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Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X

Paperback, 10/03/2016, £13.99
"A rigorously researched book that gracefully pivots between the world of the ring and the racial politics of the early'60s."-New York Times Book Review

Research Methods in Accounting 3ed

Paperback, 17/11/2014, £34.99
'Excellent book for first time researchers in the field of accounting, could also be useful in other disciplines involving social science research.' - Miss Clare Guthrie, Accounting & Finance, Manchester Metropolitan University

Britain and 1940: History, Myth and Popular Memory

Paperback, 22/12/2000, £15.99
1940 was the most significant year in European history this century, this book examines what it meant for the people of Britain then and now. Malcolm Smith details the resultant influences that have constructed our national consciousness.