never Came Back

Paperback, 03/10/2003, £11.99
Eric is a sand dragon who loves the sea very much. Each day, he watches it going out and coming back. His sea is beautiful indeed to him. But one day, the sea goes out and does not come back. Eric waits and waits, but it does not come back. So he falls on the sand in terrible pain. It feels to him as if he has lost everything.

What Every Parent Needs to Know: The Incredible Effects of Love, Nurture and Play on Your Child's Development

Paperback, 07/06/2007, £14.99
Re-writes the rule book on raising a child. Based on over 700 scientific studies into children's development, the author and child psychotherapist explains how to develop your child's potential to the full. He reveals how touch, laughter and play build emotional wellbeing for life, and also strategies for dealing with temper tantrums and tears.